US News Sudan: Calls to protest Sunday, 40 dead from the putsch of October 25

16:10  20 november  2021
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Burma: The American journalist Danny Fenster sentenced to 11 years in prison

 Burma: The American journalist Danny Fenster sentenced to 11 years in prison since the military coup on February 1, the junta continues to strangle the press. © Provided by FranceInfo The American journalist, Danny Fenster, held since May by the military junta in Burma , was sentenced to 11 years in prison, announced Friday 12 his employer, the Media Frontier Myanmar. It was continued for three counts: incentive to dissent, illegal association, violation of the Immigration Act.

Le chef de la police soudanaise Mahdi Ibrahim donnant une conférence de presse à Khartoum, le 18 novembre 2021 © Ebrahim Hamid The Chief of the Sudanese police Mahdi Ibrahim giving a press conference in Khartoum, November 18, 2021

opponents to the coup d'etat Military in Sudan called on new demonstrations Sunday to claim the return of civil power, despite the repression that has made at least 40 dead from the putsch almost a month ago according to doctors.

The United States and the African Union (AU) condemned the bloody repression of protests and to avoid the use of "excessive force". The Ambassador of Norway, a member of the Troika on Sudan with the United States and Great Britain, has denounced an "intolerable" repression.

released by the Junta Burmese, the American journalist Danny Fenster is in the United States

 released by the Junta Burmese, the American journalist Danny Fenster is in the United States © AFP G Racie and released from prison by the Burmese junta after six months of detention, the American journalist Danny Fenster found his relatives on Tuesday to New York, happy but weakened, alongside the old American diplomat Bill Richardson who worked on a private capacity for his release. It was released Monday by the Burmese authorities after being sentenced last week at 11 years of inclusion in particular for "incentive to dissent".

Des Soudanais manifestent contre le coup d'Etat militaire dans la banlieue nord de Khartoum, le 17 novembre 2021 © - of the Sudanese manifest against the military coup in the northern suburbs of Khartoum, on November 17, 2021

on October 25, General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhane, Head of the Army and Author of the Coup d'etat , rebutted the cards of a shiny transition in Sudan. He had had almost all civilians in power, put an end to the sacred union formed by civilians and military and decreed the state of emergency.

L'ambassadrice de Norvège au Soudan, Therese Loken Gheziel, s'exprimant lors d'une interview à l'AFP, le 16 novembre 2021 © Ashraf Shazly The Ambassador of Norway in Sudan, Therese Loken Gheziel, speaking during an interview at AFP, on November 16, 2021

since, protests against the army and calling for the return of civil power took place mainly in Khartoum, and were often repressed.

Saturday, proprietary activists called on social networks to manifest on Sunday against the coup with the hashtag "the March of Million on 21 November".

Zimbabwe: In search of budget support, Harare wipes a refusal of the IMF

 Zimbabwe: In search of budget support, Harare wipes a refusal of the IMF © Reuters - Philimon Bulawayo Life Scene in a supermarket in Harare, Zimbabwe. (drawing). Hard blow for Zimbabwe, at the end of a monthly mission, the International Monetary Fund refuses to provide budget support in Harare. In issue, a debt deemed unsustainable and arrears that have not been paid. Zimbabwe dragging a debt of more than eleven billion dollars is nevertheless engaged in monetary and budget reforms greeted by the IMF. The financial institution recognizes it, Zimbabwe makes efforts.

The Association of Sudanese Professionals (APS), one of the spearheads of the 2019 popular revolt that pushed the army to rule out General Omar El-Bashir after 30 years of power, she called the Sudanese to maintain pressure for a return of civil power.

and this despite the muscular intervention of the police against the protesters.

- "RAIDS" -

Video: Sudan: The anti-putsch mobilization continues despite a merciless repression (France 24)

Wednesday, November 17 was the most murderer day since the shot of State with the death of 16 people, most in Khartoum North, a suburb connected to Khartoum by a bridge on the Nile, according to a union of doctors prémerémocracy.

One of the 16 people succumbed Saturday to his wounds. "A 16-year-old teenager affected by the head and leg on November 17 fell into martyr," said this union in a statement.

Blood Town in Sudan: No political solution for

 Blood Town in Sudan: No political solution for fifteen anti-putsch protesters were killed in Khartoum during the most murderer day since the coup of October 25th. © Supplied by FranceInfo Sudanese security forces shot this Thursday morning 18 November, new tearful grenades on anti-putsch protesters in Khartoum, the day after the softening day since the coup d'etat of 25 October with 15 dead.

Its death is 40 of the number of people, including adolescents, killed during demonstrations since October 25. The vast majority are protesters.

The police assure that it has never opened fire against protesters. It lists only one death and 30 wounded among them, according to her, from lacary gas, against 89 injured policemen.

Friday, small groups of protesters parade in Khartoum but have been scattered by the security forces with tear gas strokes.

Depending on the APS, the forces of the Order "have launched raids against houses and mosques in Khartoum" Friday.

- "Shown hopes" -

after the aggravation of the violence, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Thursday "deeply concerned" by repression and urged the army to authorize peaceful demonstrations, repeating the need to "restore the transition led by civilians".

The AU, which suspended Sudan, also condemned "in the strongest terms" Wednesday's repression and called to "restore constitutional order and democratic transition", according to a statement Saturday.

For its part, the Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ) required the release of reporters arrested while they covered the protests, including Ali Farsab which according to the organization, was beaten, affected by bullet and detained Wednesday. .

Faced with calls to the return of civil power, General Burhan remains inflexible. He renamed the head of the highest institution of the transition, the Sovereignty Council and renewed all military or pro-armed members and appointed apolitical civilians.

The soldiers are slow to appoint a new government that they promised for weeks after the remote from Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, placed in housed residence.

For the Ambassador of Norway, Therese Loken Gheziel, the world nourished "great hopes" in Sudan, who were shown by a coup "which took us by surprise".


Sudan: Murdering clashes between the Ethiopian and Sudanese armies .
© Nicolas Cortes - Nicolas Cortes Military reinforcements en route from Khartoum for the state of Gedaref to be deployed at the Ethiopian border. Trucks charged with soldiers, pieces of artillery and armored. (Picture of illustration) The situation is very tense at the border between Sudan and Ethiopia. The Sudanese army denounced, on Saturday, November 28, an attack led by the Ethiopian forces, in the region played by Al-Fashaga, a friction point between the two countries, for many years.

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