US News The plan for social reforms of biden passes a crucial step at the Congress

20:10  19 november  2021
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"Let's Go Brandon": what does the new favorite slogan of the anti-Biden?

 slogan, went viral in days, looks like a simple encouragement. This is actually an insult to the American president Joe Biden. © afp.com/MARIO TAMA A protester holds up a sign lambda Scene USA. A race car driver, Brandon Brown, aged 28, who won a competition on a Nascar circuit in Alabama, questioned October 2 by a reporter from NBC. Raising his voice to the clamor amount forums, postpone launches: "And you can hear the chants of the crowd: Go Brandon!".

  Le plan de réformes sociales de Biden passe une étape cruciale au Congrès © AFP

L E Gigantic Social Reform Plan of President Joe Biden was adopted Friday by the House of Representatives, a crucial stage victory before His examination by the Senate , which promises to be difficult.

The text, baptized "Build Back Better", is a social and environmental plan of $ 1.800 billion, including kindergarten for all, tax credits for US homes and investments. consequent on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This vote occurs three days after the signature by the Democratic President of the first component of his economic plan, his law of infrastructure, larger public works program in the United States since Dwight Eisenhower created the network of Inter-State Highways in 1956.

biden and XI will talk about trade and recovery after the CVIV-19 at the Apec

 biden and XI will talk about trade and recovery after the CVIV-19 at the Apec Apec-Summit: Biden and XI summit will talk about trade and recovery after CVIV-19 at the top of the APEC © Reuters / Brian Snyder Biden and XI will talk about trade and recovery after the CVIV-19 at the APEC Wellington (Reuters) - US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, should Contact the leaders of the Pacific region gathered in New Zealand on Friday, in a context of increased regional commercial and geopolitical tensions.

Next step for the "Build Back Better" plan, the Senate, where its adoption promises to be complex, before returning to the lower house, probably in December or January.

The text vote "is a new giant step in the pursuit of my economic program, to create jobs, reduce costs, make our country more competitive and give a real chance of success to workers as well as the middle class "He welcomed Joe Biden in a statement.

the head of state, which undergoes a colonoscopy under general anesthesia and temporarily transferred its powers to Vice President Kamala Harris, called the Chair Democrat of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi Friday morning "to congratulate her for The adoption of + Build Back Better + ", tweeted the spokesperson for the White House Jen Psaki.

Biden savor a short thinking and sign its Great Infrastructure Act

 Biden savor a short thinking and sign its Great Infrastructure Act in the face of the threat of inflation and to a fall popularity, the US president goes through a difficult period © E. VUCCI / AP / SIPA JOE Biden signed the Infrastructure Act on November 15, 2021, in particular surrounded by Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

"Today's vote brings us closer to a stronger and more resilient economy" with increased productivity and "lower tax burden for middle-class families", welcomed the US Secretary to the Treasury, Janet Yellen .


jobs in the House, Democrats could not afford to lose more than three members to win the vote.

Finally, a single Democrat ran into the Republicans side by rejecting the text.

The vote was foreseen for Thursday night, but the Republican leader in the KEVIN McCarthy Lower House had derailed the plans of the Democrat majority, unfolding a river speech, started shortly after 20:30 and completed at 05:00.

"The biggest challenge was to ensure that the text comes there," applauded Nancy Pelosi after the vote.

The White House promises that its ambitious social reforms will create millions of jobs, while the Republicans see it as an example of what they denounce as the underserous madness of their democratic opponents.

Start of the virtual summit between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping

 Start of the virtual summit between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping USA-China / Biden - XI (photo): Start of the virtual summit between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping by Andrea Shalal, Michael Martina and David Brunnstrom Washington, November 16 ( Reuters) - The US President Joe Biden told his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping that he hoped to have a frank conversation on human rights and security issues, while the two men were starting a meeting. intended to reduce tensions between the first two global economies.

This text "will reduce the deficit of more than $ 100 billion over ten years," said Joe Biden.

This crucial step is a welcome success for the Democrat, confronted with disastrous opinion polls.

But the path remains long before its adoption, especially since it will certainly be retouched by the Senate.

This room is very exactly divided (50 elected for each camp), any democratic or affiliate has in fact what is similar to a veto right on any bill if the Republicans tighten ranks.

Or the centrists do not hide their concerns about planned spending.

last month, prices had increased by 6.2% over one year, bringing water to the Republican opposition mill who aims to take back the two chambers of the congress in the Democrat next year in the elections of MI -mandate.

The Democratic Chief of the Senate Chuck Schumer wanted to reassure Friday: "We will act as fast as possible for this bill to arrive at Joe Biden's office and helps the families of the middle class", A-T- He promised in a statement.

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Bilenon package passes US Representative House .
First delayed opposition leader McCarthy with just a nine-hour speech the vote. Then the US representative house voted for the trillion and climate protection package of President Biden. © Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP / Picture Alliance Protest Event to the Social and Climate Cap Before Capitol in Washington , the congress chamber voted with 220 yes votes to 213 no votes for the legal text. The deputies of President Joe Bensen Democratic Party broke out after the vote in Cheers.

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