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23:20  03 december  2021
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Emmanuel Macron with its Italian partners before a visit to Pope

 Emmanuel Macron with its Italian partners before a visit to Pope © Quirinale Press Office / AFP The French President Emmanuel Macron with the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattella and the Chief of the Government of Mario Draghi (at the center), during A dinner in Rome on November 25, 2021. Emmanuel Macron held to meet Pope Francis, during his ongoing trip to Rome. This will be the second audience of the French President at the Holy See after 2018. An interview at the Vatican with the Holy Father, in a presidential campaign, is not innocuous.

Little is known about Gambia 's President elect , Adama Barrow who has never held any political appointment before. Below, we try to demystify the man about to rule Gambia . On December 1, 2016, Gambia witnessed a presidential election that saw to the defeat of its incumbent president , Yahya Jammeh. Below, are eight facts about Gambia 's President - elect , Adama Barrow: 1. Ethnicity. Adama Barrow associated with multiple tribes. His mother is a member of the Fula ethnic group while his father is from Mandika ethnic group. Barrow however associates more with his mother's tribe, Fula.

Reforming Gambia . President Barrow touts his political reforms and development record. His NPP boasts about the contribution he made to civil liberties, as well as improvements made to the nation's infrastructure since he took over. "The promises were reforms, institutional and legal reforms," Njie said, adding that few, if any, had actually been made. "We are voting, sadly, without a new constitution, without a new electoral law. We are heading toward the 2021 election without serious security reforms in this country, and without civil service reform."

the shadow of the former dictator in exile Yahya Jammeh hover on the poll.

  Cinq choses à savoir sur la Gambie qui élit un nouveau président © Provided by FranceInfo

A little less than one million voters vote this Saturday, December 4th 2021 to choose a new president for the Gambia . The outgoing, Adama Barrow, and five other candidates are in the running for this ballot whose main issue is to reinforce democracy in this small country deeply marked by years of dictatorship. On this occasion, FranceInfo Africa gives you five information to discover or better understand this small English-speaking country in West Africa.

1 A small landlocked country

Gambia is one of the smallest states in Africa. With its particular form, the country is totally enlightened in Senegal with an opening on the Atlantic. This ancient British colony, independent since 1965, has the capital Banjul and has 2.4 million inhabitants, according to the data of the World Bank . It is one of the most densely populated countries of the continent and one of the poorest. Poverty that can be explained in particular by the lack of natural resources and an unequal distribution of wealth between urban and rural areas, according to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) . The Gambia is down the ranking for its human development index.

Crimes of the Jammeh era: Justice arrives (finally) Gambia

 Crimes of the Jammeh era: Justice arrives (finally) Gambia © MARCO LONGARI / AFP C is a small judicial revolution gets underway in The Gambia. A commission which investigated crimes committed during the regime of Yahya Jammeh claims that the main culprits are tried. She did not give their name, but the victims do not doubt that the former dictator is among them.

Most Gambians I know are quite proud of their unique voting system. When they go to the polls on Saturday 4 December to elect a president , ballot papers will not be used. Instead, on arrival at a polling station, and after their ID has been verified, a voter will be directed to a series of drums As it drops a bell sounds so officials are able to hear if anyone tries to vote more than once. When the polls close, the marbles from each barrel are counted and tallied - as would be done with ballot papers. This way of voting was introduced after independence in 1965 because of The Gambia 's high illiteracy rate.

The Gambia , officially the Republic of the Gambia , is the smallest country in Africa. Situated in West Africa, the Gambia is almost entirely surrounded by Senegal, except for its coastline running at its western end on the Atlantic Ocean. Banjul is the Gambian capital city, and the largest cities are Brikama and On February 18, 1965, the Gambia finally gained its independence, and 54 years later, here are 5 things to know about the Gambia and its Independence Day. First to be Conquered and Last to be Freed. Gambia was the first nation to be conquered by the British in West Africa.

2 dictatorship and corruption

video: in the gambia, the victims of the era Jammeh still wait justice (France 24)

The poverty of the gambia could also be explained by years of bad governance. Public funds for the development of the country evaporated under the reign of Yahya Jammeh. The former dictator, who led the country with an iron hand for more than twenty years, would have hijacked nearly $ 1 billion, according to report of the Consortium of Journalists Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project. The "big steering" of the former dictator stopped only with the end of his reign in 2017. Chance of the calendar, the same year the Gambia posters the highest rate of migrants crossing the Mediterranean, According to the International Organization for Migration. They fleeing poverty and repression.

