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12:45  24 november  2021
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Coronavirus: Germany will strengthen its restrictions against a record rate record

 Coronavirus: Germany will strengthen its restrictions against a record rate record health-coronavirus-Germany: coronavirus: Germany will strengthen its restrictions against a record rate record © Reuters / Wolfgang Rattay Coronavirus: Germany will strengthen its restrictions in the face of a Record Berlin (Reuters) incidence rate - the incidence rate of the CVIV-19 epidemic in Germany has reached its highest level since the beginning of the pandemic According to the data published on Monday, and the three parties currently negotiating the formation of a government coalition p

The traffic light has agreed on the legalization of cannabis. What we expected.

Cannabis Legalisierung © FilippoBacci / iStock cannabis legalization

SPD, Greens and FDP have now agreed on the legalization of cannabis. So far, the possession and sale in Germany was illegal, but with the traffic lights, this should change.

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Multiple media is a paper of the working group health and care of the possible traffic light coalition before, which states: "We are conducting the controlled delivery of cannabis to adults to enjoy purposes in licensed shops in. " can check

Lobbying scandal: Chahuté in Parliament, Boris Johnson admits an "error"

 Lobbying scandal: Chahuté in Parliament, Boris Johnson admits an © AFP C HAHUTÉ in Parliament After two weeks of lobbying scandal, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted Wednesday an "error" but reproached Opposition its "constant attacks" on corruption. Weakened in polls, the head of government is expected for a delicate day of explanations against members. He must respond in length in the afternoon to the questions of the leaders of the main parliamentary committees.

drug It also highlights the reasons for legalization are listed. The selling cannabis was controlled, prevented the sharing of contaminated substances and ensures protection of minors.

After four years, the model is evaluated and the effects are measured on society.

But not only that. In addition to the legalization facing further changes in the use of drugs. It should be possible to examine the composition of illegally obtained substances in the future. The Working Group describes this model as "Drugchecking" . In addition, the

marketing and sponsorship of cigarettes, cannabis and alcohol should be restricted strengthened.

"Other concerns"

With the words "Nothing is united until everything is united" has annalena baerbock the decision of the paper currently back yet. One thing is certain at least that all three parties of the traffic light of a possible legalization of cannabis positive about were already during the election campaign.

ASCOVAL. The new owner renounces transferring part of the activity to Germany

 ASCOVAL. The new owner renounces transferring part of the activity to Germany © Pascal Rossignol / Reuters The activity of the ASCOVAL plant will not be relocated in Germany in the immediate future. The fears of the employees of the St. Saulve ASCOVAL plant on a possible transfer of activity in Germany were swept after a meeting at the Ministry of the Economy. The new owner, Saarstahl, decided to give up his project.

On the contrary, the CDU which criticized these plans vigorously. NRW's new prime minister Hendrik Wüst said on RTL: "I think we have really different concerns I do not need this decision.."

Other countries have continued

Other countries, however, are already one step ahead ( we reported ): In Switzerland, the Narcotics Act was adapted last year. 2022 begin in several major cities pilot projects where cannabis is sold to benefit purposes.

parallel, the ban is lifted of cannabis cultivation, trafficking and consumption be regulated.

Germany based on his design for the release of cannabis reportedly on legalization model of Canada. Since autumn 2018 there, the use and possession of cannabis products is no longer a criminal offense. However: the fortification of foods with psychoactive cannabis remains prohibited.

When, how, where and at what price

So far there is no information as to in what time frame the legalization of cannabis could be introduced in this country. But it is clear that the German government would earn a lot of money by it.

Covid-19: The Lugubrube Prediction of the Minister of German Health

 Covid-19: The Lugubrube Prediction of the Minister of German Health © Michael Kappeler / DPA / Michael Kappeler / DPA Covid-19, Fifth Wave, Germany, Vaccine, Deaths, S I The New Wave of Covid- It seems to strike almost all the Europe , it particularly affects the overseas Rhine, Germany and Austria in the lead. While in Vienna, the government has decided to reconfirm its entire population and to make compulsory vaccination for all, Berlin also grows the belt.

According to media reports - and Others.. the "Handelsblatt" - the total annual increase in revenue to 4.7 billion euros is estimated. These come first by taxes and other savings in law enforcement about.

addition will be created around 27,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. The plant should be grown in Germany - and to cover the expected demand, one would need a cannabis production, the construction would likely take several years to complete.

is to be sold cannabis in licensed stores, which would have included tax rates offer that do not exceed those of the black market. There costs about 10 euros a gram - depending on the city and quality.


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