US News crisis in the West Indies: police officers targeted by shots in Martinique and Guadeloupe

21:55  27 november  2021
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Death: Policeists flee from the crime scene - are punished

 Death: Policeists flee from the crime scene - are punished two policies flee from the criminal destination from the crime scene - and will be punished exactly. © Ginton / iStock Police Car Two police officers have fled a crime scene in NRW last year because there was a shootout and had both fears of death, we reported .

The two Caribbean Islands are the scene of urban violence against social crisis background.

Evacuation du barrage de Mare-Gaillard, un quartier de la commune du Gosier en Guadeloupe, par la police. © Philippe Blet / Shutterstock / Sipa Evacuation of the Mare-Gaillard dam, a district of the town of Gosier in Guadeloupe, by the police.

Several police officers were again the target of actual ball shots and lead in the night Friday to Saturday in Martinique and Guadeloupe, without being injured, we learned from a police source.

A raid policeman received a lead in his bulletproof vest at a roundabout in Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe. Another police officer was also touched by a lead near lillers, without hurting it. In the municipality of Abymes, police officers were targeted by real bullets but were not affected, as well as police officers circulating by car.

Second night of riots in the Netherlands against sanitary restrictions

 Second night of riots in the Netherlands against sanitary restrictions © Copyright 2021, Obs manifestations against health restrictions have once again turned to riot Saturday night in the Netherlands, especially in The Hague where Several policemen were injured in clashes with the protesters, the day after a "orgy of violence" in Rotterdam (South-West).

shots and shots

in Fort-de-France in Martinique, police officers were also targeted by "gunshots" while they intervened in a gas station where looters were trying to steal gas bottles, According to this source. A police vehicle was touched by shots, but none of its occupants were injured. The day before, in the night from Thursday to Friday, ten policemen had been slightly injured, including five by bullets and five others by projectiles.

A police officer was injured in the arm by shooting from a dam erected in Fort-de-France, while another received an impact that was lodged in his bulletproof vest. Three raid police officers were targeted by shot shooting during an intervention on a dam. Five others were injured by projectiles.

Coronavirus: The Pandemic Point

 Coronavirus: The Pandemic Point © APA / AFP N Objects Measures, new balance sheets and highlights: One point on the latest developments in the CVIV-19 pandemic in the world. Austria reconfins in an electric climate Austria is officially confined since Monday, its 8.9 million inhabitants having, on paper, the prohibition to go out, except for shopping, sports or for medical care. It is possible to go to the office and to deposit children at school but the authorities have called upon keeping them at home.

In the same night from Thursday to Friday, four journalists, including a photographer of AFP, had also wiped three shots from men circulating motorcycle in a deserted street of Fort-de-France, while They were filming and taking pictures remotely from a fire on fire.

jobs for young people

Guadeloupe and Martinique are experiencing an important movement of protest, born of the refusal of the vaccination obligation for caregivers and firefighters, who degenerated in social crisis, revealing the expectations of a population where a lot live below the poverty line and where youth unemployment explodes.

Crisis in the West Indies

The government is "ready" to talk about the autonomy of Guadeloupe, said Friday the Minister of Overseas Sebastien Lecornu, also announcing the creation of "1,000 jobs helped for young people".

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is the time of the BIM: Sebastien Lecornu in the West Indies, orange alert Weather and suspense for the gold balloon .
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