US News Attention: That's why the ice scratch can threaten a fine

16:45  25 november  2021
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in winter, ice scratching is held again in the morning. In order to avoid a fine, you should do without this one thing

Achtung, bei diesem Verhalten droht ein Bußgeld ISTOCKPHOTO © iStockphoto Attention, this behavior threatens a fine Feockockphoto

It is probably one of the most annoying tasks for motorists in winter: the morning ice scratching to get the window washers again. But did you know that this activity can threaten a fine?

Even if it may be tempting, you should not try to accelerate the ice scraper process and warm the slices by warming the engine. The pity of the environment, unnecessarily noise and is prohibited according to §30 paragraph 1 StVO, warns the ADAC on its website. If you get caught, a fine threatens up to 80 euros plus administrative costs.

Prime Minister Want to test 2G rule for professional athletes

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is it allowed to hang the mask on the rearview mirror?

ice scratching: That's how it works right

Even if it may be time consuming and annoying: take sufficient time to scratch the slices. Only a small watchblock can be scratched out is not enough and can also be punished with a fine of ten euros. The windscreen must be released from ice according to ADAC, and the car must be free of snow, so that other car rides are not hindered.

IMPORTANT: When ice scratches, pay attention to not to apply too much pressure or scratch wild back and forth. In addition, it is important that their slices are free of dirt particles - these can act when scratching like emery paper and restrict the clear view.

Because of spectators ban: ICE TIGERS want to make home games .
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