Czech Republic: Petr Fiala New Prime Minister

 Czech Republic: Petr Fiala New Prime Minister © AFP / Archives P Etr Fiala, Leader of Right Party, was named Sunday Prime Minister of Czech Republic by President Milos Zeman, and will have for first task of Combat the soaring of Covid-19 that rages in the country. Former Professor of Political Science, Mr. Fiala, 57, chairs the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) right, which within the alliance together including Christian Democrats and the Top 09 right center party, won The October legislative elections.

The Gambia is one of Africa's smallest countries and, unlike many of its west Africa neighbours, it has enjoyed long spells of stability since independence. President Yahya Jammeh seized power in a bloodless coup in 1994 and has ruled with an iron fist ever since. The upcoming election could usher in a new period in Gambia ’s political development, which so far has been marked by two distinct phases. The first period began in 1965 with Gambian independence and ended in 1994 with the overthrow of Dawda Jawara, the country’s first popularly elected president .

Saturday's election will be the first one since Yahya Jammeh was forced to leave the country for not recognizing his defeat in the electoral process in 2016. Six candidates are participating in the presidential election in the hope of governing the country of more than 2 million people.

3 A democracy to the test

despite a dark picture of the situation, a change takes place in 2016 with the victory to the presidential of Adama Barrow, candidate of an opposition coalition. Under pressure, the dictator ends with yielding and exiles in equatorial guinea. Hope is reborn in the country. A Truth, Reconciliation and Repair Commission (TRRC) is put in place to investigate crimes committed under Yahya Jammeh. To the great surprise of the Gambians, the political party of the former dictator announces last September an alliance with the party in power leaving a doubt on the desire to pursue the former president for alleged human rights violations. But the Commission finally claimed the continuation of the prosecution of the crimes of the Jammeh era. Gambians are waiting to see if justice will prevail. This is the main issue of this election.

4 A single voting system

Gambians vote with balls. The device has been put in place to facilitate the task for voters who do not know how to read or write. The illiteracy rate of the population exceeds 50%. This single world system also aims to avoid fraud. The principle is simple: the elector receives a ball, isolate behind a curtain and slips into the can in the colors of the candidate of his choice. The introduction of the ball into the ballot box makes a bell tight, supposed to prevent a second fraudulent vote. It will probably be the last time the Gambians will vote in this way. With the opening of the country, the candidates are more likely to present what makes logistics more complicated.

Gambia: last straight line before the presidential election

 Gambia: last straight line before the presidential election © AFP - Guy Peterson supporters of the outgoing President Adama Barrow, in Banjul, November 27, 2021. In The Gambia, this is the last week of campaign before the presidential election that will take place on Saturday in the smallest country of the African continent. Six candidates are in the running. with our correspondent in Banjul, Milan Berckmans The tension gradually rises to six days of the election in Gambia .

The Gambia ’s autocratic president , Yahya Jammeh, who once claimed a “billion-year” mandate to rule, has conceded defeat after a shock election loss to a real-estate developer who once worked as a security guard in London. Barrow told the Guardian that Jammeh had called him to concede defeat with the words: “Congratulations. I’m the outgoing president ; you’re the incoming president .” The father of five used his lack of political baggage to woo voters desperate for change, claiming 45. 5 % of the vote to Jammeh’s 36.7%.

Newly- elected President Adama Barrow returns to Gambia . IBTimesUK. 3:45. Kamala Harris, The First Woman Elected Vice President , Says She 'Won't Be The Last'. WinbiTV. 2:17. France: 39-year-old maverick Macron elected president . 2:51. End of VIP culture: Newly elected MPs won’t get five -star accommodation. The Frustrated Indian. 3:05. James Comey said he is hopeful that Trump won't get re- elected . Donald Trump Fans. 2:54. Gambian president - elect urges Jammeh to accept defeat.

5 A tourist country

The Gambia is known for its beautiful beaches and historical sites that attract tens of thousands of tourists. The most famous is probably the site of James Island, on the Gambia River, which symbolizes the slave trade. The island on the Unesco heritage list now gives the name of Gambian Kunta Kinteh who inspired the American Rove Roman (roots), adapted in television series. The tourism sector is essential for the economy of the Gambia. The Covid-19 pandemic has naturally slowed tourism plunging the sector in an important crisis. But there too, Gambians keep the hope of better.

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