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08:10  02 december  2021
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Max Max: Qatar was "just not our route"

 Max Max: Qatar was © Motorsport Images Max Stapen is in the World Cup fight despite the Qatar slippers not yet on with eight points lead on Lewis Hamilton moves Max stood in the penultimate season's race of the formula 1 in Saudi Arabia in almost two weeks. The trend is no longer necessarily speaking for the Dutch after Hamilton last winning two races in a row. However, he can not be discouraged, either of the way Hamilton dominated on Sunday. Qatar, so his tenor, have just not fitted Red Bull as Mercedes.

with all-day warning strikes at Airbus wants to paralyze the IG metal from Thursday to the production at all German locations of the aircraft manufacturer.

Bei Airbus beginnen erneut Warnstreiks der IG Metall - ein Ende des Konflikts ist nicht in Sicht. © Markus Scholz / DPA at Airbus start again warning strikes of the IG metal - one end of the conflict is not in sight.

«Leveling is partly about several layers and days," announced the union on Wednesday in Hamburg. The negotiator of the IG Metall, Daniel Friedrich, wants to talk to delegates to delegates from all German locations in the morning in front of the workshop in Hamburg-Finkenwerder.

strikes in Varel, Nordenham and Augsburg

warning strikes are planned on Thursday at the sites of the Airbus subsidiary Premium Aerotec in Varel and Nordenham in Lower Saxony and in Augsburg. They should last until Saturday. From Friday to Sunday, the workforce of Airbus Operations should be connected in Hamburg and Stade. At Airbus and Premium Aerotec in Bremen, a one-day warning strike is planned on Friday.

nationwide warning strikes: two-thirds of all OPS canceled at Cologne Universityik

 nationwide warning strikes: two-thirds of all OPS canceled at Cologne Universityik At the Kölner Universityik, about two-thirds of all operations have been postponed on Thursday due to strikes of trade unions Verdi and VDL. "To be aggravated that around 20 percent of intensive care beds were not operated Could, "a spokesman of the Universityik said and spoke of" massive restrictions in patient care ".

background is the conflict emerging since the spring of the airbus management of civil aircraft production planned by the Airbus management. IG Metall and Airbus have spoken in the meantime five negotiation rounds on the conditions of the conversion, from the point of view of the union without result. "Should not we come to a solution promptly, we run on a great conflict," Friedrich threatened on Wednesday.

Video: IG Metal: Warning strikes at Airbus (Sat.1)

«Inappropriate and disrespectful»

of the aircraft manufacturer responded with sharp words: in one of the DPA available writing to the workforce, Group Chef Guillaume Faury named the procedure of IG Metal "inappropriate and inappropriate disrespectful". The company has already given the conflict "Many guarantees in terms of security, working conditions and investment in the future", so that it "so date no serious reason" for the renewed warning strikes.

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 Forbidden Books: These 20 badrings are considered dangerous prohibited books are obviously too dangerous in this world. Here are 20 forbidden books. © Videologia / iStock Burning Books Forbidden Books Books have always been feared: In "1984", the protagonist Winston Smith hides his journal even within its own apartment in front of the all-like eyes of the Big Brother.

Airbus had announced the intention in April to sell the part production at the subsidiary Premium Aerotec in Augsburg, in the Frisian Varel and Romania to an investor. Otherwise, hard restructuring measures threatened with significant impact on employment. In addition, Airbus wants to summarize the assembly of aircrafting and structures in a new subsidiary. The Airbus Works Stade, parts of the Hamburg site and the Airbus subsidiary Premium Aerotec with three of the four Augsburg works and the locations Bremen and Nordenham.

13,000 employees concerned

Overall, the plans of Airbus Operations and Premium Aerotec are likely to be concerned about 13,000 employees. The IG Metall wants to prevent splitting. Before AIRBUS commitments are not ranging from the union. With the works councils, it demands above all employment guarantees at all locations ranging to the coming decade.

natural gas remains the most important energy sources of the industry .
in the German industry remains natural gas by far the most important energy sources. As the Federal Statistical Office reported on Monday in Wiesbaden, natural gas had a share of 31 percent in the total energy consumption of the industry last year. © Picture Alliance / DPA A natural gas storage in East Frisia. on electricity accounted for 21 percent. Mineral oils and mineral oil products and coal came to 16 percent each. In total, the industry spent 2020 3747 petajoule energy in Germany, 1.9 pe

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