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Debate LR: Should we send the army in the difficult neighborhoods? The responses of the candidates

 Debate LR: Should we send the army in the difficult neighborhoods? The responses of the candidates © Julien de Rosa / AFP The five candidates for the investiture of Republicans have addressed the issue of the appeal to the army in difficult neighborhoods, in the third debate broadcast on Europe 1 and CNEWS. If Eric Ciotti, Michel Barnier and Valérie Pécresse are favorable, Xavier Bertrand and Philippe Juvin prefer to have only recourse to police forces.

A Paris, le 31 décembre. 18% des usagers du périphérique seulement vivent au sein de la capitale. © Cyril Zannettacci in Paris on 31 December. 18% of users live the only device in the capital. After

pedestrianization of ways on bank, the city of Paris and the Ile-de-France clash on new ground, Match background for the presidential between Anne Hidalgo, the Socialist mayor of the capital, and Valerie Pécresse, President Republicans in the region. The project: book one of the ways the Paris ring road for the exclusive use of carpooling and buses after the Olympic Games of 2024. For the torpedo, Valérie Pécresse launched Nov. 10 online consultation.

"For or against the removal of a way for all of the device?" The question was a tad biased since it is not delete a file, but the book carpooling, public transport or even electric vehicles to make "faster way" for these cleaner transport. This new use would intervene only after the Olympics, during which she will be reserved for participants (athletes, officials, medical staff).

Changes-The Turkish Book Fall After the words of Erdogan

 Changes-The Turkish Book Fall After the words of Erdogan Turkey-book / (Photo): Changes-The Turkish Book Fall After the words of Erdogan * The book lost 40% of its value since the beginning of The year * Erdogan estimates that a tour of screws will have no effect on inflation * The central bank lowered its key rate of 400 points since September * a former leader of the central bank speaks of '"Irrational Experience" by Daren Butler and Nevzat Devranoglu Istanbul, November 23 (Reuters) - The Turkish Book Falls Tuesday by 15% in response to the new sta

69% of small and large crown

users However, according to the results of the consultation showed on Wednesday, Ile nine in ten (90.2%) expressed "a massive rejection of the city of Paris" trumpet the region, which also welcomes an "high participation" with nearly 80,000 votes. Among the motives of opponents, "the risk of increased congestion and pollution" or 'the danger associated with the insertion and exit the HOV lane, " argued the region.

The association 40 million motorists had encouraged users to participate in the consultation, saying "inconceivable that a green disconnected minority of all reality can take hostage the millions of motorists who need to travel daily through the ringroad". The

"Device" has 1.1 million trips daily, mostly made by commuters: 69% of users come from small and large crown, against only 18% in Paris, argues the main association for the defense of motorists who had campaigned against the pedestrianization of the tracks on shore. It also points to an "skills problem" regarding the management of this road 35 kilometers cord "that should not be the responsibility of the only municipality in Paris, but in the region, which is best placed to take into account the interests of all users. "

Grand Paris: Approximately 8,000 homes will be built by 2032

 Grand Paris: Approximately 8,000 homes will be built by 2032 PARISIAN urbanism will experience many changes by 2032. The strategy of the public institution that manages the land heritage, the society of the Grand Paris (SGP), and which designs the new public transport network, Grand Paris Express, was presented Wednesday, 24 November to the members of the Supervisory Board. The SGP plans to "carry out about one million square meters of floor area, spread over a hundred projects implanted on the entire network", reports the monitor .

referendum deemed illegal

Valérie Pécresse has asked the state to review the status of the equipment for it to be treated as "regional infrastructure" required and "impact studies" before the project was launched. The mayor of Paris has responded Thursday by announcing his intention to assign the region to the tribunal, saying that illegal referendum.

For Emmanuel Gregory, the first deputy Anne Hidalgo, 'consultation this ad is the announcement of the candidate Valérie Pécresse " to the internal primary to the Republicans, he quipped at a press conference . Facing criticism, the elected urban planning highlights a study by the end of 2020 the town hall from 4000 Device users, yet with mixed results. So book a file only to clean vehicles causes "rejection very predominant" particularly because it is seen as "discriminating socially" but devote carpooling is seen with 'legitimacy principle despite questions about the implementation. "

Whatever the outcome of this new arm wrestling, one thing is certain: France has, on this subject as on others behind. While "car use" - does being alone aboard a car - is a major contributor to pollution lanes to "car sharing" exist long ago on American highways , California having opened the way. Citizen Convention on Climate proposed in June 2020 to generalize the development of these areas and the proposal was included in Article 124 of the resilience and climate legislation, which should speed up their deployment in nationwide the next three years. For now, Grenoble and Lyon are pioneering figure, with the introduction of dedicated lanes on motorway serving the axes.

A new hotel with a private garden has just opened in Montmartre .
© Benoit Linero after inaugurated George in the Champs-Elysees district and The Hotel de la Ponche in Saint-Tropez, the group Addresses Hotels puts the course on Montmartre. Located Rue Aristide Brunt, between the walls of an old private house dating from the nineteenth century, it is the interior architect Marion Collard who imagined the decor. The Hotel Mr Aristide in Paris © Provided by Vogue The Hotel Mr. Aristide in Paris The Hotel Mr.

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