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14:00  28 november  2021
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Joe Biden Sick: Kamala Harris resumes powers in the United States

 Joe Biden Sick: Kamala Harris resumes powers in the United States © Walter / Bestimage Joe Biden Sick: Kamala Harris resumes powers in the United States this Friday, November 19, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, undergoes a colonoscopy "routine". While waiting for him to undergo this exam, the White House announced that it was Kamala Harris, his Vice-President, who was going to assure her. Great first in the United States, a woman will temporarily hold the highest responsibilities within the White House.

overshadowed by the catastrophic economic situation will take place in Hondura's presidential and parliamentary elections. For the first time for twelve years, the opposition could prevail against the conservative Partido Nacional.

Die Kandidatin Xiomara Castro bei einem Wahlkampfauftritt in Tegucigalpa © Luis Acosta / AFP The candidate Xiomara Castro at a campaign appearance in TEGUCIGALPA

The left-handed candidate Xiomara Castro of the party Libre has surveys good opportunities to become the first female head of state of the Central American country. It is the wife of the ex-president Manuel Zelaya, who was sent from the Office in 2009. At the age of Juan Orlando Hernández was not allowed to run again after two four-year terminals in a row. His conservative party Partido Nacional sends the mayor of the capital Tegucigalpa, Nasry Asfura, to the race for the presidential office.

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Hernández stands because of its repressive approach to opposition in criticism. He is also accused of cooperating with the drug mafia. In the US, the authorities detect against him because of drug trafficking. His brother was sentenced by a few months ago in the United States because of large-scale drug trafficking to lifelong imprisonment .

Er soll für die Konservativen die Kastanien aus dem Feuer holen: Kandidat Nasry Asfura © Orlando Sierra / AFP He should bring the chestnuts out of the fire for the conservatives: Candidate Nasry ASFura

After the short re-election of Hernández in 2017, the opposition of government had accused. International observers also determined irregularities. It came to protests and riots where more than 30 people were killed.

in the stress of violence

over half of the 10 million inhabitants of Honduras lives under the poverty line. The Latin American country also suffers from persistent gang power. Honduras is considered one of the most violent countries in the world. In recent years, there was an massive emigration shaft in the direction of USA .

allegations of corruption, involvement in drug trafficking and even murder allegations shaped the election campaign of the 13 presidential candidates. At least 31 people were killed in this year's election campaign, including several politicians.

Parallel to the presidential election is also tailored to a new parliament and local administrations. The polling stations opened this Sunday from 14.00 to 0.00 o'clock mez.


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