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17:30  27 november  2021
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New 3G controls in the job: economic and legal experts skeptical

 New 3G controls in the job: economic and legal experts skeptical trade associations doubtful whether the adopted 3G rules are practical in the workplace. While employers point to a big effort for only a short time to implementation, construction industry, trade and building cleaners fear problems in practice. © Sebastian Kahnert / dpa central image / dpa A sign on a restaurant refers to the 3G rule for guests.

with drastic warnings look medium and trade in view of rising corona infection numbers on a possible new lockdown. Of an "economic super-Gau", the federal managing director of the Federal Association SME SME sized economy, Markus Jerger.

Ein Schild mit der Aufschrift «2G» vor einem Geschäft in Potsdam. © Christophe Gateau / dpa A sign with the inscription "2g" in front of a business in Potsdam.

The main executive of the Mittelstandsverbund, Ludwig Veltmann, sees a "dramatic perspective for Germany". The trade association HDE spoke to the first weekend of Advent for the first time for a vaccination obligation.

Jerger from the Federal Association Medium-sized economy called for the policy to prevent a threatening Corona-Lockdown necessarily. The German Press Agency he said: "If companies and retailers in such important Christmas business would be forcibly close, we would have the economic Super Gau: Whole sectors would be affected, and many medium-sized companies would not survive a new Lockdown economically."

COVID-19: Why it stuck on teleworking

 COVID-19: Why it stuck on teleworking © SIPA The government leaves the free hand to companies, fearing the isolation of employees or a social divide. As of Monday, Belgians will have to telecommuting at least four days a week; The French, on the contrary, are encouraged to continue to come to the office, respecting barrier gestures. At the moment when economic activity beats again its full, the government is rethinking to return to the prevailing situation for a year, with employees confined to them.

For the establishments, the fact that the 3G rule must be strictly controlled or 2G must be introduced - that would mean: Access to operated only for vaccinated and geneses. "In the plain text: pounding employees except for medical exceptions, the consequences of their actions must then feel in the wage bag," says Jerger. "Overloaded hospitals and postponed operations cost human life, and the virus does not take account of personalized news."

The coronavirus is once again ahead of politics, criticizing Jerger. Bearing and future Federal Government should no longer lose time, but would have to act without delay and consistently. There is no way over the fast introduction of a general vaccination liability. "That's too late to fight the Fourth Coronawelle, but the people and the economy spar against worse. In view of the dramatic pandemic development, only such a threatening Lockdown can be turned away. »

Dihk: Personnel bottlenecks in operations take to

 Dihk: Personnel bottlenecks in operations take to in companies in Germany take personal bottlenecks according to a report of the German Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce. © Julian Stratenschulte / DPA in operations take personal bottlenecks according to a report of the German Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce. In the coming years, it is becoming more and more laborious for companies to stand against the shortage of skilled workers, said Deputy Dihk General Managing Director Achim Derks on Monday in Berlin.

Video: "Means we all do not want": RKI chief Wieler over vaccinating obligation (Sat.1)

Also HDE for vaccinations

For a vaccination obligation, the trade association HDE has now also been pronounced: "Especially with a view to the current Discussed significantly restrictive measures for society and business must be pursued accordingly, "the HDE writes in a letter to the managing Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), which is the German Press Agency. Offer a "timely introduction of a constitutionally conformed general vaccination obligation with clearly defined exceptions". Because currently the vaccination rate does not empire to contain a fourth wave sufficiently.

in Berlin is on this Saturday - the first Advent weekend - the 2G regulation also came into force in the trade: Most shops have only vaccinated and recent access, except, among other supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies. Nils Busch-Petersen, Chief Managing Director of the Trade Association Berlin-Brandenburg, criticized the consequences for the employees: "The employees must give the auxiliary police and endure the confrontations with customers in the control." He also expects sales losses from 15 to 30 or 40 percent. "We already record frequency declines," said Busch-Petersen.

Why the Camif passes into the giron of the MAIF

 Why the Camif passes into the giron of the MAIF insurer © Dasras The Camif uses 106 manufacturers making 16,000 products made in France. The Camif French e-commerce sign will now be held mostly by the Maif insurer, his neighbor of Niort. Explanations. It's a wedding that can be surprised at first ... The famous Camif brand, which has become e-tradesmen after the closure of its stores and warehouses in 2008, will go into the fun of the Maif insurer.

Veltmann from the Mittelstandsverbund said the German Press Agency with a view to a possible Lockdown: "Many smaller and medium-sized companies would finally be catapulted from the competition. Also affected would be hundreds of thousands of employees. "

politics must stand by their word and should not allow a renewed Lockdown. «With the consistent short-term use of nationwide digital quick test systems, which can be connected directly to existing digital tools such as the Corona Warn app and provide health insurance offices all the necessary up-to-date information, the infection events could finally be localized and then tackled." A general shutdown of public life and whole areas of the economy would then be dispensable.

Veltmann criticized politics: «Instead of finally systematically capturing the infection paths digitally, is still set to slowly classical methods that ultimately can not be dominated by the pandemic." According to Veltmann, according to Veltmann, it would be wrongly again entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from numerous trading and service industries at their local locations. "Renewly short-time work would promote frustration, fluctuation and skilled workers. A dramatic perspective for the location Germany. »

Abellio bankruptcy: Job guarantee for all 1080 railroads .
The upcoming bankruptcy of Abellio Rail NRW should have no consequences for the 1080 employers of the railway company. All employees should continue on the basis of 1 February as of the railway company, which will take over the Abellio lines. © DPA Abellio-Bahn This has assured managing director of the local traffic Rheinland (NVR), the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR) and the Verkehrsverbund Westfalen-Lippe (NWL) to the employees in two business meetings in Hagen.

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