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14:35  30 november  2021
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COVID-19. Three figures that show that the 5th wave is "dazzling" in France

 COVID-19. Three figures that show that the 5th wave is © Archives West France / Yves-Marie Quemener More than 1,300 people are currently hospitalized in critical care. (Picture of illustration) Gabriel Attal, spokesman of the government, alerted this Sunday, November 21 on the 5th Wave of Covid-19, which he described as "dazzling". Progression of the number of cases, rising hospitalizations, closed classes: we take stock of what the numbers of the suddenness of this new wave say.

The trajectory of the new Omicron variant shows, once again, that the virus ignores borders. Equity in the distribution and administration of vaccines is a crucial guarantee of efficiency.

Editorial of the "World". Again, the borders close under the pressure of the Pandemic of Covid-19. Initially identified in South Africa, which responded quickly with a commendable concern for transparency, the new variant, baptized Omicron, is already at work in Europe, Asia and North America. Many countries have suspended aerial links with southern African countries, with the chagrin of stakeholders.

The current propagation emphasizes the relative nature of such an attempt to contain, that the World Health Organization (WHO) advises, elsewhere. It is motivated by the preoccupation posted to try to save time on the virus, while determining unknowns about its dangerousness or resistance to vaccines already available will not be lifted until several days.

Covid: Germany is worried, Austria confines on a background of anger in Europe

 Covid: Germany is worried, Austria confines on a background of anger in Europe © AFP "V Accointed, cured or dead" at the end of the winter: Germany shared His lively worry Monday in the face of the explosion of contamination at COVID-19, while his Austrian neighbor has begun a new confinement, an unprecedented measure in Europe from the vast vaccination campaign.

If the trajectory of the new variant shows, once again, that the virus ignores the boundaries, its appearance recalls a clear evidence, despite its importance. The fight against COVID-19 and its avatars can not fall within the national framework. This global threat requires an answer that is equally important, to avoid uncertainty, disorganization and planetary anxiety.

COVID-19: new modeling of the Institut Pasteur confirm the interest of extending the reminder Vaccinal

in the current state of the knowledge of the scientific community, it is still too early to find out if an effective vaccination campaign in Southern Africa could have prevented the emergence of the Omicron variant. It seems, on the other hand, that equity in the distribution and administration of vaccines is a crucial guarantee of global efficiency.

Can the outbreak of violence win Martinique?

 Can the outbreak of violence win Martinique? © Loic Venance / AFP It has been a week that Guadeloupe has experienced violence related to the opposition to the immunization obligation and the sanitary pass. The movement, which also has social and economic demands, is expanding to Guadeloupe, where a general strike has been launched on Monday. For a week, Guadeloupe has been prey to an important wave of violence. At the origin of these tensions: the opposition of part of the population to the immunization obligation and the sanitary pass.

Thésaurisarization Reflexes

Subjected to the pressure of their public opinion, the most developed countries have often responded by what can be considered outside their borders as a vaccine nationalism. A fortiori when the reflexes of thesaurization that could lead, in the facts, to waste millions of doses arrived at their expiry date, as indicated by the statistics of the international agency ad hoc Covax.

Several obstacles stand against the goal of global vaccination. While stocks exist in developed countries, where booster campaigns are already well engaged, the scarcity continues to be the rule in the poorest. Only 3% of the population has a complete vaccination scheme against more than 60% in the first group.

OICKRON: The new variant detected in more and more countries, WHO is concerned about a "very high risk" on a global scale

The target of 40% vaccinated people in the world at the end From this month of December, set in September by WHO, is ambitious, but it remains insufficient. While China has promised one billion doses for the African continent, Monday, developed countries, despite efforts to greet, have made commitments of vaccine donations that they fail to fulfill, including on the part of the largest contributors the United States and the European Union.

Supply is not the only problem. The objective of global vaccination involves taking huge logistical challenges. It is also necessary to note that of confidence in the vaccine and in the authorities of the countries concerned.

Let hundreds of millions of women and men out of vaccination are not an option. The new non-proliferation battle that is committed against the virus will not be won as long as this global vaccination has not increased significantly, by drying up the potential tanks of infection. It's all of the interest of all.

A pinned hospital for broadcasting a list of non-vaccinated or COVIDs-infected personnel .
© Quemener Yves-Marie / West-France A patient receives a dose of VVID-19 vaccine. Photo Stock Illustration. The Administrative Court of Limoges reminded the Guéret Hospital (Creuse) after being seized by the CGT of the establishment. He is criticized at the Care Center for broadcasting the Internet a list of non-vaccinated or COVID staff, reveals France Creuse. The case the disorder at the Hospital of Guéret ( Hollow ). The institution's CGT seized the Administrative Court of Limoges.

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