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22:50  30 november  2021
22:50  30 november  2021 Source:   zeit.de

Anne wants: Policy failure of national scope

 Anne wants: Policy failure of national scope frustrated scientists, guilty politicians: At Anne, it is about the dramatic corona situation and a general vaccination. Because even if it hurts: one would have to be ahead of now.

Many people feel the Corona policy of the Federal Government as too lash, uncovered as irresponsible. Where is your rage goes?

Selbstgewisse Wut verraucht so schnell nicht. © Luis Villasmi / Unsplash.com Self-minded anger does not smoke so fast.

The new raging citizens, the new raging citizens, which are not the vaccine opponent , which contribute to the general misery in their unsolidary renitiveness, but it is those who are overgrowing about such people. And even more about the cowardly kinking of the old and the new government agent from actual or imagined protests of the unrecestructible. Even more outraged over the obvious, so cheeky lie, one could not foresee the development of the pandemic. About the tetramed concept of freedom with which the absence of effective disease control is to be crashed.

up to 75 percent of Austrians mistrust government

 up to 75 percent of Austrians mistrust government Vienna. The failed Corona management in Austria has fell extremely the mistrust of the citizens against the government. The discomfort extracts highly but also the opposition, show several studies. © Roland Schlager A Passandin walks past a closed business in Vienna. Since Monday (22.11/2021) Austria is located in a fourth Lockdown.

These outlocks are in the majority and they have the stronger battalions on their side: science and decency. In it, there is quite a problem, because such self-minded anger does not smoke so fast. Certainly, the blinded heap has no persecution through the rage of reason to fear. It's prudent, rioting not, but his emotion is in the world. Where is she going?

is already warned against an

cleavage of the company , a non-definite term, as a unobstructed society existed somewhere. In any reasonably differentiated group of people, representatives of one outside are present, which embody the beyond this group. Therefore, there are prohibitions and prisons. Every government policy, and govern means deciding, necessarily borders. The procedures for this must always be balanced in a democratic constitutional state. That in turn is not without emotion. Legal attenuation is more than a calculus. Anger, disgust or contempt are also included. For example, Nazis is very healthy. Uncoverable vaccine opponents, mask denwers and corona deniers should also be surrounded with a Cordon Sanitaire. So far so good. But the furor of the reasonable, the majority, is at the same time against the rulers. So where asked again, this new rage will go?

European Parliament is true for reform of the Joint EU Agricultural Policy

 European Parliament is true for reform of the Joint EU Agricultural Policy The European Parliament voted for the reform of the Joint EU Agricultural Policy (CAP). A majority of deputies voted on Tuesday in Strasbourg for the amendments to which agriculture in Europe is to become more environmentally friendly and fairer. In the future, a stronger combination of funding is provided for the fulfillment of environmental requirements. © Ina Fassbender The European Parliament voted for the reform of the Common EU Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The Union Parties will not benefit it so quickly. It has its reasons why Armin Lashet failed so miserably. Right-wing extremism is even less suitable as valve of the empormal reason.

Perhaps she transforms into resentments against whole population groups or regions. First signs are already perceiving and worse, such feelings can be quite understood. Or anger, which is also scared, the longing for the strong hand, after a disease regime of the state of emergency. Or: But the anger leads to the resignation. No good perspective. The current crises require participation in the RES PUBLICA; A widespread retreat to the private would only make everything worse.

, however, may be the anger to the responsibility in commitment outside the political system. Just as the non-handling of governments has produced the

Fridays for Future . It is conceivable that the frustrated desire to live in a solidary society creates something new.

What? Such phenomena can not be planned. Often they occur in response to an event. To hope for events is such a thing in these times. We prefer to hope for people who are at the right moment, in history, this point has already given it more often.

A political departure of the reasonable would not find no allied party. But could formations could form in the democratic parties who oppose the current combination of responsibility and neglect?

Does anyone attack this thread?

more company bankrupts expects: «Everything depends on pandemic" .
more corporate insolvencies, but no bankruptcy: experts assume that after a record low in the Corona year 2021 in the coming year for the first time, more business breaks will give again. © Martin Refutt / DPA Central Image / DPA A closed business in Erfurt «We do not expect insolvency wave, but in the coming year, but with an increase, especially in the trade and gastronomy.

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