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08:19  04 december  2021
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Spain: a village engulfed for 29 years emerging waters

 Spain: a village engulfed for 29 years emerging waters Your Browser does not support this video while it had been engulfed almost 30 years ago, a Spanish village resurfaced because of the low level of the water. It is a phenomenon that only happens very rarely. Switched by the waters in 1992, Aceredo, an Spanish village near the Portuguese border, just reappeared last Monday because of the low water level. Houses, farms, and attics partly destroyed, or old cars and the rest of personal business are visible again, forming a ghost village.

during the day come families with children and strollers to enjoy the fresh air of the Baltic Sea and nature. But when the dusk breaks in, finer fog wraps the bare, moss-covered trees, whose branches tend to be snakes around her trunk. The speech is from the ghost forest Nienhagen in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - a mixed forest just a few meters from the Baltic Sea.

Gespensterwald Nienhagen © Getty Images Ghost Forest Nienhagen

In Winter, when the sun is flat over the horizon, the Ghostwald Nienhagen looks like a backdrop of the well-known horror movie "Blair Witch Project". His trees are far apart, but at the end of the way you can not see anything than darkness.

Interior Senator Calls interruption of the DFL game operation

 Interior Senator Calls interruption of the DFL game operation The game operation in the football federal countries should be interrupted from the point of view of Bremen's interior sensor Ulrich Mäurer (SPD). "We expand the police officers of an unnecessarily great danger if we send them through the republic in the middle of the fourth wave, only to secure football matches against violent fans," said Mäurer, according to the Friday message. With regard to the rapidly rising corona numbers, this is no longer responsible for.

The cold storms of the Baltic Sea bring the forest in motion and the clear trees shake their leaves in the salt air. In such moments you can suddenly understand why some people keep the picturesque place for a meeting place of mystical beings. No wonder so that regular painters and photographers visit the forest to use the extraordinary scene as an inspiration for their art. But why is the ghost forest so special?

The trees flee in front of the lake

The forest consists of 90 to 170 years old oaks, ash and beech, which were shaped over many decades of the wind of the salty Baltic Sea. Strong storms are responsible for the partially bizarre tendency of the trees, which are also called "windmanship", as it looks like they are trying to escape the rough lake and the coast.

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adds that the high salt content in the air makes the wood and brittle and ensures that little green grows in the ghost forest. Except for particularly stormy days you have to have no fear of declining trees during a walk through the forest.

on the contrary - the 180 hectare nature reserve on the Baltic coast between Warnemünde and Bad Doberan is perfect for a trip with its latitudes.

Manche Bäume wachsen schief, manche sind seltsam verformt und alle sind kahl – nichts ist normal im Gespensterwald Nienhagen Foto: Getty Images © Getty Images Some trees grow, some are strangely deformed and all are bald - nothing is normal in the ghost forest Nienhagen Photo: Getty Images

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The best way to the ghost forest Nienhagen

The fastest is the forest by car through the parking lot on the outskirts of Nienhagen. However, there is also the opportunity to come across the European cycle and hiking trail E9 to the ghost forest. This path leads directly along the coast and offers several starting points for extended walks. From the former fishing village of Warnemünde it is about ten kilometers to the ghost forest, from the Hanseatic city of Wismar even only eight.

threatened nature

The proximity to the coast has unfortunately also a great disadvantage for the ghost forest Nienhagen. The Baltic Walks dry out the ground and escape important nutrients that need the trees. In addition to flood and vermin, however, it is above all the people who make the forest.

A large number of walkers and cyclists ensures every day that the forest floor continues to compact. As a result, according to experts, it can lead to a water overlay and as a result to death of the roots, which in turn adversely affect the stability of the trees.

Who visits the ghost forest, should be careful to stay on the drawn paths.

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