US News Lead 1-Blinken Dating Lavrov on Tensions on Ukraine

23:45  02 december  2021
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Speculations around a Russian military mobilization at the gates of Ukraine

 Speculations around a Russian military mobilization at the gates of Ukraine © AP Russian paratroopers during a joint military exercise near the border with Poland and Belarus, November 12, 2021. For several weeks, Speculations swells, on a new Russian military mobilization, and on possible risks of armed offensive on Ukraine, on the growing tension fund between the Kremlin, Europeans and Americans, on the question of Belarus among others. of our correspondent to Kiev, life follows his course in Kiev.

Europe-Securite / (Lead 1, Photo, TV): Lead 1-Blinken Dating Lavrov on Ukraine

Tensions (Updated After Interview Blinken -Lavrov; TV production available)

by Humeyra Pamuk and Johan Ahlander

Stockholm, 2 December (Reuters) - US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Russia against the serious consequences it would suffer in case of Invasion of Ukraine and exhorted Moscow to find a diplomatic solution to its crisis with Kiev.

The Head of American Diplomacy sent this warning to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during an interview - he described as "Franc" - in Stockholm, on the sidelines of the Summit of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Ukraine worries about "dangerous" signals from Moscow at the border

 Ukraine worries about © Ukrainian Presidential Press-Service / AFP L e President Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky has worried Friday of "very dangerous" signals of the Russia , accused of deploying troops at the border, while saying "entirely prepared" to a possible military climbing with Moscow.

Sergei Lavrov reaffirmed Russia would take steps to ensure its own safety if the United States and their allies refused to discuss guarantees in this area.

"I very clearly expressed our deep concerns and determination to hold Russia responsible for its actions, including our commitment to working with our European allies to impose severe costs and consequences to Russia in the event of a new action Aggressive against Ukraine, "said Antony Blinken at a press conference at the end of his interview.

He urged Russia to redeploying its thousands of recently grouped troops on the Ukrainian border on "normal positions of peace time" and "refrain from other acts of intimidation or attempts to destabilize the Ukraine "

According to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, cited by the Russian Agency Interfax, Sergei Lavrov told his interlocutor that Moscow would react if Ukraine was driven in any "geopolitical maneuver" American.

NATO warns Moscow on Ukraine

 NATO warns Moscow on Ukraine NATO-Russia: NATO warns Moscow on Ukraine © Reuters / ints Kalnins NATO warns Moscow on Ukraine by Humeyra Pamuk and Sabine Siebold Riga (Reuters) - Russia would pay a heavy tribute in case of new military aggression against Ukraine, warned the United States and the Atlantic Alliance before a NATO meeting on the situation. At the Ukrainian border, where the deployment of Russian troops in large numbers worries Westerners.

He also announced in Stockholm that Russia would soon have proposals for a new European security pact that would block any expansion of NATO east.

Biden and Putin should speak very soon

The Russian Foreign Ministry has hoped to hope for a summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in the coming days, interfacked.

"I think it is likely that the presidents speak directly in the near future," said Antony Blinken.

The Kremlin has been talking about the possibility of a second summit between the two presidents, after the "pragmatic" organized in Geneva in June in which Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin had made thin progress and endorsed their differences on a range of topics. .

Moscow is ready for dialogue with Kiev, assured Sergey Lavrov. "As President Putin said, we do not want any conflict," he said.

Ukraine accuses Russia for massaging some 90,000 soldiers near their common border. Moscow reproaches back to Kiev to accumulate troops in the border area.

Diplomatic Tew with Troop March

 Diplomatic Tew with Troop March The tensions between Ukraine and Russia are a challenge for the meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers. A turn could bring a scheduled conversation between the US and Russia's resort chefs. © Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / TASS / Imago Images US Secretary of Foreign Minister Antony Blinking (l.) And his Russian colleague Sergej Lavrov met most recently in May 2021 According to the US government, Foreign Minister Antony will blink with his Russian counterpart Sergej Lawrow together on Thursday

Antony Blinken also met with the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm, Dmyro Kouleba, reminding him of "the unshakable commitment of the United States in favor of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, his sovereignty, his independence" .

The US Secretary reiterated Washington's concerns regarding the strengthening of Russian troops at the Ukrainian border, which led the Westerners to reflect on new sanctions against Moscow.

Dmyro Kouleb declared via Twitter that Ukraine, who is not a member of NATO but seeks to tighten his links with the Atlantic Alliance, worked with Western countries on a "complete set of deterrence measures including severe economic sanctions ".

The United States is ready to answer with "a range of high economic impact measures that we have refused to take in the past," warned Antony Blinken on Wednesday after a meeting in the Latvian capital Riga with Its counterparts from NATO countries, without giving more details. (With the contribution of Sabine Siebold to Riga, Daphne Psaledakis and Simon Lewis in Washington, written by Niklas Pollard, French version Elena Vardon, edited by Sophie Louet, Jean-Stéphane Brush and Jean Terzian)

Lead 1-The situation Ukraine-Russia is "unstable", says Macron .
Ukraine-crisis / France-Macron (Lead 1): Lead 1-The situation Ukraine-Russia is "unstable", says Macron (updated with details , context) Paris, December 9 (Reuters) - The situation between Ukraine and Russia is "unstable", said Thursday French President Emmanuel Macron, indicating that he was going to talk next week with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodimir Zelenski and with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

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