US News Bill Gates Startup TerraPower plans to build a first demonstration reactor

05:55  29 november  2021
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in 2006 founded Bill Gates along with some like-minded visionaries the Startup TerraPower, which works on the development of advanced nuclear energy. Meanwhile, the company plans to build a demonstration reactor in Wyoming.

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• TerraPower was founded in 2006 by Bill Gates and a group of visionaries

• First demonstration reactor should be built in Wyoming

• Reactors of TerraPower use innovative nuclear concept called sodium


Startup TerraPower works according to its own website to develop technologies for providing safe, affordable and abundant carbon-free energy. The startup of Microsoft founder was founded Bill Gates and some like-minded visionaries. In 2006, the founders decided that the private sector must take action to develop advanced nuclear energy to cover the growing power requirement, to reduce climate change and free billions of people from poverty. Meanwhile, the startup plans to build his first nuclear power plant.

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First nuclear power plant in Wyoming

in the Kohlestadt Kemmerer in the US state of Wyoming Plant the startup plan to build a first demonstration reactor. By 2028, the system should be completed at the border of the city, according to CNBC. For the city, the construction project offers a high offer for jobseekers. According to estimates, up to 2,000 workers should be needed for the construction of the system at peak times, it is said in a press release of the company. If the plant is in operation, but only about 250 people are needed for daily activities, including the safety of the system. "On behalf of Kemmerer and the surrounding communities, we are looking forward to taking the sodium demonstration project. This is great for Kemmerer and for Wyoming," said Bill Thek, the mayor of Kemmerer. The demonstration reactor should validate the design, construction and operation of sodium technology, according to the press report. "The project comprises a sodium-cooled quick reactor with a capacity of 345 MW and a salt-locked energy storage system. The storage technology can increase the performance of the system as needed to 500 MW, which corresponds to the energy needed for the supply of around 400,000 households. Thanks to the energy storage capacity, the power plant can be seamlessly combined with renewable energy sources. " The total of four billion US dollars, which should cost the project, will be equipped with half of TerraPower themselves, as well as the Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program of the US Energy Ministry.

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This makes the TerraPower reactors so especially

The demonstration reactor will be the first power plant that uses an advanced nuclear concept called sodium developed by TerraPower together with Ge-Hitachi explains CNBC. In this case, liquid sodium is used for cooling instead of water. Since sodium has a higher boiling point, it can absorb more heat than water, which causes no high pressure to build in the reactor and finally reduces the risk of explosions. Another advantage of the Natrion power plants is that they do not require an external source of energy for their cooling systems. In the case of an emergency shutdown, an external source of energy can represent a danger center, as in the case of the disaster in 2011 in the nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi in Japan. When a tsunami put the diesel generators out of operation for the emergency cooling system, this resulted in a melting and release of radioactive material, explains CNBC. In addition, sodium power plants can store heat in molten salt tanks and store the energy for later use as a battery. This also allows the power plant to increase its performance for five hours from 345 to 500 megawatts. A financial benefit of sodium power plants is ultimately that these are smaller than conventional power plants, which is why they can be built faster and cheaper. E. Schmal / Editors Finanzen.net

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