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16:20  19 november  2021
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calls for stricter controls of the Corona rules are louder

 calls for stricter controls of the Corona rules are louder Berlin. The fourth corona wave is increasingly swelling, at the same time the applicable rules in many places only LAX are controlled. Now associations appeal to the operators of restaurants and events, tacking harder. The police are an urgent call, all concerns. © Marijan Murat In many restaurants, access is only valid for vaccinated or greeted guests, but often the rules are not controlled consistent1. The pandemic does not lose loose, on the contrary.

The vaccination requirement for certain occupational groups is overdue. Nevertheless, the resolutions of the Federal Bund and Countries will not break the fourth wave so quickly - because a emergency brake has been robbed.

Auf dem Weg, die Beschlüsse von Bund und Ländern zu verkünden: Kanzlerin Angela Merkel, Finanzminister Olaf Scholz und die Ministerpräsidenten Hendrik Wüst und Michael Müller (von links). © Michael Kappeler / DPA on the way to proclaiming the resolutions of federal and state countries: Chancellor Angela Merkel, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz and the Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst and Michael Müller (from left). A heavy mistake fixed - a new one committed

finally. Finally, federal and state governments in their new Corona rules have passed into a Covid vaccination obligation for employees in clinics, nursing homes and similar sensitive facilities. You have solved a cardinal error of the old government: Categorically and early ruled out the commitments, without being able to know how virus and society would behave. These professional groups belonged to the first, which were offered the vaccine. If you are still pressing now, advertise and clarify, with appeals to the special social responsibility nothing more.

Corona alarm! In Berlin, only 91 intensive beds are free - and every day 25 patients come

 Corona alarm! In Berlin, only 91 intensive beds are free - and every day 25 patients come ! GOT TO! BUT! EVEN! THE! Last! Shake! Berlin is facing the collapse of the emergency supply system. There are hardly any intensive care beds free, as a Charité doctor betrays. And the location around the many Corona patients is getting more dramatic. © Provided by Berliner Kurier "The Corona situation is very worrying and currently not under control," said Gernot Marx, President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine (Divi), recently.

With this vaccination obligation, part of the serious courses and deaths is avoided. Because in the homes and clinics are disproportionately many people who are particularly dependent on the protection of their surroundings - because their immune system is not working so well, so vaccinations are less effective in their effects or faster. That they are best protected from those who entrust themselves in their helplessness is overdue.

We could embrace ourselves from the fourth wave, if ...

for a way out of the fourth wave but it takes more vaccinations - even in other parts of the population. Currently, the great demand for refreshing syringes offers a chance that should be used. When the majority of vaccinated quickly receives the third dose, immune protection can be massively increased in the population. Israel, for example, has emanated with a 50% booster quota from a huge wave.

"Hard but fair": If felt truths on facts meet

 Of course you would have wished one of the traffic light negotiators. But the Corona discussion at Frank Plasberg will still be interesting. Because a participant with their crude views all the others against themselves © ARD Frank Plasberg let again be debated over Corona If perceived truths on facts Meeting At first glance you are a little disappointed with the list of participants. Since the traffic light negotiator in Berlin at the subject of Corona a rapid turnaround.

In order to create this in Germany, the course for a new vaccine campaign will have to be set quite quickly: you have to reopen the vaccine, wherever possible, re-opening mobile teams, involving each in vaccination, which is also capable of - and clinicians, also pharmacists. Currently, the pace is much too slow.

The remainder of the Bund-Country Resolutions is hardly serious to assess. 3 g, 2 g, 2 g plus - that may listen to a thoughtful plan. But nobody knows what effect these regulations will have in which period. It also depends on the implementation. There are still surveys that one third of all federal citizens have never been asked for their vaccination in restaurants and other public places. It will not work like that. How the certificates in buses and tracks should be regularly controlled is anyway veil. And ultimately, the problem remains that these rules can not engage in private, where the virus can spreading easily.

It does not need a new, finely ziselated stepping plan

Who listens to practitioners in the clinics, the practices and the offices, will quickly clear: what acute is needed is not a new, finely pandemic eventuality. Not a plan that is hung alone at the rate of hospitalization, which is notoriously behind the infection events.

In view of the exploding case numbers, fast action is needed. It also needs access to unpopular measures such as starting locks, event and sports bans, business closures. This emergency brake has been deprived with the new decisions. Unfortunately, it looks like a new cardinal error was committed.

sharper corona rules: 3G controls in bus and train .
From this Wednesday, sharper corona rules are considered in buses and tracks: passengers must then be either vaccinated, recovered or tested according to the so-called 3G rules. © Carsten KOALL / DPA Red signs point to the duty to wear a mask on the S-Bahn door. otherwise you must get out of the respective vehicle at the next station. Thus, the changes of the past week of the Bundestag and the Federal Council adopted in the Federal Council entered into force.

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