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02:29  17 november  2021
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Five Czech Parties Sign An Agreement To Form A Coalition Government

 Five Czech Parties Sign An Agreement To Form A Coalition Government Czech Republic: Five Czech Parties sign an agreement to form a coalition government © Reuters / David W CERNY Five Czech Parties sign an agreement to form a Government of Coalition Prague (Reuters) - Five Czech political parties signed on Monday an agreement to form a central-law coalition government after their unexpected victory in the legislative elections last month, an important step towards the departure of the Prime Minister outgoing Andrej Babis.

  Allemagne: la future coalition bientôt formée, en pleine flambée de Covid © AFP

U N wedding in full orange of Covid: the three German parties that will succeed the power to the Conservatives of Angela Merkel plan to conclude the Next week Their "coalition contract", paving the way in the election early December of Olaf Scholz as Chancellor.

Parties SPD (Social Democrat), Ecologist and FDP (Liberal), who are trying to build for several weeks an unprecedented coalition of three training at the head of the Germany , have "good chances of being able to respect this calendar "Assured Lars Klingbeil, SPD Secretary General.

The future partners must, however, settle the thorny issue of the distribution of departments, a real challenge for both portfolios, in particular the finance, arouse covet.

For the first time more than 50,000 new infections within 24 hours

 For the first time more than 50,000 new infections within 24 hours Germany has set up a sad record in the Corona Pandemic. In view of the development, more and more citizens are talking about a vaccine. And the ethic council is also open to it. © Matthias Leg / dpa / Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Welle How the Robert Koch Institut (RKI), citing data of health offices, notified, within 24 hours, 50,196 new infections were registered with the coronavirus. The nationwide seven-day incidence reached a new high with 249.1.

The future casting cast, Mr. Scholz would then have every chance of achieving his goal of being elected the week of December 6 at Chancellor's position, permanently turning the 16 years of Merkel era.


But even before this coronation, the three courses are already in the hard with the obligation to find the parade at a fourth particularly intense epidemic wave.

Several options are on the table, including a vaccine bond for caregivers and retirement homes.

A massive return to teleworking is also in the pipes, except "imperative professional reason" to come to the office.

An obligation to be vaccinated, cured or tested to take public transport is under study. Apply this measure would, however, be extremely complex, prevents the association of German municipalities.

traffic light coalition: Robert Dabeck warns before failure of the conversations

 traffic light coalition: Robert Dabeck warns before failure of the conversations actually are SPD, FDP and green in the self-stitched schedule, SPD Secretary-General Klingbeile expects the agreement on the coalition agreement before Nicholas. But now expresses Greenschef Dabeck. © Annegret Hilse / Reuters Until the beginning of December, the traffic light coalition should stand - and SPD and FDP are also optimistic that it works. In the Greens, however, multiplies the skepticism . Now Greenschef Robert Habeck has warned that the coalition negotiations could fail.

Video: Germany: Cologne Cornoval celebrated in full swipe of Covid-19 (BFMTV)

The sanitary counter-offensive will be submissive Thursday to the German Parliament . A meeting between the government and the leaders of the 16 German regions is also planned on the same day.

Germany faces a rebound of new cases of Covid-19, due to a coronavirus and its variants that have already killed since the beginning of 2020 more than five million people around the world.

"We will be confronted with difficult weeks," warned Saturday Angela Merkel, responsible for sending the day-to-day business before retiring politics.

Monday, the seven-day national incidence rate has thus exceeded for the first time the symbolic bar of the 300, a level three times higher than three weeks ago.

in Bavaria (incidence rate at 554.2) and in the ex-RDA Länder of Thuringia (546.1) and Saxony (759.3), the situation is even critical.

Yemen-Saudi Operation in Retaliation for an attack at Drone

 Yemen-Saudi Operation in Retaliation for an attack at Drone Yemen-Arabia / Security: Yemen-Saudi Operation in retaliation for an attack at Drone November 18 (Reuters) - The Saudi Command Coalition which intervenes militarily in Yemen has led A large operation against several targets in the country after charging an attack on the drone launched against the Saudi International Airport of Abha, brought on Thursday morning the Saudi official press.

The gravity of the situation pushed Tuesday the authorities of Munich (South), capital of Bavaria, to cancel the Christmas market, a very popular tradition in Germany.

"The coming wave will eclipse all the previous waves", summarizes the Prime Minister of the Land of Saxe, Michael Kretschmer.

An SPD manager referred to the prospect of a "almost confinement of the non-vaccinated", although it is no question of controlling their movements.

Weight of the far right

The three parties matter, however, not to extend beyond 25 November the state of emergency sanitary, a legal framework that makes it possible to decide a confinement, which they dismiss. A decision criticized by Conservatives to find the opposition after 16 years in power and finding a possible angle of attack against the future majority.

The causes of this rapid deterioration of the sanitary situation are multiple. The full vaccination rate (67.6%) remains remote from the 75% target set by the Merkel government.

About 14 million Germans eligible for the vaccine would not have received an injection. The Saxony again is the poor student of the country, with a small majority of vaccinated (59.6%).

The border regions that are Bavaria and the Saxony are also victims of the degradation of the health situation in the neighboring countries such as Austria , which decided on Monday a confinement of the non-vaccinated, the Czech Republic or Poland .

Another element of explanation: The regions of ex-GDA are bastions of the extreme right, particularly rective to vaccination. Half of non-vaccinated people voted for the AFD extremist party in September 26 elections, according to a Forsa survey.

16/11/2021 21:23:57 - Berlin (AFP) - © 2021 AFP

Germany: the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals have entered into an agreement to form a coalition government .
The Liberals have obtained the Ministry of Finance while the Greens inherit for their part of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Protection climate. © Provided by FranceInfo A new era on the Rhine, after sixteen years of governance of Angela Merkel. The German Social Democrats (SPDs), Greens and Liberals (FDP) concluded a government agreement on Wednesday 24 November to form a coalition that will access power , depending on the contract between the three parties .

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