US News North Stream 2: Ukraine wins a small victory in front of Russia

01:40  16 november  2021
01:40  16 november  2021 Source:   rfi.fr

in Kiev, Ukraine, the boss dissatisfied his diary

 in Kiev, Ukraine, the boss dissatisfied his diary © Screenshot Kyiv Post The kyiv post facade, property of the Kadorr Real Estate group. Since 1995, Kyiv Post allowed an English speaking audience to learn about Ukraine, despite pressures. But his owner, a construction magnat, decided to put it in step. A shock wave has been shaking since Monday, November 8, 2021 Kiev's drafting rooms. The owner of the main English newspaper of Ukraine , Kyiv Post, announced in his pages the closure of the weekly for a short period.

Le logo de Nord Stream 2 sur le pipeline de Chelyabinsk en Russie. © Reuters - Maxim Shemetov The North Stream 2 logo on the Chelyabinsk pipeline in Russia.

In the poker part which opposes Ukraine to Russia, around the northern gas pipeline file, Kiev has just put on the table a major card, after the German energy regulator, in Load of North Stream 2 certification, recognized the Ukrainian gas operator as a stakeholder in the gas pipeline certification process. Ukraine hopes to delay or prevent the commissioning of North Stream 2, using European law.

with our correspondent in Kiev, Stéphane Siohan

North Stream 2 is, so to speak, but to put it in service, Germany has four months from September 8 to January 8, to have it certified by the very official Federal Network Agency of the Federal Republic.

Migratory crisis: Ukraine sends 8500 soldiers to its border with Belarus

 Migratory crisis: Ukraine sends 8500 soldiers to its border with Belarus © AP - Andy Buchanan The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at COP26 in Glasgow on November 1, 2021. The situation is a little more at the Belarious border, after the emergency meeting, Thursday, the United Nations Security Council, at the end of which Europeans and Americans, found that the goal of Belarus was to destabilize from the European Union.

Then, the European Commission will have two to four months to study the German decision and in turn approving the commissioning of the Russian project, which puts water in the gas, Central and Eastern Europe. But Ukraine, which is the great loser of North Stream 2, did not say his last word.

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No gift from von der Leyen

The Ukrainian gas operator Naftogaz asked Germany to be associated with the process Certification, using European law and association agreement signed between Kiev and Brussels, according to which Ukraine has legal and commercial interests in European energy policy. "We are ready to provide arguments that this gas pipeline can not be operational without respecting the European energy law," said Iouri Vitrenko, the Naftogaz CEO on Twitter, posting a sign of the two fingers, symbol of First victory.

Ukraine plays the watch, hoping that it can hop the North Stream 2 certification process before January. Energy experts in Kiev believe that the European Union has duties to Kiev, which are enrolled in the accession agreement signed with Ukraine after the Maïdan revolution. Only in Brussels, the president of the European Commission is called Ursula von der Leyen, and there is little chance that this personality of the German CDU makes gifts to the Ukrainians.

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Speculations around a Russian military mobilization at the gates of Ukraine .
© AP Russian paratroopers during a joint military exercise near the border with Poland and Belarus, November 12, 2021. For several weeks, Speculations swells, on a new Russian military mobilization, and on possible risks of armed offensive on Ukraine, on the growing tension fund between the Kremlin, Europeans and Americans, on the question of Belarus among others. of our correspondent to Kiev, life follows his course in Kiev.

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