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15:48  03 december  2021
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Eric Zemmour Faced with Cyril Hanouna: This appointment that promises explosive

 Eric Zemmour Faced with Cyril Hanouna: This appointment that promises explosive © JLPPA / BESTIMAGE Eric Zemmour Faced with Cyril Hanouna: This appointment that promises explosive Cyril Hanouna will receive Éric Zemmour for a face to Faced in his show against Baba, December 16th. An explosive appointment. As expected, Cyril Hanouna will have the right to his face-to-face program to receive personalities "who are the timing of the moment." And it is with Éric Zemmour that the animator and producer of does not touch my extension will start this new adventure called against B

Téléthon : témoignage de Marine, ambassadrice 2020 © Other Telethon: Marine Testimonial, Ambassador 2020

Marine is with muscular dystrophy of belts. A pathology diagnosed in 2017 which has been a source of relief but also many questions. Testimony of a sparkling girl for whom Telethon has hope.

"My first symptoms, I felt in 2013 while I was only 13 years old. I was very tired and had muscle pain. I had to fight for these symptoms to not be put on the adolescence or laziness ... "explains Marine, 21-year-old student." I finally had a word on my symptoms in February 2017 : muscular dystrophy of belts type R9 if you want to be precise! " A diagnosis lived as relief for the young woman but also a source of many questions ...

World Cup 2022: Tailled in Norway After the arrest of two journalists at Qatar

 World Cup 2022: Tailled in Norway After the arrest of two journalists at Qatar © Olivier Corsan Two Norwegian journalists were temporarily detained during a report on the World Cup in Qatar. LP / Olivier Corsan The tension mounts. Norway convened this Wednesday the Qatar ambassador in Oslo after the temporary detention in the emirate of two Norwegian television reporters who documented the preparations, controversial, of the next World Cup.

The diagnosis I lived in two phases

"I remember that at the moment of the announcement of my illness, I assigned a Large smile. I was relieved to put a word about what I had and especially I had confirmation that I was not crazy and that it was not in the head. And then there was a Against. I realized that this disease could evolve and there was no treatment. I felt of the apprehension for my future "marine.

Video: Brandon, 11 years old and tattooor of big arms in her father's studio in Mexico (Dailymotion)

You have to welcome the disease little by little

"I made the mistake of putting aside my illness just after the diagnosis, I do not did not think it soon. However, it is necessary to prepare and mature the question of the development of his daily and his future to prevent that from us falls on it at the wrong time. Nor should we be afraid of these changes, we can do many things, moreover, it's even more beautiful to make projects when you arrive despite the disease. " Full of wisdom, marine course with a lot of philosophy The path of acceptance even though it is not without difficulties: " I have not accepted yet but I try to find adaptation solutions in The situations where I feel blocked "explains the 21-year-old woman.

I became Ambassador of Telethon 2020

"It is quite by chance that I became Telethon's ambassador in 2020. Some AFM Telethon regional services offer their help to complete the MDPH records and it is at the Following that they asked me to testify, then to become ambassador. Thanks to the Telethon there are many things that have changed : the diagnoses are faster, therapeutic trials begin and others have allowed to cure children. It is fabulous "are enthusiastic marine.

TELETHON 2021: The final counter of donation promises reached nearly 74 million euros this year .
this year, the charitable event was able to reinvest the public space, through thousands of events. This 35th edition has raised 73,622,019 euros of gift promises, much more than 2020. © provided by FranceInfo The Telethon 2021 counter is nearly 74 million promises of donations, have announced the Organizers, Sunday, December 5, at a 35th edition that returned to the ground after the previous one. The final meter shows very precisely 73 622 019 euros, sharply from the total of 58.3 million euro

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