US News girl with down syndrome should go to the home - now it is a successful model

16:25  28 november  2021
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the example of Kennedy Garcia from Colorado Springs in the US state of Colorado makes hope and proves that doctors can be completely wrong. The online platform "metro.co.uk" told her story.

Mädchen mit Down-Syndrom sollte ins Heim – jetzt ist sie ein erfolgreiches Model © iStock (symbol image) Girl with Down syndrome should go to the home - now it is a successful model shock for Kennedy's mother Renee

Renee (40) was very happy about her daughter. And she was desperate when the doctors set their forecasts after birth: because the girl with Trisomy 21, had come to the so-called Down syndrome , in the world, they spoke of a low quality of life. The speech was that Kennedy would have to wear to adulthood diapers and probably in a home would be better off.

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mother heard her instinct

luckily Renee did not affect, she believed her baby despite everything. "At night, in which Kennedy was born, the heart was broken me when I learned that she suffers from this disease. That happened because I just got a negative, gloomy image of doctors and nurses who really had no idea What would really be the future of my child, "Renee recalled. But the next day she would have said a midwife, how beautiful her daughter was and that she too had a down-child. It was a first glimmer of hope.

Kennedy has waved all gloomy predictions

at the moment when Renee heard about the experienced mother, that her daughter has meanwhile a quite independent teenager with fun alive, she touched new courage. And 15 years later, Kennedy has far exceeded its hopes and expectations: it enters nationwide dance competitions, made a name for itself as a model and found a first friend in Matthew.

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Kennedy is an almost "normal" girl

"Well, Kennedy is like most girls at her age. She has many friends who worship them, she loves to dance, sing and with her hairstyle and make-up Experiment. She goes to the cinema with her brother and her friends and sometimes beats over the strands, "emphasized the proud mother. "She brought so much joy and laughing into our lives and grown into a gorgeous, funny young woman, which lies the world at her feet."

The many talents of Kennedy

It sounds incredible in the face of your medical history, but Kennedy has begun to dance with five years. She had to survive a leukemia and a complicated operation on the cervical spine. "Kennedy has well tolerated hospital stays and medical interventions well and smiled again and again. During their recovery, she spent a lot of time to look at dance videos and as soon as she went well again, I took Kennedy with her first dance class." Here she was exactly in her element - and is today at the agency "KMR Diversity and Dream Talent" under contract. Jobs as Model and Statistin in Hollywood and New York are on the agenda.

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Good canceled with family and friends

Kennedys Friend Matthew (19) is an artist and also has the down syndrome, which has not held it from flirting. "He came to us over, Kennedy said his cell phone and said, 'I think my cellphone is broken because your number is missing," Renee remembered his impressive eloquence. Also to Kennedys siblings Kassidy (20) as well as the brothers Cameron (18) and Keegan (12) he has a good wire.

Renee wants to help other mothers whose children have the down syndrome

in retrospect is Renee sad that they were confronted with the daughter's traumatic forecasts. In order to save other mothers comparable, she wants to explain wherever possible to enlighten the chromosome disorder. So she has left her contact details on maternity stations and together with Kennedy lectures on schools to teach children of different ages, which is the down syndrome. And Kennedy is also a social media star with nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram.

Renee explained: "For years, I got up and kept talking, but now Kennedy is the one who tells her story and talks about her life." Renee is excited about her clarity and confidence.


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