US News COVID-19: Mandatory vaccination makes its way to Germany

21:40  30 november  2021
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COVID-19: Towards a mandatory vaccination in Germany

 COVID-19: Towards a mandatory vaccination in Germany © John MacDougall / AFP The Future Chancellor Olaf Scholz pronounces a speech on regulations to combat CVIV-19, November 11, 2021 in Berlin. at major evils great remedies. To meet the Germanic phenomenon observed in the two Alpine republics, with vaccination rates completely less than 70% of the adult population, the German government intends to follow the path open by Austria : mandatory immunization against coronavirus. "As a personal capacity.

Hors de propos il y a quelques semaines, la vaccination obligatoire n'est plus écartée par le gouvernement allemand. Reuters/ Markus Schreiber © Reuters / Markus Schreiber Excellent a few weeks ago, compulsory vaccination is no longer removed by the German government. Reuters / Markus Schreiber A few weeks ago was out of order. Germany did not "intend" to move on to "mandatory vaccination", still showed its leaders on July 13th. "I do not think we can gain trust that we said," said German Chancellor Angela Merkel . Since this summer, the situation has changed. The circulation of COVID-19 has never been so strong in Germany , with about 50,000 new cases a day, and an impact on a week of 452 per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the national health authority, the Robert Koch Institute. And the question of the immunization obligation makes its way, while more than 20% of adults are not vaccinated. The Future German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said this Tuesday favorable to compulsory vaccination against the Covid-19 to stop the outbreak of infections in his country. In a few days, he will officially take place at the head of the country, after 16 years under the direction of Angela Merkel . The coronavirus, he recognized in the press conference on 24 November, is the priority, before the application of the Joint Program, the "coalition contract", concluded between the Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens ( ecologists) and the Liberals (FDP). This could be the first post-Merkel measurement might that one of the first measures of the future Chancellor be the imposition of a sting to all Germans, so far very opposite to this measure? Olaf Scholz "reported his sympathy for such regulation," at a meeting with Angela Merkel and the leaders of the 16 German regions, who unlike France decide on major health policies. And assured that Parliament will decide on this issue before the end of the year. During the meeting, German leaders mentioned hardening anti-Covid restrictions. Bars and club closures would be in particular in the study, according to the German media, while there are ten days ago, a first round of screws has already been done, without success for now. Many welcoming places of the public are reserved for vaccinated or healed people. It is not possible to present a negative test, as in France. A way to push the Germans in the vaccination centers. But in reality, all eyes are now on the Austrian neighbor, who, overwhelmed by the wave of contamination, reconfined, and impose injection with all adults. The vaccine obligation seemed unthinkable so far, but Austria opens the way in Europe. So much "that there are debates on this subject in the Bundestag, all parties confused," recognizes the entourage of the future Social Democrat Chancellor. A CAP has been recently crossed. Caregiver staff and soldiers will soon have to be totally vaccinated to comply with the regulations. Some region presidents grow to expand all the population. Markus Söder (CSU), President of Bavaria and Winfried Kretschmann, President of Baden-Württemberg, have published a forum in the Faz newspaper to that effect. They consider that this essential restriction to avoid other violations of freedoms, materialized by confines. It remains to convince Parliament, and reluctants. The German Minister of Health regularly maintains that the measure would be counterproductive to potential opposition. However, the debate begins to infuse throughout society. Mandatory vaccination, long rejected by a majority of Germans, is now claimed by nearly two-thirds of them (64%), according to a recent RTL and NTV media survey.

Germany: soon of the drastic restrictions for non-vaccinated .
© Filip Singer / EPA Merkel The Germany decided to tighten the restrictions for non-vaccinated persons against CVIV-19, imposing them with almost confinement , without access to non-essential shops, restaurants, places of culture or leisure, announced Thursday Angela Merkel . These new measures were taken at the end of a meeting between the outgoing Chancellor, its successor Olaf Scholz and the leaders of the 16 regions of the country.

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