US News Debate LR: Should we send the army in the difficult neighborhoods? The responses of the candidates

02:15  22 november  2021
02:15  22 november  2021 Source:   europe1.fr

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Les cinq candidats à l'investiture des Républicains ont abordé la question du recours à l'armée dans les quartiers difficiles, dans le troisième débat diffusé sur Europe 1 et CNews. Si Éric Ciotti, Michel Barnier et Valérie Pécresse se montrent favorables, Xavier Bertrand et Philippe Juvin préfèrent avoir uniquement recours aux forces de police. © Julien de Rosa / AFP The five candidates for the investiture of Republicans have addressed the issue of the appeal to the army in difficult neighborhoods, in the third debate broadcast on Europe 1 and CNEWS. If Eric Ciotti, Michel Barnier and Valérie Pécresse are favorable, Xavier Bertrand and Philippe Juvin prefer to have only recourse to police forces.

How to get calm in the difficult neighborhoods? According to a survey for Europe 1 and CNEWS, 62% of French people are in favor of this recourse in difficult neighborhoods. Asked on this as possible, the five candidates for Inauguration LR - Michel Barnier, Xavier Bertrand, Éric Ciotti, Philippe Juvin and Valérie Pécresse - have advanced various proposals to reach the republican reconquest, in the third debate of Republicans on Europe 1 and CNEWS.

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The debate is to be followed live on Europe 1.

One whatever it costs

Eric Ciotti first advocates a "although it costs safe", which evokes the possibility of resorting to the army . If the military is not specifically trained for the maintenance of the Order, the member for the Alpes-Maritimes is based on the sentinel operation to justify the appeal to these additional forces in difficult neighborhoods. "The intervention must first be that of the police," he says. "I hope there are massive police interventions that reconquered these territories, and that all forces are mobilized."

"The army already participates in public security", Note Michel Barnier , which joins his colleague Eric Ciotti. "It is necessary to have mobile units in at least 40 or 50 cities to maintain security," continues the old negotiator of the Brexit for the European Union, which advances a municipal police armed in the cities of more than 10,000 inhabitants. Michel Barnier also offers a referendum on the restoration of military service to achieve a "republican integration"

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"Operations Fister Pist"

, on the other hand, Xavier Bertrand is firmly opposite. "Security forces first", Assens the President of the Hauts-de-France region. "They know how to do it. They need instructions," he says, including the survey on the preferences of the French. "What does police officers and gendarmes are missing, they are clear instructions and a criminal response to height. It is the Republican response, the state response", esteem Xavier Bertrand, who claims that the President of The Republic "is aware that it is the head of the armies and security forces".

"It's a question of will," says Valerie Pécresse , confident with his proposal to solve problems in difficult neighborhoods. "It is necessary that the fear changes from camp. And for that, you have to make examples, fist operations" in republican reconquest areas, advance the president of the Ile-de-France region. "You have to make brigades, where there will be police, customs, judges, and the army in support," she says, calling into question the law of security and freedoms.

"I am not at all favorable to the army intervention. The army is done to do something else", Slice

Philippe Juvin . "If we think of the army to maintain the Republican order, it is because we consider that the police no longer has its place, no longer has the means. I want to give him the means of which it should not be Not being devoid, "says the mayor of the Garennes-Colombes, in the Hauts-de-Seine, also favorable to the armament of the municipal police.

Presidential: What to remember the last debate LR .
The fourth and last debate between the five candidates LR took place this Tuesday night on France 2. © Julien de Rosa / AFP the character or the symbolic place interviewed at the beginning of show on a character or symbolic place in their eyes, Valérie Pécresse had chosen Joan of Arc "who embodies a France standing", and Xavier Bertrand Colombey-les-Deux-Churches, for "the gathering and the hope "that the village of General de Gaulle symbolizes.

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