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23:26  03 december  2021
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Death of Marco Pantani: The survey reopened once again under the pressure of the family

 Death of Marco Pantani: The survey reopened once again under the pressure of the family © Patrick Kovarik / AFP The Parisian "I saw the whole story. I was, and I remain, convinced that the whole truth about the death of Marco has not yet been revealed, on what happened at the hotel within the hours and days that preceded his death. " Tonina Pantani's quest for Truth, the mother of the Italian cycling champion disappeared in 2004, has just known a new major episode on Tuesday.

And - can you imagine - CDC has recently recommended giving this unproven, untested "gene-therapy injection to pregnant women, when never before and under no circumstances pregnant women should be administered untested "experimental" medication. In fact, the abortion rate of pregnant women receiving the mRNA-type inoculation is as high as 30% - probably considerably higher if unreported cases are taken into account. Then I see your final comment, so the question has ended up: Do you think that some extra or ultra terrestrial entities have been helping tech grow?

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the riots on the edge of the endpiece of the football EM in the Wembley Stadium could have ended in a tragedy.

Untersuchung: EM-Finale hätte in Tragödie enden können © Provided by sport1.de Examination: EM finals would have ended in tragedy

the riots on the edge of the final of the Football Championship in the London Wembley Stadium could have ended in a tragedy when England had won against Italy. This is the unique result of an independent investigation presented on Friday in London. The 128-page report on the chaos on July 11 came to the conclusion that the fear insisted that thousands of fans could have stormed the stadium without admission ticket.

The author of the study spoke of an "almost accident" that could have resulted in death or serious injury, and made a reckless "Horde" of at least 6,000 fans without admission tickets. "The drunkenness, drug use, responsibility, the crime and abuse of innocent people [...] were shocking and intolerable," Louise Casey wrote and called the incident a "national shame".

The hunt for a black jogger was murder

 The hunt for a black jogger was murder At first there was not even arrested, but now a clear guilty probe: three white men were found guilty in Georgia of the murder at Ahmaud Arbery. © Picture-Alliance / AP Photo / FuzzyRabbit Photos / Y. Richardson Ahmaud Arbery, here as an 18-year-old, was only 25 years old the jury in the port city of Brunswick in the US state of Georgia had advised for about ten hours. Then they explained the deaths scorer Travis M., his father Gregory and their neighbor William B.

Alec Baldwin says he DOESN'T feel guilty about accidentally shooting cinematographer dead and claims someone else is responsible for tragedy : Star also blasts George Clooney for making dig at his gun safety habits. Halyna Hutchins, a 42-year-old cinematographer, was shot and killed on the set of Baldwin's Western film Rust. Baldwin went on to say he has been told by people 'in the know' that it is 'highly unlikely' he will face any criminal charges over the shooting, adding that he had some 'ideas' about how the live round ended up on set.

So how could this tragedy happen? Investigators will look at a number of factors, says But Scott's performance came 45 minutes after SZA had ended the day's final set on Astroworld's second But Prof Still adds: "If you look at any other safety-related industry - aviation, for example - if there's a near miss or a close call there's an investigation by experts The ultramarathon that ended in tragedy .

The English Football Association Fa, which had commissioned the study, asked for and explained that he is accepting the conclusions of the study fully. As a punishment, the European Football Union (UEFA) locked the fans for England's next home country in their competitions.

Casey, a member of the British Oberhaus, said a majority of the problems had been predictable. It has failed to prepare for the worst, the police had been used too late. It recommended the government's introduction of a special category of playing of national importance in which the safety precautions were tightened and restricted alcohol consumption.

Only 400 people were referred to the stadium, but it was feared that about 6,000 other people who apparently had little or no interest in the game prepared to storm the stadium.

In the report, an official of rescue services is quoted with the words, the consequences of an English victory would have been "terrible" and have led to a larger incident in London. "Thank God, England has lost," added a civil servant of the security authority.

Metz. Five people indicted for a fraud of 800 000 € for partial unemployment .
© Joël Le Gall / West-France The investigation was conducted by the Nancy police. These people had usurped the identity of 98 companies in order to reach massively State aid designed to combat the economic consequences of the CVIV-19 pandemic. Five men were indicted and are qualified "high-flying crooks" by investigators, learn on Friday, December 10, 2021.

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