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15:00  25 november  2021
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No Netflix series is currently being looked more often: After "Squid Game", the next hit from Korea conquers the worldwide charts

 No Netflix series is currently being looked more often: After South Korea is a source of pressing tension cinema, which is after movies like " oldboy ", " i saw the Devil "," Burning "as well as of course at the latest since" parasite "no secret. But not only in the cinema, the often socially critical, stylish staged thrillers enjoy great popularity, but also in TV format. Lastly, this showed about the series " Squid Game ", which promised within a few weeks to the most successful Netflix series of all times.

  En Corée du Nord, un lycéen condamné à mort pour avoir regardé « Squid Game » © Youngkyu Park / Netflix

In recent months, it's hard to miss than Squid Game that has become a real global phenomenon. If the South Korean success series was viewed by more than 111 million people from the first days of its exit on Netflix , it is not accessible in some parts of the world. A North Korean high school student went so far as to smuggish into his country illegal copies of the survival drama in order to view it. The Media Free Radio Asia reveals this Tuesday, November 23, that the young man would have been sentenced to death for the series and selling it to other students. The report indicates that the authorities of the Province of Hamgyong surprised high school students watching Squid Game and immediately realized that it was a traffic.

Music, Series, Cinema: Why Korean culture invades the world

 Music, Series, Cinema: Why Korean culture invades the world © Frazer Harrison / Getty Images North America / AFP With its recent television and cinematographic successes, "Squid Games", "Parasite" and "Hell Band", Korean culture overlooks the world. The BTS group was also crowned at the beginning of the week by the famous American Music Awards as a musical artist of the year. This phenomenon is called Hallyu, translate "Korean wave".

Minor sentenced to heavy penalties

The program has been smuggled into North Korea from China via the use of a USB key. Although fiction is not available in the middle empire, it remains popular with piracy sites, specifies Indie Wire . The smuggler risks the death penalty while its customers would be punishable by a prison sentence. "A student who bought a USB key [containing the series] was sentenced to life imprisonment, while six others who watched [the show] were sentenced to five years of forced labor, and teachers and members of the school staff have been dismissed and may be sent to work in isolated mines. , Details the official document.

The Reactionary Thought Elimination Act

The arrest of the seven students marks the first sentence of miners following the promulgation, in 2020, of the law on "the elimination of reactionary thought and culture", Stresses Variety . The legislation provides for the maximum sentence for looked, kept or distributed content from capitalist countries, particularly South Korea and the United States. In April, a man was executed publicly after sold hard drives and CDs with South Korean content, "says Indiewire.

The wife of the Mexican narcothafficiency "El Chapo", Emma Coronel, sentenced to three years in prison

 The wife of the Mexican narcothafficiency © AFP the wife of the Mexican "El Chapo", Emma Coronel Aispuro, was sentenced Tuesday by an American federal judge at three years in prison. The wife of the Mexican "El Chapo" Narcotharficker , Emma Coronel Aispuro, was sentenced Tuesday by an American federal judge at three years in prison after admitting his participation in the traffic of the powerful Cartel of Sinaloa. Prosecutors had requested a four-year sentence, a lighter sentence than the usual requisitions in drug trafficking cases.

"The government takes this incident very seriously, saying that student education was neglected. The Central Committee returned the director of the school, their secretary to the youth and their principal professor, "said RFA close to the police. According to one inhabitant, a general search was organized by the authorities to find other smugglers. "The inhabitants are terrified because they know they will be severely punished [for similar acts]," unveiled another source. Among the group of arrested students, one of them could avoid his sentence. According to the same source, a rich relative of one of the high school students would have bribed the police with the sum of $ 3,000. The Free Asia radio reports that Beijing also wants to take action against illegal streaming. The media announces that in mid-October Squid Game had been hacked about 60 streaming sites in China, according to Jang Ha-Sung the South Korean ambassador in China.

United States: a death sentenced in extremis after a strong mobilization .
The Governor of Oklahoma commuted the sentence of Julius Jones, sentenced for a murder of which he is innocent, in detention in perpetuity © / AP / SIPA After a strong mobilization, the death sentence of the American Julius Jones was commuted to life sentence by the governor of Oklahoma on 18 November 2021.

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