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01:50  01 december  2021
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  Irak: le courant du leader chiite Moqtada Sadr vainqueur des législatives © AFP / Archives

L E Current Leader Shiite Moqtada Sadr won the legislative elections of October 10 in Iraq , becoming the first block in Parliament With 73 seats, according to the final results published Tuesday.

Nearly two months after the vote, the electoral commission confirmed the victory of the propection of the conquest, political showcase of the ancient paramilitaries Pro- Iran of the Hachd Al-Chaabi, which n. Stop screaming with fraud.

In a statement, several pro-Iran forces, whose alliance of conquest, rejected the results, accusing the electoral commission to have rigged them. They assured that they would continue the action brought to justice to "cancel the elections".

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The final results have been expected for several weeks in a context of larching tensions that have peaked in early November with an attack of drones trapped against the residence in Baghdad of Prime Minister Moustafa Al-Kazimi who came out unscathed. The attack has not been claimed.

At a press conference in Baghdad, the members of the Electoral Commission looked in turn the names of the 329 members of the New Parliament and the number of votes obtained by each. The participation rate was 44%.

According to the results sent to the press by the Commission, the party of the Shiite leader Motada Sadr has obtained 73 seats, making it the first block in Parliament.

The alliance of the conquest won 17 seats against 48 in the outgoing assembly.

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"nor manipulation, no fraud"

denouncing frauds, supporters of Hachd al-Chaabi have been organizing a sit-in for weeks to one of the entrances of the green zone, sometimes tempting to penetrate by force into this ultrasecure sector welcoming government authorities and embassies.

"The international community has supported the Iraqi elections (...) because no manipulation or fraud have been recorded," the Electoral Commission has indicated in a statement.

Despite its failure, the Hachd Al-Chaabi remains a key player on the political scene, with the support of Iran and its 160,000 combatants integrated with regular forces. The Iranian neighbor Shiite exerts a strong influence in Iraq.

The Hachd entered the Parliament for the first time in 2018, surfing victories against the Jihadists of the Islamic State (EI) group.

It can also count on the game of alliances: one of its unmissable partners, former Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki , made a significant breakthrough, his "coalition of the rule of law" winning 33 seats .

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The final results must be sent to the Federal Court to be endorsed. Parliament will then be able to hold its inaugural session and then elect the President of the Republic.

"Risk of climbing"

in parallel, negotiations must continue on the training of the government.

In a multi-faith and multiethnic Iraq, this process is accompanied by endless negotiations and large parties overlooking the Shiite, majority community in Iraq, must traditionally arrive at a compromise, regardless of the number of members.

The positions of Mr. Sadr are diametrically opposed to those of pro-Iran formations, who want to perpetuate the tradition of the compromise.

repeating tirelessly that the future Prime Minister will be appointed by his current, Moqtada Sadr claims a government composed of the political formations having obtained the highest scores.

unpublished, it could seek to build its own parliamentary majority by combining other training, out of the Shiite community. Analysts evoke a possible coalition with the influential Sunni chief of Parliament Mohamed al-Halboussi (37 deputies for his current Taqadom), and the democratic party of Kurdistan (31 deputies).

"This is to see who will cede against the pressure of the other camp," says the Hamdi Malik analyst, the Washington Institute, speaking of the Sadrist and Hachd current. "So far, none of the two camp has yielded. This is why the risk of climbing and clashes is high at this stage."

30/11/2021 23:10:36 - Baghdad ( AFP ) - © 2021 AFP

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