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20:35  25 november  2021
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 Vaccine Obligation against COVID: 1,350 Liberal Caregivers suspended, according to Health Insurance © Vincent Mouchel / Archives West-France A caregiver prepares an anti-Covid vaccine syringe. of the 374,000 who exercise in France, "we have today around 1,350 liberal health professionals who are prohibited from exercising, including 160 doctors, a very low number," said the Director of Health Insurance , Thomas Fatôme.

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The fear of heart problems is a legitimate fear. In France, about 120,000 infarcts or cardiac crises are identified each year. It is nevertheless possible to be quickly supported before these disorders are realized. The staircase test turns out to be a good method to find out if your heart is fit or not.

The stair test

which has not been questioned about the good shape of her heart? We think you have to go to a cardiologist and pass a battery of tests to find out if everything is fine on that side. Yet there is a simple, free method and accessible to all to test his organ vital .

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called the staircase test, it is often requested from patients from physicians to quickly understand whether cardiac worries are present or not. Simply mount the 15-stage or four-storey trifle as quickly as possible. This is the time done after this effort that is important. If you mount these stairs in less than 45 seconds , everything is fine. If, on the other hand, you put between a minute and one minute thirty, your future cardiovascular exams may be bad.

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These results have been demonstrated by a study published by the European Cardiology Society on December 11, 2020 on the website

Science Daily . On 165 volunteers "suffering from a coronary disease that causes thoracic pain and shortness of breath ", as our colleagues of SciencePost , those who had a Met, a method for assessing the risk of cardiac event between 9 and 10, had a low annual mortality rate.

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On the other hand, those who have tested the stairs in more than a minute, presented a highlight of 8, which would result in an annual mortality rate between 2 and 4%. In addition,

58% people who had put more than a minute to climb the sixty steps had an " abnormal cardiac function ", compared to 32% for others. Do not forget that there are foods good for the heart !

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