US News threat of invasion of Ukraine: the United States prepares a "set of initiatives" to counter a possible Russian attack

00:30  04 december  2021
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Ukraine worries about "dangerous" signals from Moscow at the border

 Ukraine worries about © Ukrainian Presidential Press-Service / AFP L e President Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky has worried Friday of "very dangerous" signals of the Russia , accused of deploying troops at the border, while saying "entirely prepared" to a possible military climbing with Moscow.

Joe Biden a dit préparer un « ensemble d’initiatives » visant à protéger l’Ukraine d’une attaque russe. AFP / Andrew CABALLERO-REYNOLDS © Valery Ax Joe Biden said to prepare a "set of initiatives" to protect the Ukraine of a Russian attack. AFP / Andrew Caballero-Reynolds Ukraine is found again, at the heart of international diplomatic tensions. This Friday night, American President Joe Biden said to prepare a "set of initiatives" aimed at protecting the Ukraine from a Russian attack, when Kiev and Washington accuse Moscow to prepare an invasion. Saying being in "constant contact" with the allies of the United States and the Ukrainians, he said, from the White House: "I am preparing what will be, I believe, all the most complete initiatives And the most relevant to make it very, very difficult to Mr. Putin to do what people are afraid of it. The US President and his Russian counterpart should soon exchange , visioconferencing, on the crimson around Ukraine, seven years after the Russian annexation of Crimea and the taking of control of a part of the East. of the former Soviet Republic by pro-Russian separatist forces. The tension continues to mount for several weeks around a possible new attack of Ukraine by Russia, accused of having massed tens of thousands of soldiers on the

video border: Is Russia a threat? Ukraine, Africa, Middle East: Arm of iron with the West (France 24)

USA: Washington wants to strengthen its military force to counter China and Russia

 USA: Washington wants to strengthen its military force to counter China and Russia © Valery Ax The US military will modernize its bases on the island of Guam in the Pacific. Ed Jones / AFP Does the United States create "imaginary enemies"? This is said in any case Beijing after the announcement by Washington new initiatives on the military plan to counter China and Russia.

. Russia continues to deploy troops around Ukraine and will be ready for a possible "climbing" military at the end of January, said Friday the Ukrainian Minister of Defense. According to him, about 100,000 Russian troops could participate in a possible offensive. Ukraine wants to join NATO to be supported in case of attack to appease the crimson, Moscow, which denies any offensive, claims "safe guarantees" and in particular the assurance that NATO will not continue to continue. Expand easterly, with an adhesion of Ukraine in particular. Kiev on his side categorically refuses to abandon such a membership project, formally on the table since 2008, but remained in limbo. Join NATO would mean that other alliance countries, United States, would be kept to intervene militarily to defend Ukraine in case of aggression . "I reject this idea that we should guarantee anything in Russia. I insist: It is Russia that must guarantee that it will not continue its aggression against any country, "said the head of the Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmyro Kouleba. Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized this Friday during a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart RECEP TAYYIP Erdogan, the use by the Ukrainian army of military drones provided by Ankara. According to Putin, the use by the Kiev forces of Turkish Armed Drones of Turkish manufacturing of Type Bayraktar, which served in particular to take a shot in October against the Prorusses separatists, is a "provocation". Vladimir Putin also emphasized, during this telephone conversation, the "need for Kiev to give up any attempt at bellicose activities" in eastern Ukraine, according to a Kremlin communiqué. For his part, Ukraine warned that it was ready for combat . "If Moscow decides to invade, Ukraine will respond without hesitation. We are determined to defend our territory, explains Dmyro Kouleba, the head of diplomacy. Our country has become much more resilient and our army is incomparably stronger than it was in 2014. "East of Ukraine has been seven years ago, with a war. With Prorussian separatists including Moscow is widely regarded as the military and financial sponsor, despite his denials. This conflict, which has made more than 13,000 deaths, broke out shortly after the annexation by Moscow of the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea.

Conflict in Ukraine: The United States ensures that the G7 is ready to inflict "massive" sanctions to Russia .
the heads of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Canada, Germany and Italy were gathered at Liverpool © Susan Walsh / AP / SIPA Wednesday, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin had a telephone interview. Tensions - The Heads of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Canada, Germany and Italy Gathering in Liverpool the Wednesday to Liverpool Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin has not been so "useful" than that.

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