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19:45  29 november  2021
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Marseille: Marine Le Pen wants to "conduct a drug war" in the cities

 Marseille: Marine Le Pen wants to the NR candidate in the presidential election accompanied a police patrol in North neighborhoods © AFP Marine Le Pen alongside Stéphane Ravier Marseille.

La candidate à l'élection présidentielle du Honduras Xiomara Castro, le 28 novembre 2021 à Tegucigalpa. © REUTERS / Jose Cabezas candidate for president of Honduras Xiomara Castro, November 28, 2021 in Tegucigalpa.

This Sunday was the day of voting in Honduras, and Monday is the red color that dominates the front pages of the Honduran press: red like the tailor Xiomara Castro, red like the flags of his political party, the left party free, flags that fill the streets of the capital Tegucigalpa. A red to see A of El Heraldo , with a photo of the candidate smiling, crossed a "Xiomara President" - even if the final result is not yet fallen. According to preliminary results, she got more than 53% of the vote, and on Monday, says La Prensa "is still leading the count." La Prensa

Lead 1-Chili-to a second Polarized Presidential Vote

 Lead 1-Chili-to a second Polarized Presidential Vote Chili-Election / (Lead 1, Photo): Lead 1-Chili-to a second polarized presidential ballot (updated with new results, analyst, declarations ; photo production available) by Gram Slattery and Natata A. Ramos Miranda Santiago, November 22 (Reuters) - a second polarized ballot is emerging in Chile while the ultra-conservative candidate Jose Antonio Kast Advance the elected of Left Gabriel Boric at the end of the first round of the presidential election organized Sunday, show the provisional results.

also offers a photo report of these "free hundreds of party supporters who took to the streets after hearing the results given by the National Electoral Council." A crowd largely hidden because of Covid but did not hesitate to pile up - seen in the pictures - even in car trunks bristling with red flags and blue and white flags of Honduras, "for celebrate with shouts of joy the triumph of Xiomara Castro. "

"Thank you, people! "Once Noticias

gathers the Twitter reactions of members of the free party, with the honor that of Manuel Zelaya Rosales, Xiomara Castro husband and former president of Honduras, the victim of a coup in 2009" thank you to you, people! You write history. We will never disappoint you. "

But the other side of the political spectrum last night after the first results, the right-wing party, the National Party, told Prensa , "asked its leaders not to leave the polling stations" convinced that their candidate Nasry Asfura "would eventually win the general election." The first result is that the credits of 34% of the vote, but said the deputy Jorge Zelaya, "when the majority of votes will be counted we will see that it is the National Party who won."

Gaddafi Son Seel Al-Islam Excluded from Presidential Election in Libya

 Gaddafi Son Seel Al-Islam Excluded from Presidential Election in Libya The Libyan electoral commission excluded the son of the died ruler Muammar Al-Gaddafi from the presidential election in December. Overall, 25 candidates have not been admitted to the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Police Chief, based on information, including the public prosecutor's office and the police chief, the Commission announced Hnec on Wednesday.

Yet for El Heraldo , the gap between the two candidates is so important that the games are almost done. Besides Xiomara Castro was declared winner from last night to get out of elections, noted newspaper, showed a significant interest, and which according to observers took place "in the peace and quiet" .

In Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro deals with election observers from the European Union of "spies"

The charge of the Venezuelan president is A of El Periodiquito . They came to "smear" the elections of 21 November, says Nicolas Maduro who insists: "They have circulated freely to spy on the social, economic, political of the country."

The EU observer mission had pointed out several irregularities in his report, a "poorly written" and report "full of improvisation" by Nicolas Maduro is to read in El Nacional which, like the rest Press, echoes of presidential statements - after elections that saw the ruling party won 90% of the governorates and 63% of town halls: "the opposition have occupied their space," noted the President yesterday. "The regime could not do anything against the disgust of his" voters "judge of its side El Nacional in its editorial.

Cuba: surprise tour of Nicolas Maduro for the five years of the death of Fidel Castro

 Cuba: surprise tour of Nicolas Maduro for the five years of the death of Fidel Castro © Ariana Cubillos, AP The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, photographed in Caracas, Venezuela, October 15, 2021. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, whose re-election in 2018 is not recognized by part of the international community, made on Thursday a surprise visit to Cuba on the occasion of the inauguration of the Fidel Castro Ruz Center in honor of the leader From the Cuban Revolution five years after his death.

Trial of Ghislaine Maxwell

In the United States, opening on Monday the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the longtime girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein. The American businessman had committed suicide in his cell in 2019, when he was accused of raping minors. Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of media mogul Robert Maxwell, is she accused of having "helped recruit girls and abuse them." In fact "the flat Epstein shadow on the trial," as the New York Times . A trial

"widely seen as replacing the one that his longtime companion never received." So, as a former prosecutor interviewed by the newspaper, the work of the prosecution will be difficult: "It will not be necessary it spends too much of the trial Epstein and conduct, and not enough on Maxwell ' . Because the trial will answer this question in respect of Washington Post: "Who is the real Ghislaine Maxwell: one that made things easier for Epstein, or a pawn? "

" Maxwell dismissed all charges, "says USA Today , which notes that the witnesses of the accused" are likely to challenge the reliability of stories coming decades after the fact. " In any case, notes USA Today, this trial is the only chance for victims to be heard in a court of law.

Brazil: His re-election, Bolsonaro adheres to the Liberal Party .
© Evaristo SA President Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro greets his supporters in Brasilia after joining the Liberal Party (PL), November 30, 2021 President Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro has awarded Tuesday to the Liberal Party (PL), a right-wing training, with the aim of bringing the polls that give it beaten to the presidential election of October 2022 by the probable candidate on the left, the former head of The state Lula.

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