US News The European Union denounces the Russian influence in the Central African Republic

10:25  01 december  2021
10:25  01 december  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

migrants: Poland denounces "the largest attempt to destabilize Europe"

 migrants: Poland denounces Poland believes that the migrant crisis is "bigger attempt to destabilize Europe" since the Cold War and calls to unity Faced with Minsk and Moscow. VIEW ON EURONEWS Prime Minister Polish denounces a "blackmail" orchestrated with the support of Moscow, a maneuver of which today the "target" is Poland, but which tomorrow will target other European countries.

Le monument a été inauguré lundi 29 novembre 2021, dans le quartier de l’université, à Bangui. © Dr. The monument was inaugurated on Monday, November 29, 2021, in the University district, in Bangui.

Central African power is more and more to the Russian military and mercenaries of Wagner. At the risk of paying it expensive.

Russians in Bangui? Almost no one unworthy: was not inaugurated on Monday, November 29, 2021, in Bangui, a statue paying tribute to the Russian staff who advise and govern the units of the National Armed Forces.

Among those and those that the Russian presence worries, however, is the European Union, which denounces the resumption of the Central African military by Russians including employees of the Wagner private military society.

Union laughs about the curious comeback attempt from Anthony Ujah

 Union laughs about the curious comeback attempt from Anthony Ujah It would have been the icing on the cake on a perfect evening of the 1st FC Union! Striker Anthony Ujah stood after unbelievable passing time in the derby against Hertha BSC in the detention time for the prevention. The problem: That was really agreed that was probably not. Union laughs over the curious comeback trial of Ujah. © Provided by Berliner Kurier "I do not know what happened there if he did that.

which first ulcers the Europeans is that the units now supervised by Russians are those that the European Training Mission ( EUTM RCA ) trained and trained. An Report of the European External Action (EEAS) , dated 15 November and broadcast on 22, cite, for example, the case of the Territorial Infantry Battalion 7 (ILO 7) whose Russians took over with a Lack of total transparency .

Wagner, a "solid" influence company

The report also indicates that these national units now operate under the supervision or direct command of the WAGNER SMP. A society with a strong influence on the FACA staff (Central African Armed Forces) and on a number of Central African institutions whose complicit passivity is also denounced by the EU.

Of course, FACA units and their Russian mentors fight the rebel groups that threaten the touaded regime. But at what cost ? The crates of the state being empty, the Russians would pay in kind. Hence the accusations of predation of Central African mineral resources, according to the EEAS, which, moreover, recalls the many allegations of abuse committed by the Faca and their Russian allies (arbitrary searches, looting, rape, executions).

Diplomatic Tew with Troop March .
The tensions between Ukraine and Russia are a challenge for the meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers. A turn could bring a scheduled conversation between the US and Russia's resort chefs. © Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / TASS / Imago Images US Secretary of Foreign Minister Antony Blinking (l.) And his Russian colleague Sergej Lavrov met most recently in May 2021 According to the US government, Foreign Minister Antony will blink with his Russian counterpart Sergej Lawrow together on Thursday

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