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20:05  20 november  2021
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"Yellow Vests": Three years later, could mobilization resume?

 © Sylvain Thomas / AFP "Yellow Vests" celebrate the third anniversary of the movement, November 13 in Montpellier. What remains "yellow vests" ? Three years ago day for day, started a historic mobilization that would block the circles and invade centers for several months. Today, they are only a handful of irreducible to meet each Saturday during sporadic events. The movement of "yellow vests", however, marked the French.

movement while the movement celebrates its three years, a few hundred determined protesters continue to scroll on Saturday

Comme souvent, la manifestation a vite dégénéré en affrontement avec les forces de l'ordre. © AFP as often, the event quickly Degenerated in confrontation with the police. birthday - while the movement celebrates its three years, a few hundred specified protesters continue to scroll on Saturday

three candles on a "season 3" sign to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the movement, several hundred " yellow vests " manifest Saturday afternoon at Paris , between Bercy and Alésia. The " taxes", the small pensions, the disconnection between the politicians and the daily life of the French: the traditional themes of "yellow vests" which "do not let anything" were always present mingling with other more current against the Sanitary Pass . Another pancart denounced "a country at the edge of overdose".

The mayors and macron: to leave the pretense

 The mayors and macron: to leave the pretense since its election in 2017, the President of the Republic maintains complicated relationships with the mayors, which were gathered in congress in Paris until 18 November. Editorial of the "World". The Congress of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF), which ended on Thursday, November 18, confirmed it in a brilliant way: the presidential battle that opens will extend the lapped war which has opposed for four years associations local elected representatives to the outgoing president.

iconic figure of "yellow vests", Jérôme Rodrigues was present at the gathering. "We are here because we think that" yellow vests "will triumph," says Marie Huguet, 68, from Orleans, presents since the first weeks of the movement. She denounces pell-mell "the most taxed country in the world", "politics", of which it "horrifs", "politicians who do not know the problems of the French. "We have been asked since the beginning the Ric," the referendum of citizens' initiative.

Two people in custody

She is with her Georgette friend who affects less than 1,000 euros of retirement a month. "They lowered us pensions! And the history of the 100 euros it is a blow of bluff ", is the latter on the" inflation allowance "of 100 euros promised to 38 million French," perceiving less than 2,000 euros per month ", according to the government.

United States: Kyle Rittenhouse, Kenosha Shooter, Aquitted

 United States: Kyle Rittenhouse, Kenosha Shooter, Aquitted © Pool Getty Images North America / AFP / Archivos At 18, Kyle Rittenhouse incurs the prison for life but after 4 days of deliberations, the jury has Finally judged not guilty of the 5 counts who weighed on him. The White House is calm after the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse dividing America. During the anti-racist riots in Kenosha in Wisconsin August 2020, this young American had killed two protesters with his semi-automatic rifle and had hurt another.

On the sidelines of the manifestation , two persons were placed in custody in the context of an open investigation for contempt of the custodian of the public authority, according to the parquet of Paris. It is, according to the prefecture of , of the owner and driver of a pink foodtruck on which a large drawing featuring in scabrous positions Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron and the prefect of police. Paris, Didier Lallement, who filed a complaint.

Company "Yellow Vests": two arrests in Paris after a tag against Macron and the Police Prefect "Yellow Vests" company: Three years later, what remains of the movement?

Anne Hidalgo loses one of his key deposits at the Paris Mairie .
The former Ecologist Célia Blauel, in charge of the prospective Paris 2030, leaves professional political life "for strictly personal reasons". © supplied by the world Célia Blauel, in September 2014. Bad news for Anne Hidalgo. While the beginning of his presidential campaign is difficult, the Mayor of Paris loses one of the members of his close circle at the Town Hall, Célia Blauel.

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