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20:20  16 november  2021
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Corona Rules: FDP and Greens demand reintroduction Free tests

 Corona Rules: FDP and Greens demand reintroduction Free tests on conditions for a government have not yet been able to agree SPD, FDP and GREEN. But together do you want to set up new Corona specifications today - even free civic tests? © Ralph Peters / Imago Images / Ralph Peters With the end of the free coronate tests, politics wanted to make it annoying and expensive for uncovered. But on the hoped-for level, the vaccination rate could not be increased.

NRW-SPD wants to make a social restart in health and nursing policy to a central theme at the state election in May 2022. In the Action Plan "Maximum Human instead of maximum profit", the faction leader Thomas Kutschaty presented in Dusseldorf, the improvements in working conditions in care is at the top of the agenda. The SPD also wants to tackle a sensitive topic: the home care of seniors through cheap workers, which come mainly from Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

In der häuslichen Pflege sind viele Familien auf Hilfe angewiesen. © DPA In domestic care many families are dependent on help.

Josef Neumann, Health expert of the SPD, estimates that around 80,000 women from Eastern Europe operate in Senior care in NRW. They often supply the nurses around the clock, but usually get only a monthly salary of around 1200 euros. Professional providers convey the forces that are only registered in their home countries.

How to continue with Abellio

 How to continue with Abellio Dusseldorf. Who takes the regional train or the S-Bahn, which could be dependent on the transport services of Abellio. Does that remain in the future? The railway company with Dutch roots is struck - it hopes for help, which ultimately come from the state. © Roland Incense A train of railway company Abellio drives from the Essen Central Station.

The industry moves in a gray zone. Due to the care of care, the break of labor law rules in Germany was tacitly accepted. "The model of illegal employees from abroad has also established itself because the long-term care insurance does not cover the costs for a comprehensive, intensive outpatient supply," says Josef Neumann.

poles is at least a minimum wage to

now has a judgment of the Federal Labor Court newly new. After that, caregers who are available 24 hours from call will be paid for 24 hours - according to the minimum wage. This means for many families that the care costs multiply. The relatives are sometimes desperate because they can not afford a payment according to the German tariff. Without the support of the Eastern European women, the care of care threatens the home indication - which should actually be avoided by the illegal home care.

traffic light coalition: Robert Dabeck warns before failure of the conversations

 traffic light coalition: Robert Dabeck warns before failure of the conversations actually are SPD, FDP and green in the self-stitched schedule, SPD Secretary-General Klingbeile expects the agreement on the coalition agreement before Nicholas. But now expresses Greenschef Dabeck. © Annegret Hilse / Reuters Until the beginning of December, the traffic light coalition should stand - and SPD and FDP are also optimistic that it works. In the Greens, however, multiplies the skepticism . Now Greenschef Robert Habeck has warned that the coalition negotiations could fail.

SPD expert Neumann wants to solve the procedures situation now by taking a model from Austria. There, the occupation of the "person supervisor" was created, which under certain conditions enabled a 24-hour exercise for around 2000 euros a month.

"municipal surgical western" are to be advised

in NRW will be the proportion of over 65-year-olds by 2030 27 percent increase. This will also increase the share of information and advice on nursing offers. The SPD calls for a model project with "municipal surge" as a low-threshold contact for health and care requirements in the municipalities. The municipality model is also part of the Action Plan for a better health and care system.

to start the initiative credited faction leader Thomas Kutschaty before the state parliament symbolically 17 hurdles around, the abuses in the health system should clarify: underneath skills shortage, underfinanced hospitals and "two-class medicine".

Laumann appeals in the state parliament: "Let God's will be vaccinated" .
State Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) has informed Parliament on the updated Corona protection regulation and the current coronalage. The situation in the North Rhine-Westphalia hospitals is very tense according to the words of Health Ministers. © Picture Alliance / DPA Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU), Health Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, during a meeting in the NRW Landtag.

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