US News Weather. Snow and ice: eleven departments always in orange vigilance, the winter settles

07:50  29 november  2021
07:50  29 november  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

Weather Hammer: Meteorologists expect coldest winters of all time

 Weather Hammer: Meteorologists expect coldest winters of all time According to experts, we have a hard winter in Germany, perhaps even the coldest winter of all time. Why, why, why - we clarify! © marianvejcik / iStock thermometer in the snow Temperatures of up to minus 30 degrees - sounds bad? However, is exactly what, according to weather experts in this country, could expect this winter.

Météo France a placé les départements des Pyrénées-Atlantiques et Hautes-Pyrénées en vigilance orange pour avalanche. © Carl Recote / Reuters Weather France placed the departments of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques and Hautes-Pyrénées in orange vigilance for avalanche.

A maritime polar air mass plunges Europe into the cold, but after a very winter weekend, the weather improves somewhat this Monday. Eleven departments still stay in orange vigilance for avalanche and snow, two others for flood.

Time This Monday, November 29 will be marked by a progressive improvement, after a very unstable weekend , while thirteen departments remain in orange vigilance for snow, ice, floods and avalanches, according to Weather-France .

The eleven orange vigilance departments for snow-ice are Ain, Ariège, Corrèze, La Creuse, Haute-Garonne, Isère, Puy-de-Dôme, the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the Hautes- Pyrenees, Savoie and Haute-Savoie.

one dead and three wounded in a firearm attack in Jerusalem

 one dead and three wounded in a firearm attack in Jerusalem © AFP U No one was killed and three others were injured on Sunday morning during a rare attack at the firearm By a Palestinian member of the Hamas in the old town of Jerusalem, indicated the Israeli authorities. "Around 09:00 Local (07:00 GMT), an armed terrorist opened fire in the old town of Jerusalem. Two civilians were seriously injured and two slightly injured police officers," said the police. A journalist from the AFP on site heard burst burst and cries.

???? 13 dpts in #vigilanceorange

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Of these, two are also in orange vigilance For Avalanches: Pyrénées-Atlantiques and Hautes-Pyrénées. In addition, two other departments are orange vigilant for floods: North and Pas-de-Calais.

Risk strong

#Avalanches (4 out of 5) on the Massifs des # Pyrenees from Aspe-Ossau to Upper Ariège.


#vigilanceorange relates to Aspe-Ossau and Haute-Bigorre (departments 64 and 65).

Risk of great avalanches reaching altitude infrastructure, especially above 2000m

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November 28, 2021

Variable sky

but side the day of this Monday will know a gradual improvement in most of the country. The lull will settle gradually by the East, with precipitation shifting on the Jura and the North Alps during the morning. They will gradually weaken the afternoon but will persist until the evening in the mountains. The rainworthy line will still be very low, around 200 m.

Weather in Germany: Snow Apocalypse for the 1st Advent

 Weather in Germany: Snow Apocalypse for the 1st Advent Forecasts Show: For the first Advent there could be snow in almost all of Germany. The details. © Kristen Bühl / iStock Snow 1. Advent Although it does not currently look like, as if we were getting white Christmas - We reported - we may at least expect a white Advent weekend.

In the Mediterranean, the day will mark the return of the sun but with Mistral and tramontane supported.

west time will remain unstable. A disturbance is expected in the morning on the Poitou-Charentes then Aquitaine, and a little snow on the Limousin. At the beginning of the afternoon the rains will shift south of La Garonne.

In the afternoon this covered time will set on the Pyrenean massifs, with a snow-rain limit at 1,000 m on the west of the chain, 600 to 800 m on the East.

elsewhere and especially in the north of the country, the sky will remain variable during the day, often veiled.

None Redoux for at least ten days

side temperatures, the weather will remain cold with morning jellies and a northern wind still sensitive. A huge mass of maritime polar air plunged most of Europe into the winter cold. Depending on the weather chain, "No significant redoux is planned in France at least over the next ten days."

Attention: That's why the ice scratch can threaten a fine

 Attention: That's why the ice scratch can threaten a fine in winter, ice scratching is held again in the morning. In order to avoid a fine, you should do without this one thing © iStockphoto Attention, this behavior threatens a fine Feockockphoto It is probably one of the most annoying tasks for motorists in winter: the morning ice scratching to get the window washers again.

A huge mass of maritime polar air plunges most of Europe in the cold. No significant redoux is planned in France at least over the next 10 days. We could go to a cold blocking situation. The

#Hiver installs lasts durably. pic.twitter.com/4bmdo2wwje - The Weather Channel (@lachainemeteo)

November 28, 2021

Mercury displays temperatures significantly below the normal season.

The minimums will go from -3 to +1 degrees in general in the interior, with locally stringent frosts especially on snow-capped soils, 2 to 6 degrees on the coast. The maximum will cap between 2 and 7 degrees on the east half of the country, 9 to 14 near the Mediterranean, and between 6 and 10 degrees on the western half.

Haute-Savoie. The prefecture alerts on a high risk of avalanche in "All department massifs" .
© Jacky73490 / Pixabay Skiers and hikers are invited to show vigilance. Photo Stock Illustration. The heavy snow rainfall in Haute-Savoie led the authorities to warn the population against an increased risk of avalanche in "all the massive department". Through a statement released Wednesday, December 1, 2021, the prefecture invites skiers and hikers to be vigilant.

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