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02:15  01 december  2021
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Libya: Acting Prime Minister Presidential Candidate

 Libya: Acting Prime Minister Presidential Candidate Libya-Election: Libya: Acting Prime Minister Candidate for Presidential © Reuters / Costas Baltas Libya: The Prime Minister by Acting Presidential Candidate Tripoli ( Reuters) - The Acting Libyan Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Dbeibah, said Sunday candidate for the presidential election in Libya, scheduled for December 24th. The entrance to this rich businessman who had committed to neutrality in the electoral process, adds to confusion.

The fourth and last debate between the five candidates LR took place this Tuesday night on France 2.

  Présidentielle: Ce qu'il faut retenir du dernier débat LR © Julien de Rosa / AFP

the character or the symbolic place

interviewed at the beginning of show on a character or symbolic place in their eyes, Valérie Pécresse had chosen Joan of Arc "who embodies a France standing", and Xavier Bertrand Colombey-les-Deux-Churches, for "the gathering and the hope "that the village of General de Gaulle symbolizes. Michel Barnier chose Mont-Saint-Michel, "symbol of the genius of France of our Christian roots", Eric Ciotti his village of Saint-Martin-Vésubie "registered as just among the nations" and Philippe Juvin his two great fathers, symbols of the "social elevator" by the school.

Lead 1-Chili-to a second Polarized Presidential Vote

 Lead 1-Chili-to a second Polarized Presidential Vote Chili-Election / (Lead 1, Photo): Lead 1-Chili-to a second polarized presidential ballot (updated with new results, analyst, declarations ; photo production available) by Gram Slattery and Natata A. Ramos Miranda Santiago, November 22 (Reuters) - a second polarized ballot is emerging in Chile while the ultra-conservative candidate Jose Antonio Kast Advance the elected of Left Gabriel Boric at the end of the first round of the presidential election organized Sunday, show the provisional results.

An avoidance strategy

four debates ... and no controversy. The five candidates took care to spare, opposing the margin on certain measures. Xavier Bertrand has taken over Eric CIOTTI on taxation, criticizing his proposal from the end of the degressiveness of tax, Michel Barnier has tangé Valérie Pécresse on the quantification of the Valérie Pécresse's value proposal, but the two "targets" The evening were Eric Zemmour and especially the President of the Emmanuel Macron Republic.

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the formula shock

Michel Barnier : "Mr Macron has managed this case (the health crisis) with its ministers of the successive health of Totally vertical, sometimes arrogant, solitary way. "

Gaddafi Son Seel Al-Islam Excluded from Presidential Election in Libya

 Gaddafi Son Seel Al-Islam Excluded from Presidential Election in Libya The Libyan electoral commission excluded the son of the died ruler Muammar Al-Gaddafi from the presidential election in December. Overall, 25 candidates have not been admitted to the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Police Chief, based on information, including the public prosecutor's office and the police chief, the Commission announced Hnec on Wednesday.

Xavier Bertrand : "Retirees have been assaulted since the beginning of the five-year."

Eric Ciott I: "We are the country in the world, no Europe ... the world, where we pay the most taxes. I assume a liberal program, I dare the big word. "

Philippe Juvin : "I hear little music, victory releases that say we are the best on vaccination, it's not true."

Valérie Pécresse : "I am a woman of peace but I can be a leader of war if ever France is threatened."

The strong measure

Michel Barnier: "Find a six-month time of national security, military, ecological or mandatory civil protection for young people and young women. Recreate the feeling of belonging to our country.

Xavier Bertrand: "If I am elected on April 24, immediately I will put in suspense all wind projects.

Eric Ciotti: "When receiving a residence permit (...) and that you make a crime or even an offense, the sanction must be systematic: the prison and the plane (...). It is necessary to implement the double-sentence and the flooring ".

Philippe Juvin: "I do not want to lower the number of officials, I assume to be the candidate the Republicans of the public services. But I will make the public service effective, with fewer administrative posts. "

Valérie Pécresse: "There are 62 republican reconquest areas, non-right absolute areas. (...) I want brigades punch, with the tax and the support of the army that requires the security of the area. I want aggravating circumstances when a crime is committed in these republican reconquest areas. "

Valérie Pécresse wins the Congress LR and will be candidate for Presidential .
© Copyright 2021, Obs Valérie Pécresse has been designated presidential candidate of 2022 after the second round of the LR Congress on Saturday, December 4th. Ellel'a won Eric Ciotti with 60.95% of the vote verses against 39.05%. This congress is "an indisputable success", "said BFMTV's Micro Annie Genevard, the Deputy Vice President of Republicans. "The Republican Right is back," said Christian Jacob, the party president, when the results announces.

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