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18:10  28 november  2021
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Sudan: Calls to protest Sunday, 40 dead from the putsch of October 25

 Sudan: Calls to protest Sunday, 40 dead from the putsch of October 25 © Ebrahim Hamid The Chief of the Sudanese police Mahdi Ibrahim giving a press conference in Khartoum, November 18, 2021 opponents to the coup d'etat Military in Sudan called on new demonstrations Sunday to claim the return of civil power, despite the repression that has made at least 40 dead from the putsch almost a month ago according to doctors. The United States and the African Union (AU) condemned the bloody repression of protests and to avoid the use of "excessive force".

Des renforts militaires en route depuis Khartoum pour l'État de Gedaref pour être déployés à la frontière éthiopienne. Des camions chargés de soldats, de pièces d'artilleries et des blindés. (Photo d'illustration) © Nicolas Cortes - Nicolas Cortes Military reinforcements en route from Khartoum for the state of Gedaref to be deployed at the Ethiopian border. Trucks charged with soldiers, pieces of artillery and armored. (Picture of illustration)

The situation is very tense at the border between Sudan and Ethiopia. The Sudanese army denounced, on Saturday, November 28, an attack led by the Ethiopian forces, in the region played by Al-Fashaga, a friction point between the two countries, for many years. The Sudanese army specifies that this attack has made several deaths among its soldiers, without specifying the number.

Ethiopia: Ancient treasures looted in the nineteenth century return to Addis Ababa

 Ethiopia: Ancient treasures looted in the nineteenth century return to Addis Ababa © Gettyimages The National Ethiopian museum, in the capital Addis Ababa, exposed works looted in the 19th century and returned to Ethiopia. Here a view from Addis Ababa (picture illustration). Several antique treasures have returned this Saturday, November 20 in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. The works have been returned after spending more than 150 years in Europe. of our correspondent in Addis Ababa, Noah Hochet-Bodin This is the greatest return of works of art ever made in Ethiopia.

The Sudanese army explains that its forces, which protect harvests in this region of Al-Fashaga, were attacked by the army and by Ethiopian militias. The attack was aimed at intimidating farmers and sabothing the harvest season.

The Sudanese army asserts that the attack could be repulsed by its men, but it also evokes significant human and material losses, without giving more details on the balance sheet. The Ethiopian authorities did not comment.

This is not the first time that clashes take place in the vast region of Al-Fashaga, with fertile lands. Clashes are reported regularly. They intensified, last year, when the conflict between the Ethiopian federal government and the authorities of the Tiger pushed tens of thousands of Ethiopians to take refuge in eastern Sudan. It is also after the beginning of this conflict, tiger, that Sudanese troops have deployed there.

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Sudan and Ethiopia have never managed to agree on the route on their border, despite many cycles of negotiations. The two countries also oppose, for more than ten years, on the issue of the Grand Dam of the Renaissance.

Sudan: "positive" signs for the return of international support, says Burhane .
© AFP L E General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhane, author of Putsch of October 25, said Saturday believe in a rapid recovery of international support In Sudan, where, has he assured during an interview with the AFP, all the political - motor forces included-- will be able to compete in the elections of 2023.

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