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17:25  25 november  2021
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Presidential election in Chile: José Antonio Kast, Ultraconservative candidate, given Favorite

 Presidential election in Chile: José Antonio Kast, Ultraconservative candidate, given Favorite © Martin Bernetti AFP José Antonio Kast, Republican Party, November 12, 2021. in Chile, it is the most important presidential election since Nearly 30 years. Fifteen million people are called to the polls this Sunday, November 21 to renew the Congress and choose who will succeed Sebastian Piñera at the head of the country. of our correspondent RFI in Santiago of Chile, It is the first general elections since the historical social movement against inequalities two years ago.

We show you Bill Gate's favorite books 2021 - and where you can buy it

  Bill Gates: Das sind seine Lieblingsbücher 2021 © Getty Images

Many people wait with their Christmas wishes on the recommendations of Bill Gates. The Microsoft co-founder and the currently sound "Forbes" four-rich people in the world always shares his reading tips of the year at the end of the year. Now it's time again. (Also read: These 10 books have to read 2021 )

& these are Bill Gates' favorite books 2021 "A thousand brains: a new theory of intelligence", by Jeff Hawkins, Basic Books, 20 Euro, About Amazon

"Hawkins is probably most well-known as a co-inventor of the Palm Pilot," explains Gates. The researcher also had decades to investigate the connections between neuroscience and artificial intelligence (ki). "This book offers a fascinating theory if you want to know more about what it means to create a real Ki," writes Gates. "A thousand brains" has not yet been published in German translation.

Migratory crisis: "Russia can the role of mediator", esteem Svetlana Tikhanovskaya

 Migratory crisis: Since Lithuania, where it has been exiled since 2020, the Belusse opposition leader, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya felt that Russia could play a role of mediator in the resolution of the migration crisis. View on euronews © Dan Kitwood / Pool via AP / 2021 Getty Images "The crisis on the border with the Belarus could still last for months or even years", this is the warning given by Poland while thousands of migrants are still blocked at the gates of Europe.

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& "The Code Breaker - As the Invention of Genscher the Future of Humanity Always Changed", from Walter Isaacson, Ecowin, 36 Euro, from 17.03.2022, About Amazon

Jennifer Dudna plays for Walter Isaacson apparently in The same league like Steve Jobs. Anyway, the biographer has dedicated his current book of the biochemicist whose name also appears in the English title. The US researcher has contributed significantly to the discovery of conglers crispr. It facilitates the processing of genetic information so much that it was celebrated as a scientific sensation. In 2020, there was already remarkable early the chemistry Nobel Prize. "Isaacson succeeds in highlighting the most important ethical questions around the editing of genes," praised gates.

migration crisis at the gates of Europe: a majority of exiles sheltered, more than 400 repatriated

 migration crisis at the gates of Europe: a majority of exiles sheltered, more than 400 repatriated 431 Iraqis have been repatriated, thousands of exile candidates still remain blocked at the gates of Europe . Germany will not welcome them. The EU tightens ranks around Poland against Belarus. © Hussein Ibrahim / Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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& More favorite books by Bill Gates

also from a Nobel laureate comes from one of the three novels, which the Microsoft co-founder put his fans to the heart . "Klara and the sun" by Kazuo Ishiguro ("What remained of the day") tells of the robot girl Klara, which becomes the companion of a human kind. "This book has encouraged me to reflect on how life could look with super intelligent robots - and whether we will treat these types of machines such as technology or as something else," writes Gates. (Also interesting: Bill Gates Emaries 5 Books for the summer 2021 )

& "What remained of the day left", from Kazo Ishiguro, Karl Blessing Verlag, 22 Euro, via Amazon

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His other recommendations were "Judith And Hamnet "by Maggie O'Farrell (one of the five best novels of the year of the" New York Times ") about the life of William Shakespeare's Frau Anne Hathaway.

& "Judith and Hamnet", by Maggie O'Farrell, Piper, 22 Euro, buy over Amazon


Florian Neuhaus, the man for special gates

 Florian Neuhaus, the man for special gates The gate of Florian Neuhaus Zum 2: 0 Against Greuther Fürth was an eye-catcher. Not for the first time in his career, the midfielder meets an extraordinary way. © Getty Images Florian Neuhaus presented his skills as artists against Greuther Fürth. Gladbach's midfielder as artists The problem know all the footballers. Between idea and execution sometimes worlds can lie. But at Neuhaus, so it seems that things are somehow closer to each other than other professionals.

In the Top 5 of Bill Gates, it also managed the new work of the "Martian" Auto Andy Weir. "Project Hail Mary" ("The Astronaut") revolves again around a lonely astronaut on survival mission. The story should be filmed with Ryan Gosling in the main role for the screen.

& "The Astronaut", by Andy Weir, Heyne, 17 Euro, About Amazon

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