US News Afghanistan: The Taliban orders the TVs to censor the series with women

01:50  22 november  2021
01:50  22 november  2021 Source:   leparisien.fr

Explosion in a mosque in Afghanistan: At least three deaths and fifteen wounded

 Explosion in a mosque in Afghanistan: At least three deaths and fifteen wounded © Afghans help to a man injured in the explosion. At least three people lost their lives and more than a dozen were injured this Friday, November 12, in an explosion in a mosque in Afghanistan. The attack, which has not been claimed, took place at the time of prayer.

Les talibans ne veulent plus que les télés diffusent de séries avec des femmes en Afghanistan. TANVEER / AFP © Valery Hache The Taliban no longer want the TVs broadcast with series with women in Afghanistan. TANVEER / AFP The respectability varnish will not have been long. The Taliban Ministry of Virtual Promotion and Prevention of Vice called on Afghan televisions to no longer broadcast women showing women, as part of new "religious guidelines" broadcast on Sunday. "Télévisions should avoid showing sheets and rosewater series in which women have played," says a departmental document for the media. It also asks them to make women journalists wear "the Islamic veil" on the screen, without specifying that it is a simple scarf, already usually focused on Afghan television, or a more veil. covering. "These are no rules, but religious directives," said Department's spokesperson, Hakif Mohajir. Afghan televisions are also expected to avoid "opposite to Islamic and Afghan values" programs as well as those who insult religion or "show the prophet and his companions". This is the first time that this department has been trying to regulate Afghan television since the Taliban Power has been taken by mid-August. During their first reigns, from 1996 to 2001, the Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, responsible for ensuring the daily respect of the "Islamic values" of the population, was feared for its fundamentalism and punishment. He trained. Women still not allowed to resume work in public services The Taliban had banned television, cinema and all forms of entertainment judged immoral. The surprised people watching television were punished and their equipment destroyed, to be in possession of a VCR was subject to public flagellation. For a while, it was even possible to see TVs hanging on lamps. Reversed in 2001, Taliban returned to power last August in a country with the media landscape transformed after 20 years of government supported by Westerners. During these two decades, the media sector exploded, dozens of private radio stations and private television channels appeared. They offered new opportunities to women, who did not have the right to work or study under the Taliban of the 1990s. Today, although affecting a more moderate face, the Taliban still have not allowed Many women get back to work in public services. Courses for girls in colleges and high schools, as well as in public universities have not yet reopened in the majority of the country. In private universities, the Taliban requested that students are veiled. Their fighters have repeatedly struck journalists accused of covering "unauthorized" women's events.

Meeting between a US Delegation and Taliban Representatives in Qatar-State Department US .
Afghanistan-Conflict / USA (Photo): Meeting between a US delegation and Taliban representatives in Qatar-State Department US Washington, 1st December (Reuters) - An American delegation conducted by the US emissary for Afghanistan, Thomas West, spoke on Monday and Tuesday in Qatar with Taliban representatives, Tuesday said the US State Department.

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