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23:25  03 december  2021
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Madagascar: Bill of Finance adopted in record time in the National Assembly

 Madagascar: Bill of Finance adopted in record time in the National Assembly © RFI / Sarah Tétaud The National Assembly of Madagascar (file photo). Less than a week after the publication of the 2022 Finance Bill and in just 5h session, Malagasy MPs adopted - without amendment - the framework text for the coming year. A "big disappointment" for civil society, which deplores this year again unable to discuss and debate with "very rushed parliamentary vote on the budget." With our correspondent in Antananarivo, Sarah Tétaud They were identified as priorities but had until

Le 2 novembre à Tsihombe dans le sud de Madagascar, des habitants creusent pour accéder à l'eau, alors qu'une grave famine sévit dans la région depuis des mois. © Alice Rahmoun on November 2nd in Tsihombe in the south of Madagascar, inhabitants dig for access to the water, while a serious famine plagues in the region for months.

"Overall, we can not say that the droughts intensify in Madagascar," ensures the physicist Robert Vautard to release. The Director of the Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace is one of the authors of the last study of the World Weather Attribution (WWA), a network of scientists from several deemed universities including that of Oxford, specialized in the allocation of extreme events to climate change.

Their study has not found scientific evidence to categorically establish a close link between global warming and the famine that has hit the south of the island for a few months . Unlike to UN conclusions and Amnesty International end of October . For Robert Vautard, "Certainly the long period of drought aggravates food precariousness in the region, but it is rather a very rare meteorological event than a climatological trend".

The former athlete gebrelassy ready to engage "until death" in the armed conflict in Ethiopia

 The former athlete gebrelassy ready to engage © AFP Haile gerbreassia after winning the gold medal at the Sydney Olympics. Haile Grassia, Doubled Olympic Champion 10,000 meters in 1996 and 2000, announced his willingness to take arms in the armed conflict that ravages his country Ethiopia. "Do you expect me to say to death? Yes, it is the ultimate price of a war, "he says. Haile gerbreassia decided to take up arms.

For the second consecutive year, the monsoon period was particularly short in the Great South. The study of WWA estimates that such a drought every year a chance on 135 to happen. Such an event had already happened almost thirty years between 1990 and 1992. According to Robert Vautard, these two examples are therefore not enough to deduce an increased intensification of drought in a general way.

Estolarity and Food Emergency

Nevertheless, WWA does not deny the impact that drought exercise on the precariousness of the Malagasy. For a strongly dependent agricultural area, a lack of precipitation causes almost instantly a food shortage. "A priori Farmers are able to survive a year of drought. With two years of consecutive drought, it becomes much more complicated », advance the scientist.

Electricity sector in Madagascar: The World Bank requires accounts to the authorities

 Electricity sector in Madagascar: The World Bank requires accounts to the authorities © RFI / L. Bezain The headquarters of the Jirama, the public enterprise for water and electricity. The World Bank, which has been financed since 2016 a project to improve the functioning of the electricity sector on the Great Island, calls on the Malagasy State to repay and justify just over $ 1.7 million in expenditure ineligible for this project, companies by the Jirama, the public company of electricity and water distribution.

Video: Madagascar: Natural climate chances cause famine (Euronews)

In addition to drought, Robert Vautard says that precarious inhabitants would also be at the origin of famine. 90% of the Greater South population lives below the poverty line and half undergoes food precariousness. One in six inhabitants is even in the food emergency.

The pandemic contributed to a collapse of economic activity, which aggravates the financial stability of farmers. They used to fall back on other professions when the performance of their fields was too weak to live. Today, these little jobs are missing.

The result is a harmful humanitarian catastrophe. Nearly one million victims of famine cook cactus and wild tubers, instead of rice, cassava and corn, to fight hunger. The ash or white clay, used to remove the bad taste of plants, make them sick. In 2020, malnutrition was linked to, at least 44% of deaths of children under 5, according to UNICEF.

climate: Green ammonia - new method can be two per cent of global greenhouse gases abolish

 climate: Green ammonia - new method can be two per cent of global greenhouse gases abolish ammonia is used among others for the fertilizer production. Its production pollutes the atmosphere dramatically. Almost by accident, Australian researchers have now discovered an environmentally friendly method. © Picture Alliance / Alexander Ryumin Conventional production plant of ammonia in Russia. ammonia is one of the most widely used chemicals in the world. It is used for fertilizer, but also for the production of plastics and pharmaceuticals.

International Support

On October 27, a shocking report from Amnesty International had insisted on the origin of climatic nature of this calamity. Following the revelations, the Malagasy President Andry Rajoelina had called for international support for his country at COP26 in Glasgow. "My compatriots endure the tribute of a climate crisis to which they did not participate," had insisted the head of state.

The WWA study shows that food security in Madagascar was in a fragile stadium well before the extreme drought period. Amnesty International's conclusion that the current humanitarian disaster would be the "first climate famine" is not quite correct, according to scientists. "On the other hand, this does not mean that global warming will not cause famines in the future!" , however, emphasizes the researcher Robert Vautard.

The WWA confirms that 2 ° C global warming would result in an intensification of droughts and an increase in their frequency in the south of Madagascar. The latest IM EC report had drawn the same conclusions in August.

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