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21:05  03 december  2021
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WHO data allegedly show that the Corona vaccinations cause much more unwanted side effects than other vaccines. But that's not true. A fact check.

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misalignments to the Corona vaccinations are involved in the social networks. Your current goal: prove that vaccines have many side effects. Above all, an alleged table of the World Health Organization (WHO) is just the round: it should prove that after the approval of the Corona vaccinations already almost two and a half million by side effects had occurred. This outrives many users in the social media.

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"Each animal experiment would have been aborted at this point!", A user tweetes - another writes: "At least with global side effects, they exceed approved vaccines many times." But the data is torn out of the context - and do not prove that the COVID 19 vaccines have much more unwanted side effects than other vaccines.

No confirmed relationship between reporting and real side effect

The numbers in the widespread table, dated on the 12th of November, seem to be authentic. The current data on possible side effects themselves can be found on the website VigiaCCESS, which provides public access to the WHO database Vigibase. This database lists potential side effects of medical products. For example, data of all vaccines per disease are summarized. For example "measles vaccinations" or "Covid-19 vaccinations".

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on DW request makes it clear to a spokeswoman of the WHO that the number of messages of possible side effects is not equal to the number of side effects that are really causally related to vaccination. There could also be coincidences or misinterpretations.

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Thus, it is also on the website VigiaCCESS: "The information on this website does not reflect any confirmed relationship between a medicinal product and a side effect."

WHO: no longer side effects than other vaccines

in the social networks is not only claimed that the number of reported side effects is extremely high - it is also much higher than vaccines against other diseases. It is clear that for a medical product that was used much more frequently than other products, also much more potential side effects were reported, the spokeswoman opposed the DW.

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One must consider the numbers in relation. So far, more than eight billion Covid-19 vaccine doses have been administered according to WHO - more than any other vaccine. Consider this, "the reports of alleged side effects of Covid-19 vaccines are not more extensive than other vaccines". In relation to the doses administered there are even fewer events, wrote the spokeswoman by mail. The worldwide corona vaccination is finally the largest vaccination of all time.

The German wave also asked the Uppsala Monitoring Center, which operates the database mentioned. A spokesman wrote the DW that numerous misjudgments have been disseminated in connection with their database in recent months. The speaker also referred to a report of the Center, which explains the numerous notifications of potential side effects. About ten years ago, a total of a few possible side effects of medicines have been sent to the database. Since February 2021, the messages have risen million times.

"The recent phase of rapid growth can be greatly explained by the wave of reports of Covid-19 vaccines," says the website. The aim of the database is to support the introduction of the new vaccines by collecting data about their safety.

Conclusion: The numbers of the WHO and the Uppsala Monitoring Centers are spread in the social networks misleading. They do not prove that the Corona vaccines have much more side effects than vaccines against other diseases. These are only potential side effects whose relationship with the vaccines is not proven. A brief overview of possible side effects of vaccines delivers the WHO on your website.

Author: Kathrin Wesolowski

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