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20:42  30 november  2021
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Risk of toxic emanations after the eruption of a volcano in the Canary Islands: 3,000 persons confined

 Risk of toxic emanations after the eruption of a volcano in the Canary Islands: 3,000 persons confined © Borja Suarez / Reuters Depending on the cadastre, the eruption destroyed almost 1,500 buildings including nearly 1,100 dwellings. This Monday, the authorities of the Spanish Island of La Palma, in the Canaries Archipelago, where a volcano is eruption, have decided to confine 3,000 people because of the risk generated by potential toxic fumes.

on the occasion of the visit of Pope Francis on the island cut in two, back on its turbulent history.

on the road leading Thursday to Nicosia, the Pope François will probably see the two huge flags, the Turkish and that of North Cyprus, painted on the mountain side north of the city, symbols of the Mediterranean Island Division symbols . The Sovereign Pontiff will not float in the capital cut in two, where the airport has no more operational since the 1974 conflict, but in Larnaca, on the south coast. He will then begin his three-day visit to Nicosia where he must meet representatives of the different Christian confessions and participate in an ecumenical prayer with migrants.

in the Netherlands, doctors are working to vaccinate the Conservative Protestants

 in the Netherlands, doctors are working to vaccinate the Conservative Protestants © Ramon Van Flymen a caregiver administers a dose of VVID-19 vaccine in Utrecht, the Netherlands, November 19, 2021 of its Urk's firm, small town of isolated and very religious fishermen in the north of the Netherlands, Dr. Wilco Bloed tries to convince those who resist the vaccine against coronavirus, persuaded that God is on their side.

  Ce qu'il faut savoir sur Chypre, une île coupée en deux © Provided by GEO Historicair / Wikimedia Commons coveted by Empires

located in Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is according to the legend the birthplace of the goddess of love Aphrodite , which would be out of the hollow a wave near the city of Paphos (West). The strategic location of the island, at the crossroads between East and West, has attracted the lust of successive empires. It was offered by the Romain General Antoine to his Mistress Cleopatra , Queen of Egypt, and used by the King of England Richard Heart of Lion as a starting point during the Crusades before being sold. Templars.Chpy was part of the Ottoman Empire for 300 years before the British seize in 1878. She conquered his independence in 1960.

cut by a line of demarcation

since the invasion of the north of Cyprus by the Turkish army in 1974 in response to a coup d'etat by Cypriotes-Greek nationalists who wanted to attach the island to Greece , the Republic of Cyprus , Member of the EU since 2004, is divided in two. The Cypriot government has only exercised its authority on the south. The northern part was self-proclaimed in 1983 Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (RTCN) which is only recognized by Ankara. The island is cut in two by a 180 km long dividing line from east to west and controlled by UN's blue helmets. The last round of negotiations for a regulation failed in 2017, and last July, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reaffirmed his commitment to a two-state solution, devoted the score. Pope Francis must stay at the apostolic nonciation, not far from buildings that still wear traces of bullets in Nicosia.

French fisherman plan blockages on sleeve channel

 French fisherman plan blockages on sleeve channel Calais / London. The French fishermen show their muscles in the quarrel with the British on fishing rights. You want to disturb trading trails over the English Channel - an alarm sign for British retailers to the Christmas business. © Jeremias Gonzalez A French fisherman sits on board a trawler in the harbor. London and Paris have been arguing for weeks about fisheries licenses in the English Channel.

Religious mix

Greek Cypriotes are mostly orthodox Christians, with their heads the archbishop Chrysostomos II, head of the Church of Cyprus, autocephalous. The Maronites, from the Catholic Church and originating in Syria and Lebanon, constitute the second Christian community of the island with some 5,000 members. The island also has smaller Christian communities such as Latin Catholics, Armenian and Protestants of various denominations. In the North, many churches have been transformed into mosques under the Ottoman Empire. In 2018, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan inaugurated a mosque capable of welcoming 3,000 faithful. In the south, only eight of the 100 mosques are operational.

In the first line of immigration

Pope Francis must also participate in an ecumenical prayer with migrants, the parish church of the Holy Cross in Nicosia. The Republic of Cyprus says to be the EU country with the largest number of asylum-seekers per capita, on a population of about one million people. The number of asylum seekers represents more than 4% of the population, whereas it represents less than 1% in other EU countries.

Greece: opening of two new closed camps for migrants

 Greece: opening of two new closed camps for migrants closed at night, they are equipped with fingerprint readers but also allow access to running water © John Liakos / Intime / Athena Pictures / Shutterstock / SIPA The old camp on the island of Lesbos was a real slum.

Flag Policy

The official flag of the Republic of Cyprus shows a map of the island with two cross-olive branches, symbolizing peace between the Hellenophone and Turkish-speaking communities. But today, much in the south sports the blue and white flag of Greece, while the north has its own flag, a star and a red moon croissant on a white background, the opposite of the Turkish flag. Illuminated at night, the two immense Turkish flags and RTCN are visible on dozens of kilometers from the south.

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Two Cameroonians blocked in the nicosia buffer zone will go with the pope in Italy .
© AFP d them Cameroonians blocked for months in the buffer zone separating the two parts of the divided island of Cyprus are part of the group of 50 Migrants that will be transferred to the Italy after a two-day visit of Pope Francis to Nicosia, announced on Friday the local authorities.

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