US News Burma: the American journalist Danny Fenster released and expelled from the country

13:45  15 november  2021
13:45  15 november  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

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Photo non datée du journaliste américain Danny Fenster transmise par sa famille en juin 2021 © Handout Non-dated photo of the American journalist Danny Fenster transmitted by his family in June 2021

The American journalist Danny Fenster, detained in Burma since May for terrorism, was Liberated and will be expelled from the country shortly, AFP said a spokesman for the military junta in power.

Danny Fenster "is taken" in the capital Naypyidaw from Rangoun where he was trapped for 176 days and will be expelled, added another government source that required anonymity.

Données sur le journaliste américain Danny Fenster, condamné à 11 ans de détention en Birmanie le 12 novembre puis libéré le 15 avant d'être expulsé © John Saeki data on the American journalist Danny Fenster, sentenced to 11 years of detention in Burma on 12 November and released on the 15th before being expelled

aged 37, the journalist, who works for the Magazine Frontier Myanmar, had been arrested last May when he was trying to leave the country and had been detained since in the inseene prison near Rangoun.

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Le journaliste américain Danny Fenster (g) pose avec l'ancien diplomate américain Bill Richardson le 15 novembre 2021 sur le tarmac de l'aéroport de Naypyidaw, en Birmanie © Handout the American journalist Danny Fenster (g) poses with the former US diplomat Bill Richardson on November 15, 2021 on the Tarmac at Naypyidaw airport, in Burma

"we can confirm that it was released and that 'It will be expelled. Details will be communicated later, "said Junte Zaw Min Tun spokesperson.

An official source at Naypyidaw Airport, requiring anonymity, confirmed the departure of Fenster but did not reveal the destination of the flight.

Last week, he had been sentenced to 11 years in imprisonment against the army and illegal association.

he had to appear on Tuesday before a court for terrorism and sedition, and would incur that life prison.

- "He had nothing wrong" -

"It's a wonderful news for all his friends and family," said AFP his colleague from Frontier Myanmar Andrew Nachemons.

Burma: The American journalist Danny Fenster charged with terrorism and sedition

 Burma: The American journalist Danny Fenster charged with terrorism and sedition © Jeff Kowalsky AFP / Archivos The American journalist Danny Fenster has been detained since May in Burma. held for several months by the Junta in Burma, the American journalist Danny Fenster was charged on Wednesday, November 10 of terrorism and sedition. He risks prison for life. Danny Fenster was already pursued for incentive to dissent, illegal association and for breaking the law on immigration. Charges punishable by six years in prison . Two new charges have just been notified to him.

"But of course, he should never have spent six months in prison ... and all local journalists who remain imprisoned should also be released immediately."

At the beginning of the month, the former US diplomat and hostage bargaining Bill Richardson met with the Chef de la Junta Min Aung Hlaing in the capital Naypyidaw.

Mr. Richardson then stated that the US State Department had asked him to not mention Mr. Fenster's case during his visit.

Fenster would have contracted COVID-19 during his detention, said family members at a conference call with American journalists in August.

"It's a fantastic new for Danny and his family," said AFP Richard Horsey, a Burma specialist at the NGO International Crisis Group, according to whom "he had nothing wrong and n ' Already had to suffer this hell.

"It is also important at this time to remember many Burmese journalists who are unfairly detained, and who must also be released," he added.

Burma: The American journalist Danny Fenster sentenced to 11 years in prison

 Burma: The American journalist Danny Fenster sentenced to 11 years in prison since the military coup on February 1, the junta continues to strangle the press. © Provided by FranceInfo The American journalist, Danny Fenster, held since May by the military junta in Burma , was sentenced to 11 years in prison, announced Friday 12 his employer, the Media Frontier Myanmar. It was continued for three counts: incentive to dissent, illegal association, violation of the Immigration Act.

Burma has fallen into chaos from the military putsch of February 1, which ended a 10-year democratic parenthesis.

The regime continues a bloody repression against its opponents with more than 1,200 civilians killed and more than 7,000 in detention, according to the Association of Assistance to Political Prisoners (AAPN). This local NGO reports cases of torture, rape and extra-judicial executions.

The press is muzzled by the junta which tries to strengthen its control of information, limiting access to the Internet and canceling the media licenses.

More than 100 journalists have been arrested from Putsch, according to Reporting Asean, a rights defense association, which emphasizes that 31 of them are still in detention.

The former Card of the Civil Government Aung San Suu Kyi, 76, is currently judged for different reasons that can lead to prison for decades.


a leader of the opposition of Burundi castigates the lifting of American sanctions .
© Esdras Ndikumana Alexis Sindihije at a political meeting in Bujumbura on April 11, 2010 One of the fiercet opponents of the Government of Burundi, Alexis Sinduhije, castigator Monday in an interview at AFP The lifting of American sanctions against this small country in East Africa, where, according to him, nothing has changed to justify this decision.

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