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22:15  29 november  2021
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Un groupe de rebelles capturés par l'armée tchadienne est présenté à la presse avec leurs armes et leurs véhicules au siège de l'armée tchadienne à N'Djamena, le 9 mai 2021. © Djimet Wiche, AFP A group of rebels captured by the Chadian army is presented to the press with their arms and vehicles at the headquarters of the Chadian Army at N'Djamena, May 9, 2021.

The military junta in power in Chad has decreed on Monday a "amnesty general" for rebels and opponents condemned to "violate the integrity of the state". This gesture intervenes to allow the participation of armed groups in the national dialogue.

Chad has made a new step towards reconciliation. A general amnesty for rebels and opponents condemned in particular for "invasion of the integrity of the State" was decreed on Monday, November 29.

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This measure concerns 296 convicted persons - whether or not they are detained - and responds to one of the requirements of the main rebel groups to come to the negotiating table at the invitation of President Mahamat Idriss Debly ITNO.

"Making the Remstiges Removes inherited from the dark periods of our country"

The Young General took the lead of the Transitional Military Council (CMT) in the aftermath of his father's death, Idriss debly itno, the head of the State killed in April 2021 in fights against rebels.

"It appeared essential to make the Remstian Remstians inherited from the dark periods of our country by granting a general amnesty to those who, for one reason or another, had chosen the way of exile and / or violence for Expressing their political differences ", proclaims the draft law adopted at a special council of ministers, a report of which was sent to AFP.

Chad: The Governor of Borkou replaced following the violence in Faya-Largeau

 Chad: The Governor of Borkou replaced following the violence in Faya-Largeau © AFP - Jeremy Marot View of the province of Borkou where the Vile de Faya-Largeau is located in northern Chad. After almost two weeks of tension, the Chadian authorities finally replaced the governor of Borkou, province of the north of the country. This was one of the claims of protesters. The demonstrations had erupted mid-November and gained momentum after the Governor's decision to seize all vehicles that are not in good standing.

This text will then be submitted to Parliament, whose members have been appointed by the CMT President. Are concerned "39 persons sentenced for infringement of the integrity of the State and offenses of opinion" and "257 members" of the armed groups, detained and judged in particular for "terrorism" after an offensive of the Union of Resistance Forces (UFR) in 2019, which aimed to overthrow President Dely.

Participate in the National Dialogue

Chad, headed with an iron hand for more than 30 years by Idriss Déby at the end of a coup d'etat, is frequently shaken by rebel offensives from Libya and the neighboring Sudan , some of which have led them to the doors of the capital N'Djamena.

The main Chadian rebel groups were at the beginning of November "willing" to participate in the national dialogue "under certain conditions", including the general amnesty.

MAHAMAT IDRISS DÉBY had multiplied the opening signs to armed groups to involve them in a national dialogue to reconcile Chadians before "free and transparent" elections promised within 18 months renewable once, when it took the power.

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Amneed people "are nominatively cited and rebel leaders are not present because they have already been amnestized in 2018. This measure concerns prisoners and other rebel organizations that have been arrested and sentenced after May 31, 2018" , said Abderaman Koulamallah, Minister of Communication and Spokesperson for the Government of Chadien.

"If it is confirmed and materialized in fact, this amnesty would be a major step forward, among others, towards dialogue, reconciliation and peace such as wished by all Chadiennes and Chadians," said Kingabé Ogouzeimi De Tapol, Front spokeswoman for alternation and concord in Chad (FACT). Marshal Idriss Déby was killed in April in the fight against the advance of FACT's rebel columns.

"It's part of our prerequisites. This is a first step," said Timan Erdimi, the head of the UFR in exile in Qatar. "He remains the liberation of Tom Erdimi," his brother detained in Egypt according to his family, "and prisoners of war, as well as the restitution of the spoliated property," he added.

"It is an important step towards reconciliation, and a political act to give legitimacy to the CMT President who had been challenged because of the dynastic succession of power. He recovers a sympathy capital, both inside. International, including for a possible candidacy for the presidential election, "Kelma Manatouma Analysis, Chadian Researcher in Political Science at Paris-Nanterre University.

No country has to date denounced the taking of power by the junta and, immediately after its proclamation as President of the transition, Mahamat Déby had received the remarked support of France, the former colonial power, of the Union European, then from the African Union. The army of Chad is considered the pillar, alongside the French soldiers of Operation Barkhane , a coalition fighting the jihadists in the Sahel band.

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