US News Corona alarm! In Berlin, only 91 intensive beds are free - and every day 25 patients come

11:40  23 november  2021
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"Hard but fair": If felt truths on facts meet

 Of course you would have wished one of the traffic light negotiators. But the Corona discussion at Frank Plasberg will still be interesting. Because a participant with their crude views all the others against themselves © ARD Frank Plasberg let again be debated over Corona If perceived truths on facts Meeting At first glance you are a little disappointed with the list of participants. Since the traffic light negotiator in Berlin at the subject of Corona a rapid turnaround.

! GOT TO! BUT! EVEN! THE! Last! Shake! Berlin is facing the collapse of the emergency supply system. There are hardly any intensive care beds free, as a Charité doctor betrays. And the location around the many Corona patients is getting more dramatic.

  Corona-Alarm! In Berlin sind nur noch 91 Intensivbetten frei – und täglich kommen 25 Patienten dazu © Provided by Berliner Kurier

"The Corona situation is very worrying and currently not under control," said Gernot Marx, President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine (Divi), recently.

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throughout Germany would currently be 3675 Corona patients in intensive care. 1887 of them were only last week. On average you will be 15 to 20 days there.

Bavaria's pawls Send dramatic help for Corona overload

 Bavaria's pawls Send dramatic help for Corona overload The Bavarian hospitals warn in view of the unrestricted rising corona infection numbers from an imminent overloading of intensive stations and demand significantly harder contact restrictions in the Free State. "The current situation is so dramatic, as she had never been in the entire pandemic time in Bavaria," said the Managing Director of the Bavarian Hospital Society, Roland Engebausen, the "Augsburger general" of Friday.

and also in Berlin, the situation is getting faster and faster. The corona incidence in the capital remains at a high level. She was on Tuesday morning at 349. On Monday, the value was 338. 3263 people were registered in Berlin compared to the previous day as proven to be reinforced

The Corona-Tsunami threatens to finally bring the supply system to collapse. Steffen Weber-Carstens, Head of the Divi Intensive Register and Part of the Charité Klinikleitung, said the Tagesspiegel , in Berlin were only 91 intensive care beds from 1051 intensive cots. Currently, however, about 25 Covid new recordings would be done daily. "It has become very, very tight," warns Steffen Weber-Carstens.

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The first drug against Corona: In these Berlin practices, there is the remedy - and you need to know

 The first drug against Corona: In these Berlin practices, there is the remedy - and you need to know it is a bright spot in the fight against the deadly virus: in Berlin now offer a total of 14 medical practices and clinics treatment with a corona Drug. This should protect against heavy progress and hospital instructs.

How long that can still go well, you can calculate yourself. A few days maybe, a maximum of a few weeks. Then the limit of the affordable is achieved. And then? If physicians have to decide in an emergency when treating - and who just not?

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Although there is still a kind of emergency Emergency plan. 334 beds are ready to reserve. But who should look after that? The staff is less and less. A document for this: Last autumn, Berlin was planning 1300 intensive beds, 249 more than today.

Because an intensive care force may take care of two beds on the day, three at night. In the more beds people fight for survival, the higher the personnel expenses.

No question: This is only if plannable OPS is moved again. When staff is changed again. When nurses help out of normal stations. When students and assistants are ready to help them.

up to 75 percent of Austrians mistrust government

 up to 75 percent of Austrians mistrust government Vienna. The failed Corona management in Austria has fell extremely the mistrust of the citizens against the government. The discomfort extracts highly but also the opposition, show several studies. © Roland Schlager A Passandin walks past a closed business in Vienna. Since Monday (22.11/2021) Austria is located in a fourth Lockdown.

Steffen Weber-Carstens warned before the consequences: "We lose quality with the thinning of the staff." And that's anyone helped.

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A way out of the Corona wave can still be just about vaccination. "There is a whole series of young patients in the intensive care unit, which are predominantly unrema," assures Steffen Weber-Carstens and promotes more willingness to vaccinate. By contrast,

does not want intensive care medicine. Not even for your own profession. "We are against a lumination for individual groups," said Divi President Gernot Marx. But there is a "moral-ethical commitment of doctors and nurses for vaccination".

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