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19:20  30 november  2021
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Corona in Thuringia: LINKE calls for luminosity for all

 Corona in Thuringia: LINKE calls for luminosity for all except for individual messages, there is no restraint for a general vaccination in German policy. Now the Thuringian Left has spoken out in an urgency application for it. © Michael Reichel / DPA The topic of vaccination regularly ensures controversy in the Left Party. The warehouse of the vaccine update is followed by trailers of top politician Sahra Wagenknecht compared to - , which is always critical to the Corona vaccines .

Because of the dramatic corona situation, Bund and countries want to decide sharper measures for curbing the pandemic. Also a general vaccination requirement is in conversation.

Provided by Deutsche Welle © Lukas Barth / Reuters Provided by Deutsche Wave

Confederation and countries plan to combat the Corona Pandemic Hardener measures. Among other things, they want to decide on the extension of the 2G rule on the retail trade and about restrictions on major events. In addition to a vaccination obligation for certain facilities, a general vaccination requires also closer. Details are to be worked out through Thursday, then to come to joint decisions, it was said according to a federal-state switching conference.

up to 75 percent of Austrians mistrust government

 up to 75 percent of Austrians mistrust government Vienna. The failed Corona management in Austria has fell extremely the mistrust of the citizens against the government. The discomfort extracts highly but also the opposition, show several studies. © Roland Schlager A Passandin walks past a closed business in Vienna. Since Monday (22.11/2021) Austria is located in a fourth Lockdown.

Scholz for general vaccinations

The designated Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) announced a legislative procedure for a general vaccination requirement, which could be initiated this year. At the corresponding vote in Parliament, the usual faction discipline should be lifted. A coordination without faction force is considered in ethically delicate questions.

Womöglich kommt die Pflicht zur Impfung schon im nächsten Februar © Mohssen Assanimoghaddam / DPA / Picture Alliance Maybe the duty to vaccine already comes in the next February

The countries led by Union and Green countries demanded the federal government to initiate the preparation "to introduce a general vaccination in progress". The vaccination obligation could grab from the beginning of February, as shown in proposals of the SPD side.

Corona Pandemic: Deals Germany again the Lockdown?

 Corona Pandemic: Deals Germany again the Lockdown? This Wednesday, the new Infection Protection Act in Germany enters into force. But whether it is sufficient to break the fourth infection wave is unclear. Therefore, new, old measures are becoming a debate. © Daniel Kubirski / Picture Alliance has to close everything soon? The discussion about Lockdowns has long begun Lockdown for Unvacaked, Part-Lockdown for all, Lockdown in football. The suggestions in the fight against the rising coronal numbers are numerous and not new.

In the videoconference, the Prime Ministers with Scholz and the Managing Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had advised the current corona situation after the Federal Constitutional Court announced his judgment on Lockdown measures from the spring . Accordingly, the measures of the so-called Corona emergency brake of the federal government from the third pandemic wave are not constitutional.

Before the videoconference, Merkel and Scholz had presented the new Corona crisis rod in the Chancellery . It should be set up immediately and "to strengthen coordination and cooperation in the management of the vaccination campaign, for vaccine delivery and distribution".


Fear of Omikron: So Corona Medicines .
act after a positive Corona test simply throwing a tablet to prevent to land with heavy symptoms in the hospital - that sounds good. However, it is not so easy so far. The most developed pills against Covid-19 are Molnupiravir distributed by the US pharmaconzern MSD under the name Location Vrio, as well as paxlovide of the competitor Pfizer . These antiviral agents reduce the ability of the virus to reproduce themselves.

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