US News Rebellious attacks in the Central African Republic are thirty deaths among civilians

02:00  01 december  2021
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Five Chinese nationals in the Democratic Republic of Congo

 Five Chinese nationals in the Democratic Republic of Congo RDC-Chinese: Five Chinese nationals kidnapped in the Democratic Republic of Congo © Reuters / Hereward Holland Five Chinese nationals kidnapped in the Democratic Republic of Congo Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (Reuters - Armed men killed a police officer and abducted five Chinese nationals Saturday near a mining operation of the province of South Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, announced Sunday a local manager and a spokesperson for the army .

Des soldats de la Minusca à Bangassou en Centrafrique à proximité de la frontière avec le République démocratique du Congo, le 3 février 2021. © Alexis Huguet, AFP soldiers of the Minusca in Bangassou in Central African Republic near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, February 3, 2021.

New attacks in Central Africa have made thirty deaths on Sunday about 500 km northwest of the capital Bangui. The rebels of the 3R group are pointing with the finger. President Touadéra had decreed on October 15 "a unilateral ceasefire", that the rebels had announced respect.

Thirty civilians and two soldiers were killed on Sunday, November 28, in armed groups in the northwestern

, prey to fighting between rebels and the army, the heaviest assessment. Since the introduction by President Faustin Archangel Touadéra mid-October of a ceasefire.

Trial of 13-November: the logbook of an ex-hostage of Bataclan, week 11

 Trial of 13-November: the logbook of an ex-hostage of Bataclan, week 11 David Fritz-Goeppinger is part of the dozen people taken hostage by the terrorists in Bataclan. Photographer, he holds his logbook for the duration of the trial of the attacks of 13-November. © Provided by FranceInfo On November 13, 2015, David Fritz-Goeppinger is at Bataclan when the concert hall is attacked by three men, armed with assault rifles and explosive belts. "Never again in my life I will not forget these faces", entrusts David.

"Thirty civilians and two Central African armed forces were killed on Sunday in two simultaneous attacks in the villages of Kaistry and Bayengou", about 500 km northwest of the capital Bangui, near the border with Cameroon , said AFP Isaiah Gbanin, sub-prefect of the region. >> To see: Faustin-Archangel Touadéra, President Central African: "The Russians support us in Central African Republic"

ranked second least developed in the world by the UN, the Central African Republic has been immersed in a bloody civil war after a blow d State in 2013. This conflict persists but has dropped considerably from intensity for three years, even though integers of territories continue to escape the central power.

The sub-prefect implicated the rebels of the 3R group (return, complaint, rehabilitation). The 3R, mostly composed of Peuls, are one of the most powerful armed groups of Central African Republic.

Bouches-du-Rhône: A network of Brazilian proxentes dismantled, eight persons pursued

 Bouches-du-Rhône: A network of Brazilian proxentes dismantled, eight persons pursued The network is suspected of having exploited sexually about thirty young Brazilian recruited in France, Spain or directly in Brazil. © Provided by FranceInfo A network of Brazilian pimp was dismantled in Bouches-du-Rhône, learned FranceInfo, Thursday, November 25, of a police source. Thirteen people were arrested Monday in Vitrolles, Fos-sur-Mer, Marseille but also in the Ardennes in Charleville-Mezieres. Eight of them have already been indicted, including two in pre-trial detention.

They participated in the rebel coalition which launched at the end of December a vast offensive to overthrow the President Faustin Archange Touadéra which broked a second presidential term.

Many attacks

The latter has been re-elected and called for the Moscow and Kigali rescue which have massively dispatched from the Russian paramilitaries - "mercenaries" of the private company WAGNER according to the UN - and Rwandan elite soldiers. These forces have reconquered the vast majority of the country and repulsed the rebels into the bush, from where they multiply guerrilla actions.

Since Monday, many people in the region have taken refuge in neighboring Cameroon, continued Isaiah Gbanin.

On November 14, 11 civilians had been killed in the same northwestern region of the Central African Republic by shots exchanged between soldiers and rebels. The local authorities had also pointed the account of the 3R in this attack. >> to read: The UN accuses the Russian paramilitary group Wagner of "harassment" of civilians in Central African Republic

Egypt: Social networks boiling and discomaching NGOs after disclose revelations

 Egypt: Social networks boiling and discomaching NGOs after disclose revelations © Reuters - Gonzalo Fuentes French President Emmanuel Macron welcoming his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi in the Elysee in Paris on December 7, 2020. The Disclose Investigation Media Survey, accusing Egypt for having diverted the information provided by French army services to combat terrorism at the Libyan border, has become a trend on Egyptian social networks. .

on November 9, in the municipality of Bocarangua, still in the northwest, at least two soldiers and a civilian had been you are beautiful.

"The 3R Group has a significant supply of arms that comes mainly from Chad, and these rebels are quite well armed and they master the guerrilla", explains to AFP Hans of Marie Heungoup, analyst for Central Africa to The International Crisis Group (ICG). "The situation will be worse in the coming weeks if the subregion and Western partners do nothing to compel the belligerents to respect the ceasefire," he continues.

"A unilateral ceasefire"

President Touadéra decreed on October 15 "a unilateral ceasefire" of his army and his Russian Rwandan and paramilitary allies who allowed him to repel the offensive rebels - to promote the next opening of a national dialogue.

The main armed groups had announced that they would also respect a ceasefire.

The services of the head of the European diplomacy Josep Borell announced Tuesday that the presence of the Wagner Group in Central African Republic and its grip on the country could lead the European Union to put an end to its Central African Armed Forces Training Mission (FACA) .

"Recent documented, national and international reports denounce human rights violations committed by Russian instructors and employees of private companies operating in Central Africa," said Nabila Massrali, Josep Borrell spokesman.

The EU has two training missions, Mali and the Central African Republic, which are threatened by the Wagner Group's mercenary activities in these two countries.

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Sudan: "positive" signs for the return of international support, says Burhane .
© AFP L E General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhane, author of Putsch of October 25, said Saturday believe in a rapid recovery of international support In Sudan, where, has he assured during an interview with the AFP, all the political - motor forces included-- will be able to compete in the elections of 2023.

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