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19:10  02 december  2021
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Israel begins to vaccinate children from 5 to 11 years old

 Israel begins to vaccinate children from 5 to 11 years old © Sami BoukHelifa / RFI Liron, young Israeli 11-year-old, receives its first dose of Anti-Covid-19 vaccine in the Meuhedet health insurance center, at Jerusalem. Pioneer of Vaccination against Covid-19, Israel launched this Tuesday, November 23 its campaign for immunization of children against coronavirus, becoming one of the first countries after the United States to lower the age of vaccination. The nurse explains to liron what she is about to do step by step.

Merkel © Filip Singer / EPA Merkel

The Germany decided to tighten the restrictions for non-vaccinated persons against CVIV-19, imposing them with almost confinement , without access to non-essential shops, restaurants, places of culture or leisure, announced Thursday Angela Merkel . These new measures were taken at the end of a meeting between the outgoing Chancellor, its successor Olaf Scholz and the leaders of the 16 regions of the country. They also confirmed that a bill on the vaccination obligation, to which Olaf Scholz is favorable, would be submitted to Parliament for entry into force in February or March.

Belgium: a doctor of Wallonia would have carried out more than 2000 false vaccinations

 Belgium: a doctor of Wallonia would have carried out more than 2000 false vaccinations © Virginia Mayo a Belgian caregiver prepares a dose of VVID-19 vaccine in Antwerp in April 2021 (image of illustration). with a 75% vaccination rate, Belgium is the fourth most vaccinated country in the EU and the third recall dose began to be administered more than 65 years.

If the numbers stabilize in recent days, they remain globally alarming, with tens of thousands of additional cases every day, an incidence close to 440 and many hospitals close to saturation. To cope with it, the authorities have decided to target unvaccinated persons, which account for about one-third of the population. "We will organize cultural and leisure activities throughout Germany only for vaccinated and healed people" of COVID-19, detailed Angelamerekel, who will leave the power after 16 years on the orders of Germany.

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This rule called "2G", vaccinated or cured, "will also be extended to the retail trade, with the exception of current consumer stores," said Chancellor. This drastic limitation of access to social life for non-vaccinated people is qualified by several "containment" politicians for those who have not received any injection.pas of fireworks at Christmas and New Year

Video: Covid-19 in Germany: new restrictions for non-vaccinated (France 24)

Coronavirus: Germany crosses the bar of 100.000

 Coronavirus: Germany crosses the bar of 100.000 health-coronavirus-Germany: coronavirus: Germany crosses the bar of 100,000 deaths © Reuters / Matthias Rietschel Coronavirus: Germany crosses the bar of 100.000 deaths Berlin (Reuters) - l Germany has crossed Thursday the threshold of the 100,000 deaths due to COVID-19 while the number of new infections continues to skyrocket, a real challenge for the new government. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 100.119 people in Germany have succumbed to the virus, according to the Data of the Robert

People not vaccinated are already subject to restrictions on access to public life, but the rules were Variable geometry and did not cover all regions. To avoid gatherings during the end of years, Government and Länder also forbidden the firecrackers and fireworks, very popular with Germans. Clubs and nightclubs will be closed from an incidence of 350, an index currently exceeded in a majority of regions. The wearing of the mask becomes mandatory again in schools in the country.

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these measures must allow for improvement in the coming weeks, before the vote and the entry into force of the immunization obligation. This drastic measure, already chosen by the Austrian neighbor, could come into effect in February, after a view of the Council of Ethics and a vote of Parliament. German public opinion has itself widely evolved on the issue. If about two-thirds of the respondents were against a vaccine obligation last summer, the proportion was completely reversed, with 64% of Germans now favorable, according to a survey for RTL and NTV.

The Netherlands fear new riots after hardening of restrictions

 The Netherlands fear new riots after hardening of restrictions © Bart Maat The Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge speaks to the press, on the sidelines of a government meeting on the management of the pandemic, November 26 2021 The Dutch government must announce Friday night a strengthening of sanitary restrictions to combat a soaring of CVIV-19 cases in the Netherlands, where the police "prepares" new riots and protests.

Consensus Policy on the immunization obligation

The measure is also supported by the Greens and the Liberals, yet traditionally retentive to any constraint, as well as the Conservatives of Angela Merkel, now in the opposition. Only the AFD far-right party opposes it, with a display campaign "the mandatory vaccine? No thanks ! ", Taking up a slogan of nuclear opponents. The context is complicated by the political transition in Germany, between Angela Merkel on departure? She will give a goodbye speech Thursday evening at a military ceremony? And an Olaf Scholz who will not be elected Chancellor than next week by the Bundestag.

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the restrictions impulsed by the new coalition must show, hopes the future Chancellor, that "there is no vacuum of power, as some evoke it right now ". The Bundesliga will be imposed on a limitation of the number of spectators in the stages, avoiding, after subsequent discussions, the return to the total closed session. "From the point of view of intensive and urgent medicine, the situation of the pandemic has never been so threatening and serious as today," the German Association of Intensive Medicine (Divi) claims Partial confinement of the entire population. The German authorities are also wrestling criticism on the traffic jam found to access vaccination, with difficulties in obtaining a medical appointment. Pharmacies will be involved in expanding distribution.

"Police Presence": City Tag Chef requires harder 2G controls in private space .
Although contact restrictions for unvaccinated and tightened 2G rules have been applicable for around a week, but they are not controlled nationwide in the public and private space. "The municipal public official offices are working on domestic cities and on shopping streets", says the main executive of the German Urban Day, Helmut Dedy, the editorial network of Germany (RND). The current Corona rules are attributable to many people to curb the Corona pandemic.

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