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16:25  24 november  2021
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Germany: the future coalition soon formed, in full orally of Covid

 Germany: the future coalition soon formed, in full orally of Covid © AFP U N wedding in full orange of Covid: the three German parties that will succeed the power to the Conservatives of Angela Merkel plan to conclude the Next week Their "coalition contract", paving the way in the election early December of Olaf Scholz as Chancellor.

  Allemagne: deux écologistes et un libéral pressentis aux ministères clés © AFP

U Woman to lead German diplomacy, an ecologist writer at the head of a "super" Ministry of the Environment, a Liberal to finance: Favorites in the main portfolios of the future German Government have never been in federal ministerial positions.

The Social Democrat

Olaf Scholz , which will reveal Wednesday the "contract" of the future coalition, must compose the first German government to three parties, fruit of a learned dosage between representatives of the SPD, the Greens and the Liberals of the FPD.

Here are the new faces expected at the key positions of the called "Tricolore fire" coalition that should be invested in early December.

Annalena Baerbock, trampoline to the diplomacy

Vaccine Obligation against COVID: 1,350 Liberal Caregivers suspended, according to Health Insurance

 Vaccine Obligation against COVID: 1,350 Liberal Caregivers suspended, according to Health Insurance © Vincent Mouchel / Archives West-France A caregiver prepares an anti-Covid vaccine syringe. of the 374,000 who exercise in France, "we have today around 1,350 liberal health professionals who are prohibited from exercising, including 160 doctors, a very low number," said the Director of Health Insurance , Thomas Fatôme.

former trampoline champion, the unfortunate candidate of the Greens to Chancellery, Annalya Baerbock would be the first woman at the head of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Despite the historically high score of the Greens to the legislative legislative, this 40-year-old international law specialist, acknowledged that they have made "mistakes" during the campaign that cost expensive at his camp.

Top-reported premiums in the bundestag, curriculum vitae slightly "inflated" before a devastating controversy around plagiarized passages of a programmatic book, Annalya Baerbock disappointed the hopes of those who already dreamed of an ecologist.

co-chair of the Greens with Robert Habeck since January 2018, Member of Parliament at the Bundestag for eight years, this mother of two girls, graduated from the prestigious London School of Economics, has never held ministerial responsibility.

Democracy is "inside" fights: Thuringian AfD since March under observation

 Democracy is The Thuringian constitutional protection saw the AFD Landesverband 2020 as an suspected event. Meanwhile, the party was upgraded to the observation object. © Photo: Martin Resholes / dpa central picture / DPA Election posters of the alternative for Germany (AFD). The Thuringian State Office for constitutional protection sees in the alternative for Germany (AFD) a "proven extremist observation object".

Annalyna Baerbock, who will find on his desk the thorny migratory and diplomatic litigation with Belarus, promised to submit human rights to the center of German diplomacy and advocate more firm with respect to the

Russia and the China .

Video: Covid-19: Germany affected by a pandemic \ (BFMTV)

Your Browser does not support this video Christian Lindner , "Savior" Liberals and probable Grand Argentier Leader of the Liberal-Democratic Party (FDP) Third at the election of September 26, Christian Lindner, 42, will undoubtedly win the prestigious Ministry of Finance of the first European economy, coveted by the Greens during the coalition negotiations.

omnipresent in the media and the Talkshows, this man from North Rhine-Westphalia is blamed by his detractors for having introduced a "cult of the personality" in a training he has been running for 8 years.

Member of the FDP at the age of 16, this sports car lover is elected for the first time MP in 2009 while it struggles to impose itself with the bodies of its party and that it is nicknamed " Bambi ".

The name of the rabbit

 The name of the rabbit © default_credit TeamDrive Screenshot 2021-11-23 195557 The Hamburger Cloud Data Service TeamDrive advises "Non-knowledge IT" and relies on Zero-Knowledge method to protect customer data. Who hare is called white of nothing. It is similar to Detlef Jewelery, Managing Director of Hamburger TeamDrive GmbH. " Nonkiss-IT is the bid of the crisis," he says. The company operates a cloud data service for cooperation in teams based on a so-called "Zero Knowledge" principle.

In 2017, it breaks the negotiations to form a coalition government with the Conservatives and the Greens under the aegis of Angela Merkel, a flip-flop in the middle of the night which arouses the general surprise and will expensive the Liberals who will sink permanently in polls.

Under its direction, the FDP has radicalized, flirting at times with the extreme right of the alternative for Germany (AFD), particularly in the contestation of anti-Covid restrictions.

opposite any increase in taxes, particularly for the most fortunate, Christian Lindner is also a supporter of fiscal austerity.

- Robert Habeck, a philosopher writer to the environment

with a probable large ministry of climate, the ecologist Robert Habeck would implement the program of measures against global warming ficeled by the partners of the new coalition.

This fiftienarian sometimes qualified as "pale green" has definitely sealed the victory of the "Realos", the centrist wing of less radical green than the "Fundis", by winning the co-presidency of the Grünen almost four years ago.

ELU For the first time MP of the Bundestag on September 26, it is considered the "thinker" of the Greens.

pragmatic and renowned for his speaker talents, he entered politics on late twenty years ago, and forged his political experience at the regional level as the Minister of the Environment of the Rural Region of the Rural Region Schleswig-Holstein.

Previously this graduate in philosophy, father of four adult boys, was a successful writer thanks to the novels co-signed with his wife.

The Germans appreciate the casual style of this fiftienarian who lets himself be filmed behind his shirt - to the ground, for lack of ironing table-way before a gathering of the Greens.

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COVID-19: Mandatory vaccination makes its way to Germany .
© Reuters / Markus Schreiber Excellent a few weeks ago, compulsory vaccination is no longer removed by the German government. Reuters / Markus Schreiber A few weeks ago was out of order. Germany did not "intend" to move on to "mandatory vaccination", still showed its leaders on July 13th. "I do not think we can gain trust that we said," said German Chancellor Angela Merkel . Since this summer, the situation has changed.

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