US News shipwrecking a migrant boat off Calais: what we know about the drama that made 31 dead

02:00  25 november  2021
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migrants in Calais: The two volunteers suspend his hungry strike

 migrants in Calais: The two volunteers suspend his hungry strike © AFP / Denis Charlet Philippe Demeestère, Anais and Ludovic, had started their hunger strike on October 11th. They have not eaten for 38 days to denounce the "inhuman" treatment inflicted on migrants that flock to Calais. By their side, a 72-year-old priest, Philippe Demeestère who had started feeding again after 25 days. Anaïs Vogel and Ludovic Holbein, the hungry collective at the frontiers, put an end to their action.

  Naufrage d’un bateau de migrants au large de Calais : ce que l’on sait du drame qui a fait 31 morts © Copyright 2021, the Obs

thirty-one migrants died this Wednesday 24 after their boat capsized in the sleeve off Calais. Research is underway to find possible survivors. "France will not let the handle become a cemetery," said Emmanuel Macron. "Obs" takes stock.

31 Deceased migrants

The balance sheet has continued to grow in the day, reaching 31 people died in the evening, according to a statement from the Elysée. This drama is the most murderer since flexée in 2018 migratory crossings of the Channel.

Migrants: What answer from the executive to the Calais drama at five months of the presidential election?

 Migrants: What answer from the executive to the Calais drama at five months of the presidential election? © Sameer Al-Doumy / AFP Twenty-seven migrants died in the sinking of a boat off Calais Wednesday, while they were trying to win Great Britain. This drama, qualified as "tragedy" by Prime Minister Jean Castex, is the most murderer since flexée in 2018 migratory crossings of the Channel. At five months of the presidential election, the executive must therefore find solutions. At least 27 migrants lost the life on Wednesday in the sinking of their boat off Calais, trying to join England.

According to the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin arrived on the spot, the boat had 33 migrants. They were trying to reach Great Britain. Among the victims are at least five women and a girl, said the minister.

French fisherman plan blockages on sleeve channel

 French fisherman plan blockages on sleeve channel Calais / London. The French fishermen show their muscles in the quarrel with the British on fishing rights. You want to disturb trading trails over the English Channel - an alarm sign for British retailers to the Christmas business. © Jeremias Gonzalez A French fisherman sits on board a trawler in the harbor. London and Paris have been arguing for weeks about fisheries licenses in the English Channel.

Two people could be rescued. Their days "are in danger", according to Gérald Darmanin.

A Calais, a priest on hunger strike to "make body with the exiles"

"Research will continue in the coming hours and tomorrow to see if there were no other people in this boat Fortune, "he added. He mentioned "the conditional" another missing person, in addition to the 31 dead. According to the Maritime Prefecture of the North Channel and the North Sea, three helicopters and three boats participate in research.

Four people in custody

Four smuggles suspected to be "directly related" with the sinking were arrested, said Gérald Darmanin.

"I want to say that the first leaders of this ignoble situation are the smugglers," added the minister to Calais. He also called for a "very hard coordinated international answer" in front of this drama "who touches us all".

France: French fishermen go to the offensive in the

 France: French fishermen go to the offensive in the Channel © AFP / Charly Triballeau The French fishermen block three ports this cadditional 26 November: Saint-Malo, Ouistreham and Calais. Here a French fisherman aboard the trawler off Ouistreham, in the northwestern of France (picture illustration). The French fishermen did not loosen the refusal of London to grant all the fishing licenses promised to work in the British waters.

Crisis meetings

The drama intervenes in the context of the increasing lock in recent years of the port of Calais and the tunnel under the handlebrant hit by migrants attempting to rally England.

Video: Mortar shipwreck of a migrant boat off Calais (Le Figaro)

Prime Minister Jean Castex will hold an interdepartmental meeting on Thursday 8:30 an interdepartmental meeting on this file with the ministers of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, of Justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti, Armies, Florence Parly, of the sea, Annick Girardin, transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, foreign affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, and the secretary of State to Europe, Clément Beaune, according to his services at AFP

Immigration: We faced the fantasies to reality

a crisis meeting was also summoned by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who said he was "Shocked, Revolved and deeply saddened", and assured want to "do more" with France to discourage the illegal crossings of the Channel.

A Calais, "When lacing their tents, migrants are pushed to take all the risks to leave"

 A Calais, © Copyright 2021, Obs "When lacing tents and water vats, when one gas sometimes Food, we push people to take all the risks to leave. While migrants have drowned in the Channel during their attempt to join England, Journalist Louis Witter, who has been documenting the fate of migrants in Calais for the media weekly social news , denounces responsibility From France in the multiplication of these perilous crossings.

"We had difficulty persuading some of our partners, especially the French, to take up the situation, but I understand the difficulties all countries face," he said on Sky News after this meeting at Downing Street.

"France will not leave the handlebar to become a cemetery," reacts Macron

"We are all moved by this tragedy that strikes each in his intimacy and in his values," said President Emmanuel Macron in a statement from the Elysée , by expressing his "compassion" and the "unconditional support of France" to the families of the victims.

"It is Europe in what it deepens - humanism, respect for the dignity of each, which is bereaved," he adds.

It involves "networks of smugglers who, by exploiting misery and distress, endanger human lives and finally decimate families." "France will not let the handle become a cemetery," he hammered.

Natacha Bouchart: "With Brexit, Calais must strengthen the immigration devices"

"France acts, in connection with Great Britain, to dismantle the networks of smugglers" and "since the beginning of the year, Thanks to the mobilization of 600 police and gendarmes, 1,552 passers were arrested on the northern coastline and 44 dismantled networks of smugglers, "said the president, adding that" 7,800 migrants were saved. "

"Despite this action, 47,000 attempts of crossing occurred since January 1," he said. As a result, the Head of State calls for the "Immediate Strengthening of the Agency of the Frontex agency at the external borders" and an "emergency meeting of European ministers" on the subject.

Migrants crisis: the sled England to "take its share" .
© Louis Witter / Getty Images via AFP from left to right: European Internal Affairs Commissioner, YLVA Johansson, the Mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, and The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, Sunday in Calais. "Today, Great Britain must take its part." at the end of a European meeting in Calais, convened four days after the death of twenty-seven migrants in a shipwreck, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, invited "Our British friends" to " Collectively help us better figh

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