US News Chad: A death and wounded during clashes in Klessoum Prison, Indignation of FIDH

12:15  04 december  2021
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Iran executed a man arrested for murder at the age of 17

 Iran executed a man arrested for murder at the age of 17 © Wakil Kohsar, AFP The execution of Arman Abdolali, 25, took place at dawn on 24 November 2021, In Rajai Shahr Prison near Tehran. A man arrested when he was 17 years old and accused of the murder of his friend was executed, Wednesday, by Iran. Iran , the second country in the world after China to resort to the death penalty, executed, Wednesday, 24 November, a 17-year-old high school student at the time of his arrest, despite the appeals of international defense organizations.

Chad 's President Idriss Déby has died of his injuries following clashes with rebels in the north of the country at the weekend, the army has said. The announcement came a day after provisional election results projected he would win a sixth term in office. The government and parliament have been dissolved. Idriss Déby was known as that rare thing - a true warrior president. The former rebel and trained pilot was the opposite of an armchair general. For 30 years, he clung to power in Chad - a vast nation that straddles the Sahara and is surrounded by some of the continent's most protracted conflicts.

See latest official data of Vaccine deaths and injuries for the EU (from late December 2020 to May 22, 2021). There are both medical and economic reasons and causes for a drastic world population to which the NYT alerts us. Why would they do that? Finally, Bhakdi, who warned of impending "doom" during a Fox News interview that went viral, calls for criminal prosecutions of the people responsible and an immediate halt to this global experiment. This provides some background for the NYT article - background which of course, the New York Times does not mention.

Au Tchad, un élément des forces armées pour le changement au Tchad (FACT), le mouvement rebelle à l’origine de l’offensive qui a coûté la vie au président Idriss Déby en avril dernier est mort au court de heurts au sein de la maison d’arrêt de Klessoum à la sortie Est de Ndjamena fin novembre. © CC0 Pixabay / Container in Chad, an element of the armed forces for change in Chad (FACT), the rebel movement to The origin of the offensive that cost President Idriss Déby last April died in the short of clashes within the Klessoum home at the east of Ndjamena at the end of November.

in Chad, an element of the armed forces for change in Chad (FACT), the rebel movement at the origin of the offensive that cost President Idriss Déby last April, died in the short of clashes. In the Klessoum stop house at the east exit of Ndjamena. Clashes that have caused several injuries following tearful grenades shots by the police. A situation that pushed the International Federation of Human Rights to require an investigation.

New Shebab Attack in Mogadishu: Eight Dead

 New Shebab Attack in Mogadishu: Eight Dead © AFP H ITU People were killed Thursday and more than a dozen wounded by the explosion of a car trapped near a school of the Somali capital Mogadishi, claimed by the Jihadist Group of Shebab, announced security services. "Eight civilians were killed and 17 wounded in the explosion," said Abdative Adan, a spokesman for the Somali police, in a brief press release that does not provide any other details.

During the Nuremberg trials, the media were also prosecuted and members were killed for lying to the public, along with many of the doctors and Nazis found guilty of crimes against humanity. Nuremberg Code # 2: Yields with fruitful results that cannot be produced by other means. As mentioned above, gene therapy does not meet the criteria for a vaccine and does not offer immunity to the virus. There are other medical treatments that give fruitful results against Covid, such as Ivermectin, vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc and strengthened immune system for flu and colds. Nuremberg Code # 3: Basic experiments

Death is personified in a similar way in Psalm 49:14, "Like sheep they are laid in the grave; death shall feed on them;" and Hades in Isaiah 14:9, "Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming." The two are also conjoined in Revelation 1:18, "The keys of hell and of death ;" and in 15:5, "the sword, and hunger, and death , and destruction"). The wild beasts of the earth (θηρίων) is very probably a reference to the death of many Christians in the pagan amphitheatres; though the meaning is not necessarily restricted to this form of death . Those to whom the Apocalypse was first addressed

with our correspondent in Ndjamena, Madjiasra Nako

Video: Martinique: "No amnesty possible" for the authors of gunshots against policemen, Sébastien Lecornu (Le Figaro)

The facts have place in the middle of the week. While jailers were trying to search the compartment where the members of the rebel movement are located, they resist. The tension is growing. The overwhelmed jailers call for reinforcement. The gendarmes and police ride and draw tear gas grenades to the cells.

The representative of the International Federation of Human Rights, Dobian Assingar, contacted by the prisoners, says. "A phone call ... it sounded and won. I heard a person who told me: we are being gazed, we are being gasped ... and then there was a lot of noise.

Martinique: Our correspondent tells his night and "The Scenes of Civil Wars"

 Martinique: Our correspondent tells his night and © Florin Hossu / Europe 1 In the night from Thursday to Friday, ten policemen were wounded in Martinique, including five by ball and five others by Projectiles in Fort-de-France. Our correspondent spent the night in these riots and makes us the story of more and more heavy social tension. In the night from Thursday to Friday , journalists and police forces were targeted by shots in Fort-de-France, Martinique , in a more and more tense social context for the population.

Reason for Clashing Civilizations #3. The process of economic modernization and social change throughout the world are separating people from longstanding local identities, weakening the nation-state as a source of identity, and allowing religion to fill its place. Reason for Clashing Civilizations #4. The growth of civilization consciousness is enhanced by the dual role of the West. The West is at the peal of its power and at the same time a return to the roots phenomenon is occurring among non-western civilizations.

Self-employed plumber James 'Gibbo' Gibbons was discovered with 'multiple stab wounds ' as paramedics rushed to save him after he was attacked by a group of teenagers who had harassed a homeless man. Mr Gibbons was trying to chase the teenage gang away from a homeless man they were harassing when he was attacked. Christopher French had been living on the streets when he 'befriended' Mr Gibbons in 'the days before his death ' and went to the house in the 'hope of being given food' from a barbecue.

An "unacceptable" act that caused a person's death and injured several others, five of whom are in serious condition, "continues Dobian Assingar. There were no deaths, retorted the prosecutor of the Republic of the Ndjamena court who admits all as well as the police made the force to contain the revolt.

But what happened is serious and must not remain unpunished, believes for his part Dobian Assingar. "We urge the government to open an investigation without delay, in order to situate the responsibilities and punish the authors. This is the minimum we have to do! Such an act, at the moment when the process of the inclusive national dialogue is launched, is in our opinion inconceivable and difficult to interpret! »

Chad: With the field loss of Boko Haram, how to accompany the return of ex-combatants .
© AFP Photo / Philippe Desmazes The Lake Chad region is the most affected by the attacks by Boko Haram (in Nguboua, April 2015 But since the death of Shekau in May 2021 the insurgents seem to lose ground. In Chad, the question of the disengaged of Boko Haram was at the heart of a conference on December 7 at the Center for Development and Prevention of Extremism (CEDPE) in Ndjamena.

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