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22:00  03 december  2021
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Le professeur Didier Raoult lors de son audition devant la chambre disciplinaire de l'ordre des médecins de Nouvelle-Aquitaine, à Bordeaux le 5 novembre. © Philippe Lopez Professor Didier Raoult at his hearing before the Disciplinary Division of the Medical Association of New Aquitaine in Bordeaux on 5 November.

He faced up radiation but finally comes out with a reprimand. disciplinary panel of the College of Physicians has decided to send a "blame" Professor Didier Raoult, has been learned on Friday. Since late 2020, infectious disease Marseilles 69 years was subject to two complaints filed by the College of Physicians of the Rhone delta and the National College of Physicians Board (Cnom). The authority issued this penalty, the second largest after the simple warning, without attaching motivations of this decision against the infectious disease.

judged to have filmed the aggression of a professor in Seine-et-Marne and broadcast the video on the Internet

 judged to have filmed the aggression of a professor in Seine-et-Marne and broadcast the video on the Internet © Béatrice Le Grand / West-France high school students judged have been excluded from their establishment after the dissemination of the images of The aggression on the Internet. Photo Stock Illustration. Two high school students from Combs-la-Ville (Seine-et-Marne) had filmed the scene of the aggression of a professor on October 8, 2021. They were judged by the Melun court. The decision is expected on December 7th.

is accused of having promoted hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19 "no established scientific data," which is similar to the "quackery" had said the rapporteur of the disciplinary panel at a hearing on 5 November in Bordeaux, disoriented far from Marseille. He was also accused of taking "reckless risks" caring for patients with this treatment "unproven by science" , she added. Filed

based on several reports initially made by the infectious disease society French language (SPILF), complaints also accuse Dr. Raoult of violating by submission, Article 56 of the code of ethics, "missing his confraternity of duty" to other doctors. These complaints were examined by the Disciplinary Chamber of the Medical Association of New Aquitaine, composed of 8 doctors and presided over by an administrative judge.

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The room could stand against the current director of the University Hospital Infection Mediterranean Institute (IHU) a sanction ranging from a warning to radiation, through a reprimand or temporary disqualification. Present early November before the room 'respect for this institution ", Didier Raoult, retired on August 31 as a teacher of university hospital doctor, had estimated " not concerned " by possible "sanctions" .

"Possible breaches"

Video: Covid-19, the College of Physicians address a "blame" Professor Raoult (AFP)

"These are doctors who complain about us not patients ", he shouted to the plaintiffs attorney, ensuring have received" more than 600 000 patients " within the IHU during the health crisis, " without complaint " from them. He had defended "success" treatment combining hydroxychloroquine to treat and azythromicine Covid-19 of the patients, despite the lack of proven effect today.

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His lawyer Mr Fabrizio Di Vizio pleaded rejection of the proceedings, asking the disciplinary body "it declares inadmissible complaints" . In addition to this procedure, the Raoult professor is also covered with the IHU he created in 2011, several other surveys of the conditions under which the institute conducted its studies around the Covid-19. These investigations have been opened this year by the University of Aix-Marseille, another founding member of the IHU, by hospitals in Marseille (AP-HM) and the National Drug Agency (ANSM) after an article in The Express on "possible breaches of the regulation of clinical trials."

The IHU and its director are also accused, in an article by Mediapart of having led "a wild experimentation against tuberculosis." The ANSM announced in late October that it would "conduct an inspection" within the IHU, AP-HM has launched an investigation, while the prosecutor of Marseilles demanded an "evaluation" of the judicial follow-up to This folder.

Finally, on Nov. 4, the Minister of Health and his colleague Olivier Veran of Higher Education and Research, Frédérique Vidal, who asked the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs and the General Inspectorate of education, sports and research lead a "mission control" IHU. Dr. Raoult should stay a few months at the head of the institute, who switched for one week the process of selecting a new director, but gave no precise date of taking office.

More information to follow ...

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