US News at the Polish border, the "Rami" family drama: we have "repressed my father, I do not know where he is"

10:00  15 november  2021
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NATO judges "unacceptable" how Belarus "uses" the migrants

 NATO judges © Kacper Pempel / Reuters a vehicle circulates near a fence built by Polish soldiers on the border between Poland and Belarus near the Village of Nomiki, Poland, August 26, 2021. Photo Stock Illustration. An NATO manager denounces the use of migrants by the Belarusian regime, accused of deliberately encouraging the illegal entry of foreigners in Poland in particular, in response to the penalties that the European Union imposed on Minsk for violations of human rights.

Soldats et policiers polonais font face aux migrants vers Kuznica, le 11 novembre 2021 (image d'illustration). © Via Reuters - Handout soldiers and Polish police officers face migrants to Kuznica, 11 November 2021 (image of illustration).

This is the story of a family drama, in the midst of a migratory crisis on the Polono-Belarusian border. A story like there is unfortunately so many others. His name is "Rami", a first name chosen for the occasion, and he is accompanied by the Grupa Granica NGO, one of the few organizations present on the spot to help with migrants stuck in the icy woods.

with our special envoy in Poland, Romain Lemaresquier

"Rami" is Syrian. He left his country twelve years ago, when the army called him to fight. After a journey of one year, he managed to join Austria where he got asylum. Since then, he has never seen his parents again. His mother and father decided to join him nearly a month ago, passing by Minsk, the Capital Belarusse. He won Poland to try them to find them. It is accompanied by the NGO Grupa Granica, one of the few on-site organizations to help migrants ...

Poland: More than 50 migrants arrested near the border with Belarus

 Poland: More than 50 migrants arrested near the border with Belarus © Belta / AFP L A Poland announced on Wednesday a thread against migrants massed at the border with Belarus, where multiply according to She attempts at crossings, and carried out more than fifty arrests, in the middle of the diplomatic crisis between Minsk and the European Union. "In the past 24 hours, the police detained more than 50 people near Bialowieza after they illegally crossed the border," said AFP Tomasz Krupa, spokesman for the regional police.

"These are really nice people. They have been with almost 20 days to try to find information about my parents, "he says. "Initially my parents were part of a group of four migrants. Belarusses sent them to the border. They had all had to go to the hospital. But the Polish authorities have repressed my father and today I do not know where he is, "worries" Rami ".

"I feel very badly"

his mother, fifty days, is hospitalized a few kilometers from the border. She has the crossed ligaments, both legs, broken and perhaps a fracture, the fault to blows received in Belarus. Reunion that "Rami" really did not really imagine: "Very bad, I feel very bad. When you know your mother will join you, after twelve years, you look forward to, you do projects. And there, suddenly it's the nightmare, the beginning of a horror movie.

thousands of people continue to wait for Poland's border on Help

 thousands of people continue to wait for Poland's border on Help Warsaw. Despair among the thousands of migrants on the Belarusian-Polish border is growing: Already the third night have spent many freezing in a provisional camp. Europe continues to approach the right one. © Leonid Shcheglov migrants on the border between Poland and Belarus. At temperatures around the freezing point, thousands of people at the Belarusian Polish border continue to help after days.

His mother was operated. But now "Rami" fears the rest, even if according to a Grupa Granica volunteer, she should be able to stay on Polish soil. "The situation should normally be under control, but as we have seen it does not always work as well. Sometimes the security forces that are inside the hospital bring them back to the forest in Belarus. " "Rami" was able to discuss an hour, faced with his mother. He is now waiting to know if she will be returned on the other side of the border.

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migration crisis at the gates of Europe: a majority of exiles sheltered, more than 400 repatriated .
431 Iraqis have been repatriated, thousands of exile candidates still remain blocked at the gates of Europe . Germany will not welcome them. The EU tightens ranks around Poland against Belarus. © Hussein Ibrahim / Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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